Oct 28, 2008 David Lang

Have We Raised Expectations Too High?

A week ago, I wrote a brief post explaining that we're busy finishing up a new update to Accordance which will soon be released as version 8.1. Last night I had to laugh when the following comment was left on that post:

so...a week later and no release....

How keen should we be? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months?

A smiley-face emoticon at the end of this comment leads me to believe that it was half written in jest, but I also have to wonder if we've raised your expectations too high. After all, earlier this year, I hinted on a Thursday that version 8 would be coming soon. I was, of course, immediately asked about the time frame, and I promised on that Friday that it would be "soon and very soon." Then, even to my surprise, we ended up releasing Accordance 8 the following Monday!

As I explained back then, we don't typically offer teasers about new developments until the virtual eve of their release, so I guess I can see why a week after my bear-with-me-I'm-busy post, some of you are already looking at your watches. All I can tell you at this point is that we're in the final testing stage of Accordance 8.1 and that it should be available to you very soon.

What will be different about Accordance 8.1? I've already mentioned some cosmetic changes that I think you'll all appreciate. There are a great many improvements aimed at simplifying your workflow. Certain features have been greatly expanded and some new features added. When we sent out the complete list of changes to our beta-testers, one of them responded, "This is a point release? You could charge for all this!" Oh, and come to think of it, he wrote that before the latest build that included all the cosmetic changes!

All that's to say that we need you to be patient just a little bit longer, and you'll soon have all kinds of new goodies to play with. That is, of course, if I stop dropping hints and get back to work! :-)

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December 08, 2008 10:47 AM
You know you just raised our expectations even higher! Mike (giddy with delight - and yep, the same one who is still waiting for the release :-)