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January 2010 — December 2010

Spoiled by Speed

January 04, 2010 - David Lang — I admit it. I've been spoiled. I've been using Accordance since version 1.0 and it has always been fast. It doesn't matter what hardware I run it on. I've never owned the fastest Macs, and for many years I limped along with entry-level Macs. Yet somehow, Accordance was always responsive and delivered search results very quickly. Some programs perform simple operations quickly but grind to a halt when doing anything more advanced. I've never found that to be the case with Accordance. Accordance is arguably the most powerful Bible software ...

Resolved to Read the Bible?

January 01, 2010 - David Lang — Happy New Year! Now that 2010 is underway, many people are resolving to improve themselves in various and sundry ways. If your New Year's Resolution is to shed those holiday pounds, I'm afraid Accordance won't be much help to you. But if your New Year's Resolution is to read the Bible through in a year, Accordance has got your back. Here are a few tips designed to make keeping that resolution easy. Discover the Daily Readings module: If you've purchased any level of the Library or Scholar's collections, you should have a module named Daily ...

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