Oct 27, 2008 David Lang

Searching the Accordance Blog

This has been a year of big changes at OakTree software: a new version of Accordance, new DVDs, new modules, a new web-site, along with behind-the-scenes changes in infrastructure and the hiring of new staff. Unfortunately, one of the unintended victims of all these changes has been the search engine for this blog. When we transitioned to the new web-site, something broke so that the blog search no longer worked; and we've been waiting to fix it until all those infrastructure transitions are complete. I'm sorry some of you have been inconvenienced by this inability to search the blog. We hope to have it fixed soon.

In the meantime, Accordance power-user and Macintosh Biblioblogger Joe Weaks has once again come to our rescue by providing an Accordance blog search engine of his own. If you find yourself needing to search the Accordance blog for past posts, be sure to take advantage of Joe's search engine.

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B Tan

November 05, 2009 11:02 AM

For some reason, all the links that come up in the blog search engine end up at http://www.accordancebible.com/site/site/home/ -- what gives?