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Monday, September 01, 2008  

Accordance 8.0.5 Released

Over the weekend, we released another free update to Accordance, which users of Accordance 8 can download here. Accordance 8.0.5 fixes some obscure bugs, adds a couple keyboard shortcuts, and greatly impoves the import of html files into Accordance User Tools.

The keyboard shortcut for adding a new folder in the Library window has been changed from shift-command-F to shift-command-N to make it consistent with the Finder's shortcut for creating a new folder. We've also added command-option-X as a shortcut for removing selected verses from a Reference List window.

In response to a couple users who uncovered problems in the HTML import, the import process has been greatly enhanced. Accordance no longer inserts blank titles to break up long articles, and does a much better job of handling complex subarticle hierarchies. Other improvements include better handling of the superscript and list tags. If you've tried the HTML import and been frustrated with the results, you might try it again.


Thanks--many, many, many thanks unto you and your fellow compatriots!

Joyfully About Our Father's Business,


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