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Thursday, July 03, 2008  

A Chance Discovery

Yesterday, I stumbled across something I wasn't aware that Accordance could do. I was looking at BDAG's entry on agapao, and wanted to check out a reference to 1 Clement 56:4 in the tagged Apostolic Fathers (AF). So I selected the reference in BDAG and copied it, intending to open the tagged Apostolic Fathers and paste in the reference. However, when I selected AF from the Greek texts pop-up menu of the Resource palette, Accordance automatically amplified to the selected reference. I didn't have to paste the reference into the entry box and hit OK; Accordance automatically presented me with that verse.

Obviously, I knew I could select a Greek word and amplify to the AF module to search for all occurrences of that Greek word, but I was unaware that Accordance would do the same when I selected a reference.

Now, this only works when Accordance recognizes the book abbreviation used by BDAG. So for example, Accordance cannot look up references to Hs for the Shepherd of Hermas (since the Accordance module's name for this book is "Shepherd" rather than "Hermas"). Likewise, when referring to Josephus, BDAG separates chapter and verse using a comma, where Accordance expects a colon. So you can't select "Ant. 7, 269" and amplify to Ant. 7:269 of the tagged Josephus module. You can, however, select the chapter "Ant. 7" and amplify to see the whole chapter.

Now that Accordance 8 makes it possible to link from tools to other Accordance modules, I hope that one day we'll update modules such as BDAG to include links to these various extrabiblical texts. Don't ask me when that will happen. I have no idea at this point. But in the meantime, you can amplify to some of these resources by reference.

That shouldn't be too hard to implement with a lookup table of some sort that links the disparate abbreviations. I'll look forward to seeing in... (soon?) :)

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