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Apr 27, 2017 Accordance Bible Software

Endorsement: Janet Payne

Janet Payne of The Institute for Credible Christianity, and an Accordance user since 2000, describes her use of Accordance for teaching English as a second language as well as keeping her Greek fresh!


Apr 26, 2017 Timothy Jenney

Stacks (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #154)

Stacks is one of the most popular new features of Accordance 12 and with good reason. They enable us to save the results of our research quickly. A single Stack can contain multiple Items of all different kinds: citations from Texts and Tools, images (photos, illustrations, and graphs), and user content (comments, accord links, and URLs). Join Dr. J as he provides an in-depth review of this new feature.

See more episodes of Lighting the Lamp on our Podcast Page!


Apr 25, 2017 Accordance Bible Software

Good to Grow with Theology

Good to Grow with Theology

Good to Grow and Go with Theology

Theology has been called the “Queen of the Sciences” as it is truly the starting place for learning. This week we offer titles from basic theology to academic journals which are some of the best resources for study. Just imagine the wealth of information from 800 journals filled with theological topics and articles, right at your fingertips for research and study! In addition to these resources, we are offering several of our theological and pocket dictionary titles which are perfect to use on mobile devices for people on the go!

Also, be sure this week to explore two new Accordance releases by renowned theological authors, Charles C. Ryrie and J. I. Packer!

Special sale prices on the products featured below cannot be combined with other discounts and will end on May 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT.

Ryrie-Theology_120 New! Ryrie’s Basic Theology—Introductory Pricing!

Within these pages, you'll find a systematic overview of the Bible's major doctrines, including God, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, the church, Satan, sin, and more. A glossary of theological terms aids in understanding and comprehension, while a list of key Scripture passages for the study of theology leads to further investigation. This classic work, coupled with the power of Accordance, is sure to bring any student or pastor new insights to the Scriptures. Featuring charts, definitions, and Scripture and subject indices, Basic Theology delivers a clear and comprehensive picture of Ryrie's approach to systematic theology. Its ninety-four chapters are arranged in outline style for easy reference, making the study of theology just a little bit easier for that busy pastor or student.

Learn More

Basic Theology (Ryrie)
Regular Price $35.90
Sale Price $27.90

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Packer-Concise Theology_120 New! J.I. Packer's Concise Theology—Introductory Pricing!

Theology matters! At last it can be understood easily, thanks to this “layman's language” approach to biblical belief. Authored by J. I. Packer, one of the premier theologians of Christianity, this summary of Christian teaching covers nearly 100 major Christian beliefs from a Reformed perspective. Brief, easy-to-understand chapters offer precise descriptions without sacrificing depth. Thoughtfully arranged and refreshingly readable, this is a book that belongs on the digital shelf of every Accordance user!

Learn More

Concise Theology (Packer)
Regular Price $14.90
Sale Price $9.90

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TJL16 Only $99.90! Theological Journal Library

Wow! Over 800 journals that list for $695 total, now only $99.90! This means you save nearly 67% on this incredible library. The Theological Journal Library combines 857 years of the best conservative, scholarly, evangelical journals, and classic works on church history. The systemization of thousands of pages of articles, allows you to rapidly search through all the titles for words, phrases, authors, and passages of interest. It is an invaluable tool for everyone who studies, teaches, or preaches Scripture.

Theological Journal Library 16 volumes
List Price $695
Regular Price $299
Sale Price $99.90

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Theological Journal Library upgrade from 7 or more Volumes
Regular Price $99.90
Sale Price $69.90

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Super Deals on Must-Have Theological Dictionary Bundles!

*Just a reminder: with Accordance custom upgrades, you will only be charged for the modules you are adding or upgrading, never the ones already owned. The prices below are for new purchases.

IVP Theology 11

IVP Theology Bundle (11 Works)

The IVP Theology Bundle consists of a number of dictionaries, histories, and writings covering a wide range of theology published by InterVarsity Press. This is a huge theological bundle that will help you discover many of the great themes, concepts, and ideas as you follow your theological pursuits.

List Price $342.90
Regular Price $299
Sale Price $199

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IVP Pocket 15

IVP Pocket Dictionaries Bundle (15 Works)

These titles contain foundational answers to biblical questions of history, geography, and culture. Using maps, illustrations, family trees, definitions, charts, diagrams, and much more, the books in this bundle provide insightful background information on people, places, key words, and major doctrines of the Bible.

