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Jan 23, 2020 Accordance Bible Software

New Year's Resolution: Share!

New Year_Share

For the fourth and final week of our New Year's Resolution Sale, it's time to Share! This week our focus is on resources designed to help you share knowledge of the Bible and its message.

To kick things off, we have several commentaries, studies, and Bibles on sale that are perfect for teachers and study group leaders who want to help others know what the Scriptures have to say to us today! Next, we're offering discounts on works focused on sharing and defending the message of the gospel lovingly and effectively.

And don't forget that the time to take advantage of the New Year deals from HarperCollins is running out! Check out the sale and get these works while the sales last!

Publisher Specials from HarperCollins listed below are good through Friday, January 31, 2020 (11:59 PM EST). All other sale prices are good through Wednesday, January 29, 2020 (11:59 PM EST).

New Year's Resolution
Week Four: Share!

Mentor NTC_120

Mentor Commentary OT / NT Bundle (22 Volumes)

There are many academic commentaries, but very few hold to as high view of Scripture as Mentor Commentaries do. This ongoing series, including volumes on both the Old and New Testaments, successfully refutes wilder departures from orthodoxy while appreciating and learning from the latest theological research. This unique combination allows the reader to see what recent scholarly research has discovered without losing sight of the inerrancy of scripture.

This bundle contains two modules: 18 volumes of the Old Testament (Mentor OT-18) and 4 volumes of the New Testament (Mentor NT-4).

List Price $650
Regular Price $389
Sale Price $249 (Save 36%)

Buy Now

OT For Everyone_Gen_new_120

Old Testament For Everyone (17 Volumes) (Goldingay)

Following on the heels of the successful New Testament for Everyone commentaries by acclaimed scholar and author N. T. Wright, Westminster John Knox is pleased to announce the all new Old Testament for Everyone Bible commentary series.

John Goldingay, an internationally respected Old Testament scholar, authors this ambitious series, treating every passage of Scripture from Genesis to Malachi, addressing the texts in such a way that even the most challenging passages are explained simply and concisely. Perfect for daily devotions, Sunday school prep, or brief visits with the Bible, the Old Testament for Everyone series is an excellent resource for the modern lay reader.

This product contains 17 volumes covering the entire Old Testament.

Regular Price $199
Sale Price $79.90 (Save 60%)

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NT For Everyone

New Testament For Everyone (18 Volumes) (Wright)

N. T. "Tom" Wright has undertaken a tremendous task: to provide guides to all the books of the New Testament, and to include in them his own translation of the entire text. Each short passage is followed by a highly readable discussion, with background information, useful explanations and suggestions, and thoughts as to how the text can be relevant to our lives today. A glossary is included at the end of each volume.

The 18 volumes cover the entire New Testament.

Regular Price $199
Sale Price $79.90 (Save 60%)

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NTW-Bible Studies_Matt_120

For Everyone Bible Study Guides (19 Volumes) (Wright)

In this series, the widely respected pastor and New Testament scholar N.T. Wright walks everyday readers book by book through the entire New Testament. Perfect for group use or daily personal reflection, these studies use the popular inductive method combined with Wright’s thoughtful insights to bring contemporary application of Scripture to life.

This series of Bible study guides by Wright can be used on its own or alongside his New Testament for Everyone commentary series.

The entire New Testament is covered in this module.

Regular Price $159
Sale Price $59.90 (Save 62%)

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Gospel According to the Old Testament Series (18 Volumes)

The Gospel According to the Old Testament series illuminates the good news of our Savior in the Old Testament books. Here you will find thoughtful, Christ-focused theology at an accessible level. This series aims to show, as Christ himself declared, that “all the Scriptures” speak of our Lord’s suffering and glorification.

A few of the volumes included:

  • A Journey to Wholeness: The Gospel According to Naaman's Slave Girl (Mark Belz) (2015)
  • After God's Own Heart: The Gospel According to David (Mark J. Boda) (2007)
  • Crying Out for Vindication: The Gospel According to Job (David R. Jackson) (2012)

Regular Price $199
Sale Price $99.90 (Save 50%)

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New English Translation Bible (2nd Edition) with Strong's Numbers

The New English Translation™, also known as the NET Bible, is a completely new translation of the Bible, not a revision or an update of a previous English version.

