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Friday, September 12, 2008  

How Much Context Do You Want to See?

One of the unique things about Accordance is the flexibility with which it can present the results of a search. When you do a search, there are times when you want to scan the results in an excerpted form to get a quick overview of what they contain. There are other times when you want to see each hit in context so that you can better understand the meaning of the text. In the Search window, Accordance lets you decide how you much context you want displayed via the Add Context pop-up menu. In the Tool window, you use the Show pop-up menu.

The Search window defaults to a concordance style view of your search results. That is, it shows only those verses which contain the words you were searching for. This enables you to scan down the list and see immediately which verses are of interest to you. If you want to see more of the context of each hit, you can use the Add Context pop-up in the More Options section to choose a number of additional verses to display. The number of verses you choose will then be displayed both before and after each hit verse. For example, if you select "1" from the Add Context pop-up, you'll get three verses for each hit verse, because one verse of context will appear before the hit verse, and one verse will appear after it.

You can select up to 10 verses of context, or you can just choose "All" to see the hits in the context of the entire text. When you choose "All," the hit verses become marked with blue bookmarks, and the Mark navigation buttons appear at the bottom of the Search window. To move from hit verse to hit verse, simply use the Mark buttons.

In my next couple of posts, I'll talk about the Show pop-up menu of the Tool window, as well as tell you how you can modify Accordance's default settings for the amount of context which is given.

Oh, and Rubén, I know you hate it when I leave things hanging like this, but I figure you know all this stuff anyway! ;-)


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