List Price $148.50
Regular Price $129
Sale Price $89.90

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Theological Terms

Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms
A Recent Addition to Accordance

A comprehensive guide to nearly 7,000 theological terms! McKim's succinct definitions cover a broad range of theological studies and related disciplines: contemporary theologies, biblical studies, church history, ethics, hermeneutics, ministry, philosophy of religion, worship, and Protestant, Reformed, and Roman Catholic theologies. Included is a new introductory section that groups together terms and concepts, showing where they fit within particular theological categories.

Regular Price $29.90
Sale Price $19.90

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Up to 60% Off from Respected Theological Authors

Horton 5 Bundle

Stanley Horton 5-Book Bundle

A renowned speaker for the Assemblies of God tradition, Stanley Horton served as the senior editorial advisor for the Modern English Version Bible. The books included in this bundle of key works are written from a solid Pentecostal perspective. Titles included are: Commentary on Acts, Commentary on 1 & 2 Corinthians, Bible Doctrines, What the Bible Says about the Holy Spirit, and Systematic Theology (edited by Horton).

List Price $126.50
Regular Price $99.90
Sale Price $39.90

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Niehaus-Bib Theology 1_120

Biblical Theology (Volume 1): The Common Grace Covenants
A Recent Addition to Accordance

Jeffrey J. Niehaus is both a poet and Old Testament scholar at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston, Massachusetts. The first of two volumes, this study explores the two common grace covenants: the Adamic and Noahic. A forthcoming second volume will examine the special grace covenants: the Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, and New covenants. The volumes present the covenant as an expression of the nature of God, and show a paradigm of activity by which God works in covenantal relations, first to create the world and then, through a redemptive program after the fall, to redeem what was lost.

Regular Price $29.90
Sale Price $19.90

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Apr 24, 2017 Richard Mansfield

NEW! Packer's Concise Theology

Packer Concise Theology 3D_2 J. I. Packer’s Concise Theology: A Guide to Historic Christian Beliefs is the second systematic theology we are making available today for the Accordance Library, following this morning’s release of Ryrie’s Basic Theology. Both of these theologies have in common the goal of making Christian doctrine understandable to the everyday believer, as opposed to those studying or teaching theology in academic settings.

In fact, Dr. Packer states in the preface, “Remembering that the Lord Jesus Christ called those he wanted fed sheep rather than giraffes, I have aimed to keep things as simple as possible.” Shorter in length than Ryrie’s Basic Theology, Packer’s work has the same number of chapters (94), each of which are short enough to read in one sitting. However, each chapter includes numerous Scripture readings which Packer assumes readers will explore on their own.

Packer’s goal is to produce an abbreviated overview of “the permanent essentials of Christianity, viewed as both a belief system and a way of life.” However, Packer acknowledges that he is writing from an Evangelical, Reformed-Anglican perspective, which he maintains is part of the “historic and classic mainstream.”

In Concise Theology Packer regularly quotes from the 1984 NIV and occasionally from the NRSV. He also references historic Christian documents at times, especially the Westminster Confession. If anyone wonders about this since he is an Anglican and not a Presbyterian, Packer reminds readers that “…the Confession was intended to amplify the Thirty-nine Articles, and most of its framers were Anglican Clergy, and […] it is something of a masterpiece….”

Packer Concise Theology iPad Pro_2

Click/tap the image above to see a larger view of Packer's Concise Theology in Accordance Mobile on an iPad Pro.

With its short, readable chapters, Packer’s Concise Theology makes for great mobile reading on an iPad or iPhone. Some may even want to use its content for doctrine-based study groups. Page numbers are included in the Accordance edition for those with mixed paper and digital copies.

Concise Theology (Packer)
Regular Price $14.90
Sale Price $9.90

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The special introductory pricing is good through May 1, 2017 (11:59pm EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Apr 24, 2017 Richard Mansfield

NEW! Ryrie's Basic Theology

Ryrie Basic Theology - 3D Accordance users have benefitted from the Ryrie Study Bible notes—one of the best-selling study Bibles in history—for a number of years in their personal Accordance Libraries. Now, fans of Charles Ryrie can go even deeper into the late theologian’s thought with our release of Ryrie’s Basic Theology: A Popular Guide to Understanding Biblical Truth.

“Theology is for everyone. Indeed, everyone needs to be a theologian.” These are the opening sentences in Ryrie’s Basic Theology and the driving idea behind every chapter in the book. Ryrie believed everyone could be (and, in fact, was) a theologian, but he wanted people to be good theologians, not sloppy ones. This volume is not written with academics in mind, but as the subtitle suggests, a popular audience.