*Note: Recently Updated - The 4.0 update of NET updates this product to the 2nd Edition of NET and also adds Strong's number tagging. The 5.0 update of NET Notes updates this product to the 2nd Edition of NET Notes.

Regular Price $19.90
Sale Price $13.90 (Save 30%)

Buy Now

Gospel Transformation_120

ESV Gospel Transformation Bible (Study Bible Notes)

The Gospel Transformation Bible features all-new book introductions and gospel-illuminating notes written by a team of over 50 outstanding pastors and scholars. This specially prepared material outlines passage-by-passage God’s redemptive purposes of grace that echo all through Scripture and culminate in Christ. The notes not only explain but also apply the text in a grace-centered way. Focusing on heart transformation rather than mere behavior modification, their points of application emphasize the Hows and Whys of practical application to daily living—in short, how the gospel transforms us from the inside out.

The Gospel Transformation Bible will equip both new and seasoned believers with a gospel-centered reading of Scripture, enabling God’s people to see that the message of the Bible is a unified one—“to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”

Regular Price $29.90
Sale Price $22.90 (Save 23%)

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Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God (Packer)

If God is in control of everything, can Christians sit back and not bother to evangelize? Or does active evangelism imply that God is not really sovereign at all?

J. I. Packer shows in this new edition to the popular IVP Classics how both of these attitudes are false. In a careful review of the biblical evidence, he shows how a right understanding of God’s sovereignty is not so much a barrier to evangelism as an incentive and powerful support for it.

With over 100,000 copies in print, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God is truly a classic that should be read by every Christian.

Regular Price $14.90
Sale Price $9.90 (Save 34%)

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Introduction to Evangelism (Reid)

Using methods built upon biblical, historical, and theological foundations, this exhaustive guide integrates doctrinal issues with practical matters of methodology, while developing the personal spirituality of those who seek to carry out the Great Commission. By recognizing the timeless aspects of the evangelistic task and adapting them to today’s needs and the needs of the future, Reid gives Christians the tools they need to spread the Word with assurance in the new millennium.

Regular Price $17.90
Sale Price $11.90 (Save 34%)

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Keller-Center Church_120

Center Church (Keller)

In Center Church, Timothy Keller outlines a broad theological vision that connects classical evangelical doctrine to holistic and vibrant ministry expression, particularly in globalized, urbanized settings.

Regular Price $34.90
Sale Price $24.90 (Save 29%)

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F. F. Bruce Apologetics and Early Church Bundle (5 Volumes)

This bunde contains five (5) volumes by F. F. Bruce:

  • The Deity of Christ: Was Jesus a Fraud or Was He God? (2018)
  • Defending First-Century Faith: Christian Witness in the New Testament (2017)
  • The Spreading Flame: The Rise and Progress of Christianity from Its First Beginnings to Eighth-Century England (2017)
  • What the Bible Says about the Work of Christ: Jesus Past, Present and Future (2018)
  • In Retrospect: Autobiographical Remembrances (2017)

Regular Price $34.90
Sale Price $19.90 (Save 43%)

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Apologetics Anthology_120

Christian Apologetics: An Anthology of Primary Sources

An authoritative reference on the history of Christian Apologetics by history’s most notable defenders of the Christian faith.  Includes selections by Saint Augustine, Blaise Pascal, Saint Teresa of Avila, C.S. Lewis, Alvin Plantinga, and Peter Kreeft.

This fascinating collection provides selected readings addressing key issues in the history of Christian apologetics. In all, over fifty significant writings are arranged topically with introductions, author images, discussion questions, a bibliography and an author index.

