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Tuesday, July 29, 2008  

Another Free Update

A new update to the Accordance application, version 8.0.3 has just been released for download. It is free to all users of Accordance 8, and fixes a number of minor bugs, as well as two serious crashes on some Intel Macs. One occurred when printing to certain HP printers from OS 10.5.3 on the iMac. The other happened on opening the 3D Map window on Macs which use an NVidia graphics chipset with OS 10.5.2 or above. These issues should now be corrected, and the warning on Intel when opening the 3D has been removed.

In addition to the bug fixes, 8.0.3 also includes a minor extension of a feature introduced in Accordance 8: namely, the option to open a module when a selected word cannot be found. Let's say you have an English word selected, and you go to the Resource palette to open a Greek or Hebrew text. Instead of just getting an error message telling you that the language of the word you selected is not used in that module, Accordance will now give you the option to open the module without searching it.

Obviously, this update is recommended for all users of Accordance 8.

Thanks David! Just wondering if Accordance updates will ever be able to update within the application without downloading a separate file every time and then replacing the current version manually? I'm not sure of the exact terminology here. Accordance 8 has been wonderful!

There are two free frameworks for auto-update, one called Sparkle, and the other from the Omni group. I've used the Sparkle one in an app, it's really easy. You don't even have to write any code. Would be a nice addition to Accordance.

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