In keeping with the conviction that everyone has the potential to be a good theologian, Ryrie divides his content into 94 chapters, spread across 15 sections in the book (see table of contents in the screenshot below for subjects covered). In the print edition, most of these chapters are three or four pages. Thus, a chapter can be read through in one sitting—a matter of minutes, really—although looking up Scripture references and reflections may take a while longer.

Ryrie's Basic Theology screenshot - Windows

Click/tap the image above for a larger view of Ryrie's Basic Theology in Accordance 12 for Windows.

Ryrie defines everything, including the designation of the first section, Prolegomena (defined by Ryrie as “prefatory or preliminary remarks"). In this section, Ryrie offers a number of definitions as well as clearly delineating a number of presuppositions.

Charles Ryrie, who taught for many years at Dallas Theological Seminary, is one of the most influential theologians of this generation. Ryrie's Basic Theology is conservative in keeping with his beliefs and convictions and Premillennial Dispensationalist in regard to eschatology. If your theology falls into these categories, this title is indispensable. However, even if you don’t align yourself with Ryrie’s thought, his mere influence alone makes this a worthy title to include in your Accordance Library, so as to better understand this widely-held theological perspective.

For Accordance users who have the Theological Journal Library, you will want to check out Bruce Demarest's review of Ryrie’s Basic Theology from the December 1987 issue of The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. Also, don’t miss our own David Lang’s memory of visiting Dr. Ryrie in his home in "An Afternoon with Dr. Charles Ryrie," written by David last year upon the occasion of Ryrie’s death.

Basic Theology (Ryrie)
Regular Price $35.90
Sale Price $27.90

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The special introductory pricing listed above is good through May 1, 2017 (11:59 pm EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Apr 19, 2017 Richard Mansfield

Updated x 2! Accordance 12.0.6 for Win/Mac & Accordance Mobile 2.5.3

Accordance 12 Update

This week, we’ve seen the release of updates to both Accordance 12 (Win/Mac), as well as Accordance Mobile (iOS). Check out the details below.

Accordance 12.0.6 for Windows and Mac

In addition to some much-needed bug fixes, the following changes have been added to the program:

  • Added a Safe Mode option to clean up all installed fonts across the system (Mac-only).
  • Info Pane titles and Research verse results now use the native book name if desired.
  • Reporting a Correction now includes the accord:// URL to the location of the error.
  • Attempting to delete a Paper item with hidden sublevels now triggers a warning.
  • Improved the selection of Paper items that contain only an automatic hyperlink.
  • Updated help files.

Regarding that first bullet, with the release of 12.0.5, we updated our internal Greek font to better accommodate some very specialized sigla in the Göttingen Septuagint. For some longtime Mac Accordance users, this created a conflict between the new font and old copies that may have remained on the hard drive in other locations. Now, with the release of 12.0.6, there is a new Safe Mode feature that will clean up these older fonts rather than the user having to fix the issue manually.

12.0.6 Safe Mode

If you’re experiencing Greek text that does not appear correctly in Accordance for the Mac, hold down the Option key when you start Accordance, which will bring up the Accordance Safe Mode options. Check the box to “Clean up installed fonts” and then press the Launce Accordance button.

If you have Accordance 12.0 through 12.0.5 and haven't done so already, you can get Accordance 12.0.6 for free by running “Check for App Update” on the Accordance menu on the Mac or the Utilities menu in Windows.

To see everything new since last November, see our “New Features Since 12.0” page.

Accordance Mobile 2.5.3

Accordance Mobile 2.5.3 Released

Also, not be missed is the release of the Accordance Mobile 2.5.3 update. Although primarily a bug fix, this update addresses crashes that some users on older devices were experiencing after updating to iOS 10.3. This update should take care of those issues. Specifically, 2.5.3 fixes the crash when tapping for Instant Details.

If you already have Accordance Mobile for iOS, and your apps are set to automatically update, you may already have v. 2.5.3 on your iPhone or iPad. If not, download it from the iOS App Store.

For more information about Accordance Mobile, see our "Details of the Mobile App" page.


Apr 19, 2017 Accordance Bible Software

Endorsement: Bill Mounce

Dr. Bill Mounce, President of and author of Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar and Workbook, has been an enthusiastic Accordance user since the early days! In this video recorded at the 2016 ETS meeting in San Antonio, Dr. Mounce describes the specific new feature that has him most excited about Accordance 12.


Apr 17, 2017 Richard Mansfield

ETCBC Hebrew Syntax

Have you discovered the ETCBC Hebrew Syntax in Accordance? The ETCBC Advanced database of the Hebrew Bible (formerly known as WIVU database), contains the scholarly text of the Hebrew Bible with linguistic markup developed by the Werkgroep Informatica at the Free University (WIVU) of Amsterdam and edited by Eep Talstra of the Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer (ETCBC).

