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Wednesday, July 23, 2008  

Oh Yeah, Version 8 is Also Faster

Someone on the user forum recently complained about the speed of Accordance 8:

One problem with the new version (i.e., 8): I'm wasting time waiting for the search to process and display the results. I enter my search arguments and hit return, and then wait, and wait for the results to display... only to discover that they already have been before my eyes refocus from the search box to the text box! This new version is really fast! (My students thought v 7 was fast on my *8 year old* TiBook (300 MHz!); wait until they see v 8 on a MacBookPro this fall!

As you can see, this tongue-in-cheek "complaint" was that Accordance is now even faster than before. Obviously, the fact that Accordance 8 is Intel-native has made things faster for those on Intel Macs, but we also improved the speed of basic search routines, so that everyone can enjoy the speed boost. We've never gotten complaints about Accordance's speed, and we don't typically list such under-the-hood enhancements with our new features, but if you needed one more reason to upgrade to Accordance 8, now you have it. :-)

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