Nov 3, 2008 David Lang

Lookin' Good! Accordance 8.1

It's here. After less than two weeks of hints and promises, Accordance 8.1 is now available for download. Like all our point releases, this new update is free to all users of Accordance 8, and is packed with enough new stuff to be well worth paying for. You can read a quick summary of what's new here. Meanwhile, I want to talk about the most obvious changes: the changes to Accordance's appearance.

First, the Workspace window features redesigned tabs which actually look like tabs, as opposed to the former push-button style tabs. The new tabs have a spacious feel, but they actually take up less vertical space than the former tabs, which should make users with small screens happier.

In the Search window, the module name and History pop-ups feature a new look, the Search for Words and Verses radio buttons have been replaced by toggle buttons, and the OK button has been replaced with a round icon button. Also of benefit to users of small screens, the minimum height of the search entry box has been reduced, giving more room for display of the text. Even the close icons for tabs and text panes have been improved.

Additional cosmetic changes were made to the icons in the Library window, the buttons in the Details workspace, and in other windows throughout the program. All in all, we think these changes give Accordance a tighter, more modern look. We hope you like them.

Throughout the rest of this week, I'll be detailing other enhancements in Accordance 8.1. There's a ton of cool stuff to talk about, and when I'm done, I think you'll be surprised at the number of improvements included in this update.

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Archived Comments


December 08, 2008 10:51 AM
Does Accordance have flash cards like Bibleworks? If so, how can you get to them?

Tommy Myrick

December 08, 2008 10:51 AM
Just downloaded and installed the 8.1 upgrade and am really impressed. It looks great! Thanks for making the updates and improvements to an already great product. I'm thrilled. -Tommy Myrick Seminary Student in California

Helen Brown

December 08, 2008 10:52 AM
We are working on a Flash Card feature, it just didn't make it into this release.


December 08, 2008 10:52 AM
Wow, Dave, this update is looking GORGEOUS! Finally, tabs that look like tabs!!!! Wow,


December 08, 2008 10:56 AM
Oh my gosh, I'm getting just like my congregation, resisting change! I didn't want a new interface, but alas! the changes are wonderful. I especially like the fluid movement when editing user notes. This alone is great. Thanks for dragging me out of Egypt yet again. I can't wait to poke around and discover what else is new and improved. Thanks Accordance!

Daniel Zylstra

December 08, 2008 10:57 AM
It's certainly a step in the right direction, but it could be sooooo much better! Get the UI out of the way as much as possible. Make it like reading a book. The focus is the text, right? So, get rid of the the rest of the stuff as much as possible....


December 14, 2008 6:54 AM
I have to say I couldn't agree more with the above commentator. I cannot fault Accordance for it's feature list (it's wonderful), but the GUI has made it the most unsightly thing running on my system for as long as I can remember. This update is VERY welcome, it does look SO much better! So, congratulations. But keep it coming – get some design philosophy under your belts, clean it up, focus on the text, and you'll totally clean up!