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January 2014 — December 2014

It's In There! (The Search Menu, That Is!)

January 13, 2014 - David Lang — Some time ago, the television ads for a brand of spaghetti sauce used the tag line, "It's in There!" The ads would typically revolve around an Italian father or mother chastising someone for cooking spaghetti sauce from a jar, and they would begin listing the ingredients of a true homemade sauce. Each ingredient would then be answered with something like, "Look, Pop, it's in there!" When it comes to Accordance, the "It's in There!" slogan could easily be applied to the Search menu at the top of the screen. Everything you need to fill in an ...

Another Amazing Year

January 01, 2014 - Darin Allen — Happy New Year, Accordance fans! A brand new year is upon us, and we are excited to celebrate with you! We also want to offer a huge thank you to everyone in the Accordance community for making 2013 such an incredible year for us. Accordance is growing in many exciting ways, and we wanted to share some of those ways with you today. Designed for Mac AND Windows After 19 years of Mac development, we finally introduced Accordance for Windows in September 2013. We didn’t want to make just any old Windows version though; we wanted a truly native ...

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