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Friday, July 11, 2008  

Quick! To the Bat-Phone!

When I was a kid, I loved to watch Adam West as Batman. I had no idea it was all a campy spoof of my favorite superhero; I watched it in all seriousness. I would run around the house with a towel safety-pinned around my neck, punching the air and shouting things like "Biff!" and "Ker-plowie!"

One of the things I remember from that old TV-series is that Commissioner Gordon had a red Bat-Phone which gave him a direct line into Wayne Manor and the Bat Cave. It never occurred to me to ask why, if he had the Bat-Phone, he still felt the need to fire up the Bat-Signal, but hey, I was only five!

Why am I telling you all this? Because it occurs to me that Accordance users have their own version of the Bat-Phone: it's called the Accordance User Forums.

Yesterday, I told you about a little-known option which was added to Accordance 8. I told you that this option was added in response to a user request, but I didn't tell you that the user posted the request on our user forums.

It's actually striking how many of the new enhancements in Accordance 8 have come in response to requests made on the forums. Color backgrounds, custom colors, and the ability to adjust the leading were all requested in a forum thread which I believe generated a fair amount of discussion. Copy as Lemmas, Paste and Match Style, Finding Exact Scripture references in Tools, Default font sizes for printing, and more were also requested on the forums. If you want to have a voice in the ongoing development of Accordance, the Forums are your best, er, forum!

We receive feature requests in a variety of ways: via e-mail, by phone, from training seminar attendees and people we run into at shows. We do our best to take all these suggestions seriously, but the forums have the advantage of being a very public venue where someone can make a suggestion and others can chime in. If an idea gets a lot of "amens" or "dittos" on the Forums, we know right away that it is probably worth implementing. If it passes without comment, we may decide that there is not sufficient interest to justify the effort.

The danger of a post like this is that we may suddenly get scores of new feature requests on the Forums. That's not necessarily the response I'm hoping for! ;-) Nevertheless, if you haven't yet joined our very active community of users, I'd encourage you to begin participating in the Forums. It's like your direct line into the Bat Cave.

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OakTree's responsiveness to user comments in the forum is actually one of the reasons I decided to buy Accordance instead of the major competing product. I haven't ever needed to use the "Bat-Phone," but it's still nice to know that it's there!

I presume the batsignal is for a pre-mobile phone world and batman isn't in his batcave.

Hey, what do you mean it is a spoof? Batman is real.

The Bat Signal serves to strike fear in the hearts of the criminals who see it.

It is nice to see a company that really responds to their users. I think everyone over at the forums has had impact on the Accordance program in one way or the other. Kudos.

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