Sep 30, 2008 David Lang

The Not-So-Awkward In-Between Stage

For those beginning with Accordance, we offer two distinct tracks in our product line. The Library Collection is for those primarily interested in doing English Bible study, but who may nevertheless want to delve into the Greek or Hebrew behind the English. The Scholar's Collection is for those who wish to work with the original language texts directly: seminary students, pastors, and of course, scholars. But what if you're an in-betweener? Someone who is primarily doing English Bible study, but who may nevertheless want to do simple searches of the original language texts and consult more in depth lexicons and grammars. Are you caught in the middle between our English Bible study oriented Library and our original language heavy Scholar's Collection?

Not at all. While dividing our product line into two distinct tracks makes it easy for us to offer an affordable starting point for the user who wants to do basic English Bible study (see, for example, the Library 8 Entry and Introductory Levels), as well as the seminary student on a budget (see the Scholar's 8 Introductory Level), we recognize that the best fit for most users will be some combination of the Library and Scholar's collection.

For example, the other day I was teaching a seminar and someone told me he was considering getting the Scholar's Premier level. He explained that he was going to be heading overseas and would be receiving seminary-level training in the original languages, but it was clear that he did not currently read Greek or Hebrew. Since the Scholar's Collection was largely beyond his current capabilities, I tried to steer him toward one of the Library levels and its various Key-numbered English Bibles, but he made it clear that he wanted to get the high end tools he eventually would be using before he headed overseas.

I then pointed him to our Library and Scholar's Bundles. The Introductory Bundle includes the Introductory levels of both the Library and the Scholar's for just $199. The Standard Bundle includes the Standard levels of both the Library and the Scholar's for just $379. Finally, The Premier Bundle includes the Premier levels of both the Library and the Scholar's for just $559. He decided to go with the Standard level, which would give him most everything he would need both now and in the near future.

These bundles are designed to give the "in-betweener" a way to get both the English Bible study tools he needs, along with a good selection of in depth Greek and Hebrew texts and tools.

In my next post, I'll talk about how someone like the gentleman mentioned above can, even now, piggy-back off the Strong's number resources of the Library in order to explore the in depth Greek and Hebrew materials of the Scholar's collection.

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Archived Comments

Scott W. Kay

December 08, 2008 11:07 AM
David, Thanks for this post. As a user of Accordance for several years now, I must admit that the structure of the relationships between the levels, modules, bundles, etc. is absolutely mystifying to me. I have had to email the office several times to ask what upgrades I can get, etc., based on what I currently own. This blog post is helpful, but it serves to highlight how somewhat confusing all of the options are that Accordance offers. As a user and lover of Accordance, can I appeal to you to guys to make the breakdown and relationships between the tracks, levels, modules, etc. more easily understandable? Sometimes I spend literally hours clicking around on the website, and still come away confused about which specific item I need to add to what I currently own, because there are so many options that seem to overlap (i.e. Standard, Primary, Premier, etc.). The "Ready to Buy" page is basic, but doesn't help with the higher level options. To their credit, the sales office has been extremely helpful and kind in helping me when I've contacted them, but isn't there a way to lay all of this out in a clear way on the website, so fools like me won't have to bug the sales office with our confusion? I'm really not trying to be critical, just asking for help. Thanks.

Stu Kurtz

December 08, 2008 11:08 AM
I was delighted to see this, but I'm wondering about asymmetric bundles. E.g., I have the premier library, but I'd like to begin to move into original texts -- so for me a move to premier/introductory (library/scholar) might make the most sense. Moreover, I already have premium library, so I'd like to be able to upgrade to premier/introductory, and perhaps later from there to premier/standard, etc. And to be able to upgrade the whole shebang when the next version comes out. It's not clear that this is possible, but it does seem to me that encouraging incremental investment in your product would be a good thing.

Helen Brown

December 08, 2008 11:08 AM
This is exactly what we allow you to do. You can get $30 off the bundle on the second track within 3 months of the first, and can upgrade either track any time by paying the difference. Upgrades to levels are always very reasonable, and much less complicated than upgrading modules bought individually over the years, especially if you stay reasonably current.