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February 2015

Endorsement: Tommy Wasserman

February 27, 2015 - — Tommy Wasserman, Associate Professor of New Testament Exegesis at Örebro School of Theology and longtime Accordance user, describes how he uses the software for personal research and in teaching introductory Greek courses. Wasserman is also an editor and contributor for the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog.

The Ziggurat of Babylon (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #118)

February 26, 2015 - Timothy Jenney — The Tower of Babel is one of the best known Bible stories, but rarely read in its literary and cultural context. In this podcast, Dr. J draws on his knowledge of the Ancient Near East and the images in Accordance to retell the story as its original hearers might have understood it, complete with some timeless applications. For more Lighting the Lamp podcasts, visit our website or subscribe through iTunes.

Bibliotheca Sacra Archive (1844 - 1933) added to TJL 16

February 23, 2015 - Richard Mansfield — When we released the 16th edition of the Theological Journal Library last fall, I described it as "800 Years of Scholarship in the Palm of Your Hand" (I recommend that post to you as a good summary of the benefit of adding journals to your Accordance Library). And yet some of you have been waiting patiently for a missing century or so of that scholarship. Fortunately, we can finally announce that the full Bibliotheca Sacra Archive has now been added to TJL 16. If you have already purchased this journal collection, all you have to do is to go ...

Endorsement: Darrell Bock

February 19, 2015 - — Hear Darrell Bock, Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, discuss his longtime use of Accordance and offer his unreserved endorsement of the program.

Important Update for Mac App Store Accordance Users!

February 18, 2015 - Richard Mansfield — If you purchased your copy of Accordance in the Mac App Store, there was a very important update released a few days ago that you need to download. Accordance v. 10.4.6 will prep your copy of Accordance for the imminent release of v. 11 in the Mac App Store. Please update to 10.4.6 as soon as possible. We will make another announcement as soon as Accordance v. 11 is available through the Mac App Store. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

Why Study Extrabiblical Greek Texts?

February 17, 2015 - Richard Mansfield — A while back, I was asked to preach a sermon at my church explaining the idea of canon, that is, the list of writings accepted as sacred or inspired in my faith tradition. I titled my sermon, “What’s in Your Bible?” making a play on the phrase, “What’s in your wallet?” from the ongoing series of credit card commercials on television. Although I can never be certain since our church originated in the 1830s, I’d like to think that I may be the first person who ever read from the Pseudepigrapha in the pulpit at our church! No, I was not ...

Using the INFER Command with Extrabiblical Greek Texts

February 16, 2015 - Richard Mansfield — One of the more powerful--but probably somewhat underused--commands in Accordance in the INFER search. You would want to use the INFER search most often when you are looking for issues in intertextuality—that is, where a text quotes another text either directly or through allusion. The INFER command is probably most often used in looking for places where the New Testament is quoting the Old Testament, but did you know it can be used with extrabiblical texts as well? As I’ve already mentioned, the INFER command is one of the most powerful ...

Ancient Wisdom for Head and Heart

February 16, 2015 - David Lang — What do the church fathers have to teach us today? Two new Accordance resources apply the wisdom of the fathers to the study of theology and the practice of personal devotion. Ancient Christian Doctrine Similar in format to the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, Ancient Christian Doctrine is a five-volume commentary on the Nicene creed. The theological concepts articulated in each phrase of the creed are examined and illuminated with passages from various early church fathers. For example, the section on the term “Almighty” begins w ...

List All & Report a Correction (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #117)

February 05, 2015 - Timothy Jenney — It’s the "little things, the attention to detail that characterize a great product. In this podcast, Dr. J covers three of the “little features” that help make Accordance the world’s premiere Bible software: List All Text Differences, List Book Names, and Report a Correction. [Accordance 11: Intermediate] For more Lighting the Lamp podcasts, visit our website or subscribe through iTunes.

Share Accordance with a Friend: V. 11 Demo Now Available!

February 04, 2015 - Richard Mansfield — You know how important Accordance is for your study and research, so now you can let your friends and colleagues take it for a test drive! The Accordance 11 Demo is now available for download. The Demo includes a small selection of Bibles and other reference titles in a sample Accordance Library so that the most powerful features of Accordance 11 can be experienced! The Demo will quit working after one hour, but it can be restarted. Purchasing the full version will get rid of any limitations. Download the Free Demo for both Windows and ...

New Release: Preaching the Word Commentary

February 02, 2015 - Richard Mansfield — Specialization is a hallmark of the age in which we live. If we are ill, the diagnosis of a general practitioner can lead us to consultation with a specialist. If we need a vehicle repaired, we can choose between shops that specialize in domestic or imported automobiles; or based on the need, take our car to a mechanic who specializes in brakes, mufflers, or tires. Seeking out someone who can address a very specific need in our lives is a means of convenience--a way of saving us time by addressing particular concerns. Often those who preach o ...