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Tuesday, November 18, 2008  

Now That's a Review!

Dee Dee Warren (aka "Dizzle") at World of Apple has written an incredibly comprehensive review of Accordance 8. Reviewing a software program properly requires a great deal of time, effort, and skill. Over the years I've been disappointed to see many reviewers simply regurgitate our own marketing materials or simply settle for listing the contents of various packages, a fact I once lamented on the Bible Software Review forums. I have no such complaints about this World of Apple review. Ms. Warren has done a remarkable job of exposing non-users to the way Accordance works and what it can do. She has not hesitated to make suggestions for improvement, while nevertheless expressing her overall appreciation for the product. Be sure to check it out.

World of Apple will also be giving away the Library 8 Introductory Level (a $99 value) to someone picked at random from among those leaving a comment on the review. So if you know someone who would appreciate the Library 8 Intro as a gift, or if you could use it yourself, leave a comment on the article and perhaps you'll win!

Great review, honest, truthful and extremely well done! I really enjoyed it and hope that anyone reading it will be motivated to download the trial version from the Accordance web site.
Thank you Dee Dee!
Richard Labelle

Richard, I just want to be clear that to win World of Mac's giveaway, you need to comment on the review over there, not on my link to the review here. Don't want you to miss out! :-)

David, thank you so much for your kind words. It is much appreciated. I did literally put in hundreds of hours into living with the program and writing the review over the period of about six months IIRC. Yes everyone, please do just post a short comment over there. After midnight 12/5 EST, all the name will be put on pieces of paper and thrown into a hat and pulled out the old-fashioned way.

I would love to see more entries than I had for my last review which was on Toast 9 Titanium. There is a huge Christian Mac community that I don't think that the larger Mac community is aware of.

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