Regular Price $44.90
Sale Price $34.90 (Save 22%)

Buy Now


John Warwick Montgomery Collection Bundle (33 Volumes)

Montgomery, a philosophy major disinterested in religion, found himself forced to consider seriously the claims of Jesus Christ in the New Testament in order to preserve big intellectual integrity. After no mean struggle he acknowledged his rebellion against God and asked His forgiveness. Dr. Montgomery is the author of over one hundred scholarly journal articles and more than fifty books.

This bundle consists of the following bundles (each of which can also be purchased individually):

Regular Price $279
Sale Price $139 (Save 50%)

Buy Now

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Jan 17, 2020 David Lang

Constrained by the Text: The Importance of Greek and Hebrew for Exegesis

Some time ago I was talking with a woman who said she likes to think of the Lord’s prayer differently than it is traditionally recited. She enthusiastically explained that if you just understand the sentence structure a little differently, Jesus’s prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 takes on a whole new meaning. Here, as best as I can remember, is how she likes to divide the text:

Our Father which art
In heaven hallowed be
Thy name thy kingdom
Come thy will
Be done in earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us
not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

By rearranging the text in this way, this woman “discovered” all kinds of new insights. For example, praying “Our Father which art” enabled her to focus on God’s existence, and reminded her of God describing himself as “I AM” in Exodus 3:14. As I listened to her explanation, I had two thoughts.

On the one hand, I know that the original Greek text did not include punctuation. That was added later, and it is perfectly reasonable to debate how the text should be divided into sentences, clauses, and phrases. For example, one place where I think a simple punctuation change does clarify the text is in Romans 8:33-34. I think the statements “It is God who justifies” and “Christ Jesus is the one who died” are better read as rhetorical questions: “God who justifies?” and “Christ Jesus who died?” Reading the text that way improves the flow of the passage, which is essentially a series of rhetorical questions designed to drive home Paul’s point. Knowing this, I was not willing to dismiss this woman’s suggestion until I had a chance to look at the Greek.

That, of course, was my second thought: “What does the Greek say?” I was pretty sure that the King James Bible’s “which art” was simply supplied by the translators and did not reflect any actual emphasis on God’s existence, but I couldn’t be certain until I had a chance to fire up Accordance. Sure enough, the Greek of Matthew 6:9 reads “Our Father in heaven.” There is nothing in the Greek that emphasizes God’s being or existence—“which art” was simply supplied by the KJV translators. Furthermore, the beginning of the first three petitions is clearly indicated by the presence of a third-person imperative. There is more variation in the structure of the later petitions, but the traditional division is still pretty clearly vindicated.



In a day and age when many people question the value of learning Hebrew and Greek, situations like this underscore the importance of at least a cursory understanding of the languages. Good exegesis is constrained by the text itself. If our interpretations are not supported by the text as it is written, then we know we need to adjust our interpretations.

Yes, much exegesis can be done using a good English translation. In fact, I’ve even argued that it is better to be able to read English well than to know Greek and Hebrew. Nevertheless, the text which we are ultimately exegeting is the original text written in Hebrew and Greek, and there are some interpretive questions which simply cannot be answered unless we ask, “What does the Greek (or Hebrew) say?”

Accordance provides many tools for exploring and analyzing the original Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible, from English Bibles tagged with Strong’s numbers to high end features designed for language experts. With Accordance, it’s easy for anyone to find out what the Greek or Hebrew says.


Jan 15, 2020 Richard Mansfield

New! The Bible Teacher's Guide (21 volumes)

Bible Teacher's Guide - group

New for the Accordance Library! We are pleased to announce the release of 21 volumes in The Bible Teacher’s Guide Series by pastor, teacher, and author Gregory Brown. This series includes both commentary and topical volumes over a wide range of subjects. Commentary volumes can be placed in parallel with any biblical text or translation within Accordance.


Topical Studies

** (This module can be placed in parallel with biblical texts.)

** (Each title listed below is a separate individual module.)

  • Abraham: Living the Life of Faith
  • Jacob: Being Transformed by an Amazing Grace
  • Nehemiah: Becoming a Godly Leader
  • The Sermon on the Mount: Experiencing God’s Kingdom on Earth
  • The Beatitudes: Growing in Kingdom Character
  • Ephesians: Understanding God’s Purpose for the Church
  • The Armor of God: Standing Firm in Spiritual Warfare
  • Philippians: Pursuing Spiritual Maturity
  • Colossians: Christ Revealed, the Hope of Glory
  • First Timothy: Becoming a Good Minister of Christ Jesus
  • Second Timothy: Guarding the Good Deposit
  • First Peter: How to Live as Pilgrims in a Hostile World
  • Theology Proper: Knowing God the Father
  • Characteristics of Spirit-Let Prayer
  • Battle Plan for Purity: Strategies for Victory against Sexual Temptation
  • Equipping Small Group Leaders: A Concise Church Leadership Training
  • The Perfections of God: Understanding God’s Characteristics
  • Whenever You Pray: Following Jesus’ Teachings on Prayer
  • Characteristics of a Godly Marriage
  • Building Foundations for a Godly Marriage: A Pre-Marriage, Marriage Counseling Study
  • Finding a Godly Mate: Biblical Principles for Singles

Greg Brown uses the New English Translation as the primary Bible version for this series but draws from other popular translations as well. This series would be especially suited to pair with our newly-released 2nd edition of the NET Bible with Strong’s Numbers.

With questions for discussion and reflection throughout each chapter, this series is perfect for group studies, but appropriate for individual studies as well. Pastors, Bible study leaders, education ministers and youth leaders will want to add this series to their personal Accordance Library. This series would be especially helpful to keep on your mobile device for leading group discussions.

BTG Android tablet

Click/tap the image above for a larger look at the Bible Teacher's Guide.

For a limited time, Accordance users can add the Bible Teacher's Guide Series to their personal Library for introductory discounted pricing.

The Bible Teacher's Guide (21 Volumes)
Regular Price $99.90
Sale Price $69.90

Buy Now

Introductory pricing listed above is good through Wednesday, January 22, 2020 (11:59 PM EST) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Jan 15, 2020 Richard Mansfield

New! Keener's Galatians: A Commentary

Keener Galatians 3D Hands down, Craig Keener has consistently remained one of my favorite New Testament commentary writers in recent years. As stated by his publisher, Keener is “widely respected for his thorough research, sound judgments, and knowledge of ancient sources.” For anyone interested in biblical backgrounds and the contexts from which the New Testament writings sprang, Keener’s new commentary on Galatians is a must-have addition to one’s personal Accordance Library.

Keener’s commentary on Galatians, published by Baker Academic is an expansion of his previous Galatians commentary written for Cambridge University Press. And expansion may be too conservative of a term. Consider that at nearly 900 pages, Keener’s Baker commentary on Galatians is nearly three times the size of his Cambridge volume. But even with Keener’s no-rock-unturned approach, the commentary never becomes tedious or too technical so as only to be accessed by only a few.

Keener - Galatians - macOS

Click/tap on the image above for a larger view of Keener's commentary on Galatians.

This commentary on Galatians begins with Keener’s own translation of the epistle, presented in entirety so that the reader can read it in its entirety before even beginning the Gospel. The translation itself is described “as a more colloquial, dynamic-equivalent rendering except where it would impair the connection between the translation and the notes.” I found Keener’s translation to be somewhere between the NIV and NLT, but even that is an unfair comparison as the flavor and style is all his own.

Keener - Galatians - iPhone The introduction to the commentary covers all the required elements: history of interpretation, theology, themes, literary style, audience and more, compromising the equivalent of about 45 pages in print. The actual commentary on Scripture includes and introduction by section before verse-by-verse treatment. I found the footnotes to be a rich treasure trove of both ancient sources as well as contemporary thought.

To the right: Keener's translation of Galatians. Click/tap for a larger view.

Although Keener makes use of original languages, these are most often in parentheses and include transliteration for the non-specialist. This approach opens the commentary to a much wider audience of scholars, pastors, and serious readers of the Bible. The commentary also includes 35 excursuses, mini articles, written on a variety of subjects such as “Righteous Abraham in Jewish Tradition,” “Paul and the Law,” and “The ‘Flesh,’” among others.

I first discovered Craig Keener through the IVP Bible Background Commentary on the New Testament and have thoroughly enjoyed his more detailed offerings on John and Acts. The new commentary on Galatians is a welcome addition to these. If Keener wants to work his way through the entire New Testament, that’s okay by me because our understanding of these writings will be all the better for it.

Galatians: A Commentary
Regular Price $59.90
Sale Price $44.90

Buy Now

The special introductory pricing listed above is good through Wednesday, January 22, 2020 (11:59 PM EST) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Jan 7, 2020 Accordance Bible Software

An Essential Tool for Hebrew Studies: Mor Shemesh's Accordance 25 Story

Accordance 25 image no background Note: Accordance 1.0 was released to the public in April, 1994. Therefore we still have a few weeks to celebrate our 25th anniversary with stories like the one below. If you'd like to tell us your story, please see the instructions at the end of this post.

I first became familiar with Accordance about 7 years ago, during my studies for a BA degree in Hebrew Language at Ben-Gurion University. At a course called "Late Biblical Hebrew" the professor introduced us to Accordance, and made some quick searches in the Hebrew Bible in order to demonstrate some differences between Classical Biblical Hebrew and Late Biblical Hebrew. This was during my third year of BA studies, and up until then I used paper concordances constantly. As you can imagine, I was absolutely amazed by all the wonders that Accordance can do and the major amount of time it can save. When the professor mentioned that it also comes with easily accessed dictionaries like BDB and HALOT, I decided that this is a software I must purchase.

This was in early 2013, before the Windows version was released. I waited eagerly for this to happen; and when the Windows version finally came out in September that year, I immediately purchased Accordance and all the necessary modules I needed. Shortly after I started my MA studies and my dissertation, and started using Accordance constantly for that. For countless times during the work on my dissertation, I thought in amazement how much time I saved by using Accordance, and how behind I'd surely be without it.

Now I'm a PhD student, and the work on my doctoral thesis was no different in that matter: the wonders that the concordance searches can do and the extremely easy access to important tools such as dictionaries and grammar books never cease to amaze me. I am certain that my thesis would have been very different if it wasn't for Accordance, and I plan to keep using it in all my future studies as well.

Mor Shemesh

Want to tell your Accordance 25 Story? Email it to [email protected] If we use your story, you could get a $25 credit for your next purchase.


Jan 1, 2020 Accordance Bible Software

New Year, New Bible!

HarperCollins Bibles

It's a New Year! Start it off right by diving into the study of the Bible. Don't know where to start? These deals from HarperCollins have you covered. Whether you're looking to try out a new translation, meditate on devotional words of wisdom, or have the aid of study resources at your fingertips, this sale has something for you! These deals last through the month of January, so don't miss out!

Special Note for our Mobile Users: The devotional and study Bible deals are perfect for our iOS and Android apps, as they allow digestable information to appear in a second pane alongside your text!

The below Publisher Specials are good through Friday, January 31, 2020 (11:59 PM EST) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

New Year, New Bible!

Devotions on GNT

Devotions on the Greek New Testament (Volume 1)

The study of any language requires continual exposure in order to maintain or expand proficiency. Devotions on the Greek New Testament allows for this continued study by introducing devotions---based on a careful reading and study of the Greek New Testament---written by some of the top Greek scholars of today.

Regular Price $16.90
Sale Price $10.49 (Save 38%)

Buy Now

Also available on sale:

Devotions on HB_120

Devotions on the Hebrew Bible

Devotions on the Hebrew Bible contains a devotion on every book in the Old Testament and can be used as a weekly devotional or as a supplemental resource throughout a semester or sequence of courses. These devotions will inspire you to keep reading and meditating on the Hebrew Scriptures and find new treasures from the biblical text.

Regular Price $16.90
Sale Price $12.99 (Save 23%)

Buy Now


New King James Version Bible (Untagged)

One of the few modern translations based on the Textus Receptus Greek text, the New King James Version attempts to maintain the beauty of the original King James while updating its language for contemporary readers. Styling of red letters for words attributed to Christ, as well as poetry, italics and small caps are supported. Margin notes are included in a separate module. Copyright 1982.

Note: This version does NOT contain Strong's numbering.

Regular Price $14.90
Sale Price $4.99 (Save 67%)

Buy Now

Orthodox Study Bible_120

Orthodox Study Bible Notes

Orthodox Christianity is the face of ancient Christianity to the modern world and embraces the second largest body of Christians in the world. In this first-of-its-kind study Bible, the Bible is presented with commentary from the ancient Christian perspective that speaks to those Christians who seek a deeper experience of the roots of their faith. Readers will gain insight into the early Christian perspective of the Old Testament text and teachings and deepen their understanding of church history in the first ten centuries of Christianity.

Regular Price $34.90
Sale Price $29.99 (Save 14%)

Buy Now

MacArthur Study Bible_120

MacArthur Study Bible Notes

The award-winning MacArthur Study Bible is considered among the elite of study Bibles. It is packed cover-to-cover with tools that offer a profound yet down-to-earth approach to understanding the Scriptures.

Regular Price $39.90
Sale Price $11.99 (Save 70%)

Buy Now


NIV New International Version 2011 with Footnotes (Untagged)

The best-selling New International Version seeks to recreate as far as possible the experience of the original audience—blending transparency to the original text with accessibility for the millions of English speakers around the world. This 2011 revision represents the latest effort of the Committee on Bible Translation to articulate God’s unchanging Word in the way the original authors might have said it had they been speaking in English to the global English-speaking audience today.

The new footnotes include much more extensive cross-references.

Note: This version does NOT contain G/K numbering.

Regular Price $19.90
Sale Price $4.99 (Save 75%)

Buy Now


Amplified Bible

The Amplified Bible is a translation that, by using synonyms and definitions, both explains and expands the meaning of words in the text by placing amplification in parentheses and brackets and after key words or phrases. This unique system of translation allows the reader to more completely grasp the meaning of the words as they were understood in the original languages. Through multiple expressions, fuller and more revealing appreciation is given to the divine message as the original text legitimately permits.

Regular Price $14.90
Sale Price $4.99 (Save 67%)

Buy Now

NIV Cultural SB_120

NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible Notes

You’ve heard many Bible stories hundreds of times, but how many behind-the-scenes details are you missing? Sometimes a little context is all you need to discover the rich meaning behind the stories of Scripture.

That’s what the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible provides. Every page is packed with expert insight into the customs, culture, and literature of Bible times. These fascinating explanations will serve to clarify your study of the Scriptures, reinforcing your confidence and bringing difficult passages of Scripture into sharp focus.

Regular Price $39.90
Sale Price $29.99 (Save 25%)

Buy Now

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Dec 24, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Holiday Dealz from Zondervan

Holiday Dealz

A great way to bulk up your Accordance Library this holiday season is by taking advantage of these great discounts on select products from Zondervan!

If you're wanting to explore the text of Scripture from a new perspective, these commentary sales have you covered! The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary will transport you to the ancient world of Scripture and help you understand the cultural context of the Bible. Want help bringing that ancient cultural context back into our modern day? Then consider the NIV Application Commentary! With its focus on applying the words of Scripture to our daily lives, this is the perfect resource for the preacher or teacher looking to show how the Bible impacts us today. Finally, if you want a good "one-stop-shop" for your commentary needs, the classic Expositor's Bible Commentary is a great choice. A Gold Medallion Award-Winner, this set has been trusted by pastors since its release!

Looking to dive deeper into the original languages of the Bible? Then be sure to pick up the bundle of the New International Dictionaries of Theology and Exegesis for both Old and New Testaments (NIDOTTE and NIDNTTE). Intended for those who wish to engage in serious study of the Bible, this work will benefit both academics and pastors, students and laypersons.

Finally, be sure to check out the Counterpoints Series! Exploring complex and occasionally controversial topics, Each book presents several “views” on a particular question of biblical interpretation, theology, or church life. Each view is then critiqued by those who hold other views. The reader can then decide which position makes the most sense or has the strongest support. Even more importantly, the reader sees how sincere interpreters can interact with one another in a positive and uncontentious manner.

The Zondervan specials listed below are good through Thursday, January 9, 2020 (11:59 PM EST) anc cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Holiday Dealz from Zondervan
Savings between 55% and 66%


NIV Application Commentary Series: OT / NT (42 Volumes)

Most Bible commentaries take us on a one-way trip from our world to the world of the Bible. But they leave us there, assuming that we can somehow make the return journey on our own. They focus on the original meaning of the passage but don’t discuss its contemporary application. The information they offer is valuable—but the job is only half done! The NIV Application Commentary Series helps bring both halves of the interpretive task together. This unique, award-winning series shows readers how to bring an ancient message into our present-day context. It explains not only what the Bible meant but also how it speaks powerfully today.

This 42-volume bundle covers every book of the Old and New Testament with the exception of the volumes of Ezra / Nehemiah and Psalms 73-150.

List Price $1,360
Regular Price $1,138
Sale Price $399.99 (Save 65%)

Buy Now

Also available at sale prices this week:


Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: OT / NT (10 Vols)

This product consists of the complete ZIBBC series that brings to life the world of the Bible through informative entries and full-color photos and graphics. ZIBBC is the premier commentary set for connecting with the historical and cultural context of the Bible.

This series contains 5 Old Testament volumes that cover the entire Old Testament and 5 New Testament volumes that cover the entire New Testament (with the updated volume on John by Craig Keener).

Regular Price $349
Sale Price $139.99 (Save 60%)

Buy Now

Bundle Oval_120


This bundle contains:

  • New International Dictionaries of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis (NIDOTTE): Consisting of 5 volumes edited by Willem VanGemeren, NIDOTTE is indispensable for helping pastors, students, scholars, and serious lay persons grasp the full riches of the Bible.
  • New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis (NIDNTTE): A standard and widely-used reference work for nearly 40 years, the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis has been thoroughly revised and updated to aid today’s pastors, students, scholars, and teachers in their study of the New Testament.
Regular Price $428
Sale Price $179.99 (Save 58%)

Buy Now

Views-Bible to Theology 120

Counterpoints Series (27 Volumes)

Zondervan’s Counterpoints series of books is designed to help us explore theological questions by reading the perspectives of people who respectfully disagree with each other.  The acclaimed series provides a forum for comparison and critique of different views on issues important to Christians.  Each book presents several “views” on a particular question of biblical interpretation, theology, or church life. Each view is then critiqued by those who hold other views. The reader can then decide which position makes the most sense or has the strongest support. Even more importantly, the reader sees how sincere interpreters can interact with one another in a positive and uncontentious manner.

List Price $549
Regular Price $499
Sale Price $169.99 (Save 66%)

Buy Now


Expositor’s Bible Commentary (12 volumes)

Seventy-eight renowned international evangelical scholars worked for eighteen years on the Gold Medallion Award-winning 12-volume Expositor’s Bible Commentary (EBC) to give you their best! This reference work provides pastors and other Bible students with a comprehensive and scholarly tool for the exposition of the Scriptures, and the teaching and proclamation of their message. Just click -- and clear biblical analysis appears side by side with any Bible text.

Regular Price $399
Sale Price $179.99 (Save 55%)

Buy Now

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Dec 23, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Making a Difference in Devotional Life & Original Language Study (Mark Chenhalls' Accordance 25 Story)

Mark Chenhalls I have been using Accordance since 2013 and have always been impressed with the value of even the basic packages, especially for understanding the original languages. The online training and especially the live webinars have made all the difference in understanding how to use the fantastic tools available in Accordance.

The mobile version of Accordance has made a huge difference in my devotional life, and the amazing tools available in the mobile version almost make me forget that it is a mobile version. There is something extremely convenient about being able to do a deep study on the device right next to me that instantly brings up the information I need. The mobile version also allows me to continue to be available for my family and they do not feel that I am in a "do not disturb" mode.

But the part that differentiates Accordance is also what allows me to do what I had been attempting to do for many decades—become familiar enough with the original languages that sometimes I forget I am in the original language. The original text with English "crutches"—available as needed—make using the original text a joy rather than an assignment. This has brought out aspects of meaning in the text that I would have never discovered in even the best translation.

Thank you Accordance!

Want to tell your Accordance 25 Story? Email it to [email protected] If we use your story, you could get a $25 credit for your next purchase.


Dec 16, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Going In Depth with the TEXT COMMAND (New in Accordance 13!)



New in Accordance 13: the Text Command allows for cross-textual searching in grammatically-tagged texts and Key-numbered texts. In this previously-recorded webinar, David Lang takes a deep dive into this incredibly powerful Accordance search function.


Dec 4, 2019 David Lang

Accordance 13 Tutorials: Honoring our History of Help

As I explained in my last post, the feature of Accordance 13 I am most excited about is our new interactive Tutorials. Whether you’re brand new to Accordance or a long-time power-user, you’re sure to find tutorials which can teach you about features, tasks, tips, and tricks you didn’t know before.

Now, as new features go, the ones which add new capabilities always make the biggest splash and garner the most attention. Adding various kinds of help so users can actually use the software always requires a great deal of work, but never seems to generate a corresponding degree of excitement. That’s why so many software developers offer only half-hearted support at best. Offering truly helpful help requires a level of commitment few developers are willing to make.

Accordance has a long history of supporting our users with documentation, in-app help, training seminars, video training, webinars, and more.Manual Cover

The Bygone Days of Print Manuals

When Accordance 1.0 was first released in 1994, it was standard practice in the software industry to include a print manual. Even in the Mac market, where everyone indulged in the charming fantasy that software should be so intuitive you wouldn’t need a manual, any full-featured program was expected to include complete documentation. The Accordance User’s Guide was extremely well-organized and copiously illustrated with screenshots. I remember devouring it as a new Accordance user—and I didn’t typically read manuals.

Manual Inside

Yes, the Construct window goes all the way back to Accordance 1.0!

Of course, creating a print manual was laborious and expensive, and even in those early days, only the most highly motivated software users would ever bother to crack one open. We soon began selling the print manual separately, since not all our users wanted it. Still, we continued to offer it as late as Accordance 7.

Ever-Evolving In-App Help

As more and more people entered the brave new world of personal computing, turning to a print manual seemed increasingly antiquarian. Shouldn’t the software itself teach you how to use it?

Appleguidecoachmark Accordance’s first in-app Help was based on Apple Guide, the innovative Help system Apple introduced way back in mac OS 7.5.

The really cool thing about Apple Guide was that you could write step-by-step tutorials that would draw circles around interface elements the user was supposed to click. Apple Guide was a really well thought out approach to providing in-app help, but it was hard to implement, and few software developers chose to adopt it. Apple soon dropped Apple Guide in favor of a less capable but easier to implement and more cross-platform help system.

STC Award Naturally, we moved to the new in-app help system, and we eventually hired a professional technical communicator to bring it up to date for Accordance 9. Her work was recognized with an Award of Excellence at the International Summit of the Society of Technical Communications.

Accordance Help offers complete documentation which you can easily browse and search, and you can get contextual help related to your active tab by clicking the Help icon of the workspace Toolbar.

With the interactive tutorials of Accordance 13, we’ve now come full circle back to our Apple Guide days. Tutorials were the one thing I really hated losing when Apple Guide was abandoned, and our new tutorials are better than anything we did back then.

More to Come…

I initially planned to include our training seminars and various forms of video training in this post, but there is so much to that history I’ll cover it in a follow-up post.

For now, let me just say again that the new interactive tutorials in Accordance 13 are just another chapter in our long history of offering the most helpful help we can.