Check out this short video for an overview (we recommend viewing at full screen in HD).


Apr 17, 2017 Richard Mansfield

NEW! Moody Bible Commentary

Moody Bible Commentary-cover w/drop shadow Spend a little time with The Moody Bible Commentary, and you may just have found your new favorite one-volume commentary. If you’ve ever seen this volume in print, you know it’s not a quick take on the Bible. At over 2,100 pages in print, written by a team of over 30 contributors from Moody Bible Institute’s undergraduate school and seminary, this is not your average Bible commentary. In fact, it’s been billed as having “a team of 30 Moody Bible Institute professors helping you study the Bible.” That’s no exaggeration.

I first held the print version of The Moody Bible Commentary in my hands in 2015. I tagged along with my wife to a library conference she was attending in San Francisco. There were lots of publishers in the exhibit hall, so I was making my rounds. Moody Publishers was represented at the conference, and I struck up a conversation with the Moody rep. I mentioned to him that Accordance users had already been asking us to add their new commentary to the Accordance Library. He was even kind enough to offer me a complimentary copy of the commentary to take with me.

Moody Bible Commentary

Click/tap the image above for a larger look at The Moody Bible Commentary in Accordance 12 (NASB text available separately).

Such a generous offer, but I was so torn! It was a beautiful volume, and I had already read a number of solidly-written sections while standing in the Moody exhibit. But that book was so big and heavy! It would be much later that night before I’d be back and my hotel room, and it just seemed like too big of a book to carry with me all day. In the end I opted not to take the free copy of The Moody Bible Commentary, not because of the quality of the content, but only because it was so massive. Having declined the Moody rep’s generous gift, I was more hopeful than ever that we would one day have this commentary in Accordance. And today’s that day!

Filled with scores of maps, charts, and tables, The Moody Bible Commentary was developed “to help laypeople and pastors alike grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and understand how its timeless principles apply to life today.” The commentary is based upon the original language texts of Scripture, but most Scripture quotations are from the New American Standard Bible. Any references to Hebrew and Greek words are transliterated.

Moody Bible Commentary-iPhone As described in the Foreword

Each book of the Bible is skillfully introduced, providing the reader with an understanding of the historical setting, the author, the audience, and any interpretive issues. An outline for each book is provided, allowing you to trace the argument or story line of the book. This outline is then incorporated into the text of the commentary so that you can continue to follow the progression of thought in each Bible book.

The comments on the text are concise but insightful. Writing from a conservative, evangelical perspective that reaches across denominational lines, the authors tackle the knotty issues as they emerge in the text. Difficult passages are not ignored. Debated topics are honestly discussed, and, when scholarship yields no clear consensus as to meaning, the authors do not artificially create one. In addition, contemporary issues addressed by the Bible are clearly noted. Thus, in reading, you will find a wonderful weaving of biblical scholarship, theological insight, and practical application.

Click/tap the image on the right for a larger look at The Moody Bible Commentary in Accordance Mobile (NASB text available separately).

The Moody Bible Commentary is the exact kind of resource you want to have with you in Accordance. Rather than having to carry a 2,100+ page book around, you can have all of that scholarship and insight on the Bible right in the palm of your hand, on your laptop, or desktop computer for quick access. In fact, one-volume commentaries make excellent “go to” commentaries for mobile devices because they don’t take up as much space as multivolume sets. And The Moody Bible Commentary is so massive, you may just forget that you’re not using a multivolume commentary!

The Moody Bible Commentary
Regular Price $49.90

Buy Now


Apr 13, 2017 Abram Kielsmeier-Jones

How to Read a Book in Accordance


Ever wonder what separates a title in Accordance Bible Software from ebooks or even other Bible software platforms? In the video below, Abram Kielsmeier-Jones highlights four features of digital texts in Accordance:

  1. Hyperlinks, hyperlinks, hyperlinks!

  2. The expandable/collapsible Table of Contents sidebar

  3. Search Fields to better focus your search

  4. Advanced: Amplify/Research to get from the book you’re reading to the rest of your library

According to Abram, after mastering these features, "You’ll never read or study a work of theology or biblical studies the same way again. Accordance makes Kindle look like a codex."

In addition to being a longtime Accordance user and a frequent instructor for our free Accordance webinars, Abram Kielsmeier-Jones is also Pastor of Union Congregational Church in Magnolia, Mass. He writes at Words on the Word: