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Sep 19, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Widen Your Horizons and High Holy Days Offers

Widen Horizons

Accordance has always been known as a portal to broaden one’s horizons—whether that’s through direct Bible study or one of our many resources that serve as a passport to biblical sites. This week, we’re offering “last chance” pricing on Accordance's own Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary. This one-of-a-kind graphical resource will see a price increase when it is completed next month, so get your copy now (with a free upgrade next month)! We’re also celebrating the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with a number of titles that will help you discover, learn, and appreciate Jewish traditions and understanding of the Bible.

Sale prices listed below are good through Wednesday, September, 25, 2019 and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Your Passport to Biblical Sites at a Fraction of the Cost

Picture the NT_120

Picture the New  Testament: A PhotoCommentary
An Accordance Original and Exclusive!

Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary is designed to help you see the world of the New Testament with your own eyes. While a traditional commentary seeks to explain the meaning of the Bible’s words with still more words, Picture the NT illustrates the biblical text with maps and photographs of biblical locations, relevant archeological finds, even ancient works of art. Display it in parallel with your Bible text, and as you work your way through a passage, you’ll see key words and concepts illustrated in a way that will make the Bible come alive.

Regular Price $99.90
Sale Price $69.90 (Save 30%)

Buy Now

PhotoGuide 6_120

Accordance BibleLands PhotoGuide
Set of 6 Collections
(Overview, Israel, Europe, Near East, Egypt, Turkey)

More than 4,500 high-quality photographs of biblical locations in Israel and surrounding countries!

Regular Price $149
Sale Price $74.50 (Save 50%)

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Also 50% Savings on All Individual Sets and Upgrades This Week

  • Overview
  • Israel
  • Europe
  • Near East
  • Egypt
  • Turkey

Your Passport to International Sensations
Save Up to 67%

ISBE Revised_120

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (Fully Revised) (4 Volumes)

List Price $300
Regular Price $149
Sale Price $49.90 (Save 67%)

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International Critical Commentary: New Testament
(Classic Volumes) (17 Volumes)

All books of the New Testament are covered except for Acts.

Regular Price $179
Sale Price $79.90 (Save 55%)

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Global Theology_120

Global Dictionary of Theology

Regular Price $39.90
Sale Price $19.90 (Save 50%)

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Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism

Regular Price $79.90
Sale Price $39.90 (Save 50%)

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Coleccion CLIE 5_120

Colección CLIE (5 volúmenes)

Esta colección incluye algunos de los mejores y más conocidos comentarios publicados por CLIE, la editorial cristiana más importante en lengua española.

Regular Price $99.90
Sale Price $49.90 (Save 50%)

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High Holy Day Offerings
Discover, Learn, and Appreciate Jewish Traditions


Rabbinics Bundle (Release 3)

This package of Rabbinics study material can be added to any Accordance Collection.  It contains all the Mishnaic, Talmudic, and Tannaitic modules currently available in Accordance.  This package price represents a substantial discount over purchasing individual modules.

List Price $1,086
Regular Price $739
Sale Price $499 (Save 32%)

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The Commentators' Bible (Set of 5) (Genesis – Deuteronomy)

Five volumes of the acclaimed English edition of Miqra’ot Gedolot; translated and annotated by Michael Carasik. Now, for the first time, Miqra’ot Gedolot is available in an accessible English edition.

List Price $349
Regular Price $289
Sale Price $144 (Save 50%)

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Individual Volumes and Upgrade Also on Sale:

  • Genesis
    (Reg Price $69.90; Sale Price $42.90)
  • Exodus
    (Reg Price $69.90; Sale Price $42.90)
  • Leviticus
    (Reg Price $69.90; Sale Price $42.90)
  • Numbers
    (Reg Price $69.90; Sale Price $42.90)
  • Deuteronomy
    (Reg Price $69.90; Sale Price $42.90)
  • Upgrade from 4-volume set (Adds Genesis)
    (Reg Price $49.90; Sale Price $32.90)

JPS 5-Commentary Set

JPS Commentary Set (12 Volumes)

The Jewish Publication Society’s highly acclaimed Bible Commentary series provides a line-by-line commentary of the original Hebrew Bible text, complete with vocalization and cantillation marks.

List Price $645
Regular Price $399
Sale Price $199 (Save 50%)

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Individual Volumes Also on Sale:

  • JPS Torah Commentary (5 Volumes)
    (Reg Price $199; Sale Price $129)
  • JPS Bible Commentary (Jonah)
    (Reg Price $39.90; Sale Price $27.90)
  • JPS Bible Commentary (Haftarot)
    (Reg Price $39.90; Sale Price $27.90)
  • JPS Commentary on the Haggadah: Historical Introduction, Translation, and Commentary
    (Reg Price $39.90; Sale Price $27.90)
  • JPS Bible Commentary: The Megillot (4 Volumes) (The Song of Songs, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Esther)
    (Reg Price $169; Sale Price $114)


Outside the Bible_120

Outside the Bible: Ancient Jewish Writings Related to Scripture (3 Volumes)

While specialists have studied individual texts or subsections of this vast library, Outside the Bible seeks for the first time to bring together all the major components into a single collection, gathering portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Septuagint, the biblical Apocrypha, and Pseudepigrapha, and the writings of Philo of Alexandria and Josephus.

Regular Price $249
Sale Price $149

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Many Voices_120

The Bible's Many Voices (Carasik)

Using historic, linguistic, anthropological, and theological sources, Carasik helps us distinguish between the Jewish Bible’s voices—the mythic, the historical, the prophetic, the theological, and the legal. By articulating the differences among these voices, he shows us not just their messages and meanings but also what mattered to the authors.

Regular Price $29.90
Sale Price $19.90

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Readings & Prayers_120

Readings & Prayers for Jewish Worship

A collection of the Torah and Haftarah readings for Shabbat and holidays.  Also includes a collection of important blessings and prayers. The Parashot reference tool showing individual readers is also included.

Regular Price $29.90
Sale Price $14.90

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C-Echoes from Past_120

Echoes from the Past: Hebrew and Cognate Inscriptions from the Biblical Period (Carta)

This collection of over 220 ancient inscriptions is a rich source of information about the biblical world.

Regular Price $99.90
Sale Price $79.90

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C-Raging Torrent_120

The Raging Torrent: Historical Inscriptions from Assyria and Babylonia Relating to Ancient Israel (Carta)

The Raging Torrent brings together all the cuneiform historical texts composed during the 9th to 6th centuries BCE that relate to Ancient Israel. This is the period during which Assyria and Babylonia cast their imperial shadow over the Near East and brought the kingdoms of Israel and Judah under their control.

Regular Price $69.90
Sale Price $54.90

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The Quest: Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Carta)

With this magnificently unique volume, Leen Ritmeyer provides us with the ideal textbook from which to understand the development of the man-made plateau that is the focus of the world's interest. His experience as architect of the Temple Mount Excavations following the Six-Day War, coupled with his exploration of parts of the mount now completely out of bounds and his doctoral research into the problems of the Temple Mount make him singularly qualified for the task.

Regular Price $64.90
Sale Price $49.90

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Sep 13, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

From Daily Readings to Original Language Discovery: Jesse Dornfeld's Accordance 25 Story

In our ongoing series of blog posts from our users, here's a testimony from Jesse Dornfeld, a brand new Accordance user.

Jesse Dornfeld I wanted to share a story about how I'm using the Bible in new and exciting ways.

Around the beginning of the New Year, I saw there was a pretty big push from a number of church leaders on Twitter to read the Bible every day.

Reading my Bible regularly has shown a lot of fruit in my life, such as joy, peace and overall, just a better appreciation of life. Over the years I've spent a lot of time looking into personality theories and the like that gave me a kind of satisfaction before I started to take my faith more seriously by reading the Word regularly. Naturally, my head goes straight to what the Bible says about personality.

I had heard there were other applications for doing Bible research, but the options I was looking into either was too expensive or didn't really have what I want. I told my pastor I was looking into a Bible application program, and he said he had Accordance, so I decided to check it out. I didn't want to purchase something without knowing what I was getting, so I decided to check out the Lite version of the application.

I discovered that even the Lite version of Accordance is loaded with great features! After spending some time with the program, I am learning more and more about it. By far, the biggest advantage to this program is that it is so easy to use and it is fast as lightning in terms of looking things up. Accordance Lite comes with ESV (with Strong's tagging) for free, which made me realize how much unnecessary time I had previously been spending looking things up from the back of my physical Bible and such.

Since getting the full version of Accordance with the Greek and Hebrew Learner Collection, along with a few more titles I have picked up, I am finding things in the Word that I didn't even know existed! Reading Proverbs is like a completely new experience now that I have the full version and access to the original language that the book was written in. It is truly a joy to have this application.

I look forward to adding more to my Accordance application. There is a lot of knowledge available with Accordance Bible Software. There are things to discover that can keep you learning more and more about God's word for the rest of your life. I am surely an Accordance user for life!

Want to tell your Accordance 25 Story? Email it to [email protected] If we use your story, you could get a $25 credit for your next purchase.


Sep 9, 2019 Richard Mansfield

How to Export Accordance Bibliographical Data to a Reference Manager



Accordance users regularly use our built-in citation feature, but did you know you can also export lots of bibliographic data at once to reference management databases like Zotero, EndNote, and Bookends? Check out this short video to learn how!


Sep 2, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian Our office is in the expected path of this storm and will probably be closed on Tuesday, as well as on Monday for Labor Day. As best we can, we will process online orders and answer all messages whether from emails, voicemails, or Live Chat. Please rest assured that we will honor the sale prices on all orders placed before midnight on Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience as we do our best to respond to all our users. Updates will be posted on our blog and on social media.

Update, Monday 12:30 EDT

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Bahamas.

Although it now looks as if Dorian will just skirt Florida, we will keep our office closed on Tuesday, and possibly also on Wednesday. We prefer that our dedicated staff stay safe at home, but they will continue to respond to orders and messages.

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Aug 28, 2019 Richard Mansfield

A Closer Look at Würthwein's The Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to Biblia Hebraica (3rd ed.)

Wurthwein Text of the OT 3D cover Years ago, when I was still in seminary, I got in “trouble” for stating, “Textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible isn’t nearly as interesting as textual criticism of the Greek New Testament.” I said this not so much out of bias as out of ignorance. If only I had read Ernst Würthwein’s The Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Biblia Hebraica, I could have understood that the history of the Hebrew Bible’s transmission is just as fascinating as that of the Greek New Testament—if not perhaps even more!

Ernst Würthwein (1909 – 1996) was a German biblical scholar and theologian who taught for years at the University of Marsburg. Numerous editions of The Text of the Old Testament (Der Text des Alten Testaments) appeared in his lifetime and became a standard introductory text on textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible. Although his name is attached to the current updated work we’ve released this week for Accordance, in reality everything in the title has been thorough updated and revised by Alexander A. Fischer, whose own work on the title is now in its third edition. This edition is translated into English by Erroll F. Rhodes, who also translated the pre-Fischer editions.

Fischer has strived to retain the general outline, formatting and even flavor of the original work by Würthwein, so the updated volume will still be recognizable by those who read and valued the original editions. However, this newest revision by Fischer brings the content up to date with the ongoing release of the Biblia Hebraica Quinta and also includes a new chapter on the Qumran texts.

Würthwein Text of the OT - macOS

Click/tap the image above for a larger view.

Fischer continues Würthwein’s same basic structure with three primary sections: A. The Hebrew Text of the Bible (covers Masoretic, Qumran, and Samaritan Texts), B. The Ancient Translations (the LXX gets a lot of coverage here, but attention is also given to Aramaic, Latin, and other ancient translations), and C. Textual Critism (serves as an introduction, guide and methodology to the subject). There is also the familiar section of “Plates” with 48 sections that include photos and descriptions of important ancient documents as well as a few helpful charts.

Accordance users might wonder how Würthwein’s The Text of the Old Testament compares to Emanual Tov’s Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible. In my initial comparison, I would consider Tov’s work to be the more advanced and extensive, but that’s not to slight Würthwein. In fact, I would still recommend both works, but perhaps Würthwein is a better starting point for those new to the subject of Hebrew Bible textual criticism. And Würthwein will go into more detail on some subjects, such as the LXX. Neither are what I would call “popular” introductions to the subject, but Würthwein is the more accessible of the two. Both assume some familiarity with Hebrew, but Würthwein offers translation a bit more often (but not always) than Tov.

If you have the journal Bibliotheca Sacra in Accordance, there is an analysis of an older (pre-Fischer) edition of The Text of the Old Testament reviewed by Robert B. Chisholm Jr. in an issue from 1996.

The Text of the Old Testament

Regular Price $29.90

Buy Now


Aug 23, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

¿Por qué usar software bíblico?



Este video enumera las razones por las que muchas personas han elegido software bíblico para ayudarlos en su estudio de la Biblia.

Para mas información acerca de Accordance Bible Software, incluyendo nuestros videos educacionales y títulos en español, por favor visite Accordance para hispanohablantes.


Why use Bible software?


Here are some reasons so many people have chosen Bible software to assist them in their own study of the Bible.

For more information about Accordance Bible Software, including our titles in Spanish, please visit our Accordance for Spanish Speakers page.


Aug 22, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Raw Speed & Power: Ed Stevens' Accordance 25 Story

Ed Stevens Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!

I think I first heard about the Gramcord and Accordance programs through an Apple Computer magazines (Macworld or MacUser). I had the previously-released MacBible program also. But Accordance captured my interest because of its claim to search grammatically-tagged Greek and Hebrew texts for precise inflected forms. That was far more powerful than a mere Strong’s Number root word search. When I saw the ad in the computer magazine, I ordered it.

Although I do not still have the old original 3.5 microfloppy disks to prove it (long since tossed), I do have an invoice from The Gramcord Institute, dated  April 2, 1996, showing when I purchased Accordance 1.1 along with the  Gramcord Greek New Testament, Hebrew Bible, and Septuagint. Evidently, I did not become an Accordance user until version 1.1, but from that time onward until now I have faithfully upgraded every year and added lots of modules.

My collection of texts and tools really began to expand after I attended my first Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Peabody, Massachusetts twenty years ago (1999). My ministry exhibit booth was right next to the Accordance and Gramcord booths. I probably spent as much time at Accordance booth, talking and reading brochures about the software, as I did working at my booth. That is when I first met Roy and Helen Brown, and our friendship has deepened every year when I see them at ETS. There are not very many Christian brethren whom I appreciate and admire more than them.

One of the things I like most about Accordance, in addition to its wonderful selection of grammatically tagged texts, is its incredible speed for searching my vast collection of texts and tools. There is no other Bible search program for the Mac (or Windows) that even comes close to the raw speed and power  of the Accordance search engine. I regularly use the Research feature to globally search all of my texts and tools. I rarely have time to get a sip of coffee before the search is finished. Breathtaking speed! I am forever hooked on that.

Kudos to all of you wonderful folks there at Accordance. Hug Roy and Helen for me! Thanks for producing and supporting such a wonderful tool for my teaching and publishing work. I cannot imagine ministry without it!

Edward E. Stevens is the President of the International Preterist Association.

Want to tell your Accordance 25 Story? Email it to [email protected] If we use your story, you could get a $25 credit for your next purchase.


Aug 14, 2019 Richard Mansfield

Win an 8" Amazon Fire HD + Triple Learner Collection!


Amazon Fire + Triple Learner

We’re giving away an 8" Amazon Fire HD and an Accordance 12 Triple Learner Collection. There are five ways to win by signing up for our newsletter and visiting our various social media venues. Of course, we also hope you’ll subscribe to our social media pages while you’re there!

The 8" Amazon Fire HD tablet is a perfect way to read Accordance titles in a handheld format. The bright high-definition screen makes the Fire tablet a wonderful on-the-go tablet for Bible study and quick reference. And, of course, all of the Amazon Fire tablets run our Android version of Accordance, available in the Amazon App Store.

The Accordance 12 Triple Learner Collection combines the English, Hebrew, Greek, and Graphics “Learner” levels. This is one of our best well-rounded Collections for biblical studies and pastoral work, normally selling for $399 but with a value of $2,399! Of course, if you win the giveaway and are already an Accordance user, we will credit your account with the equivalent amount of the Triple Learner Collection.

Win an Amazon Fire & Accordance Triple Learner Collection

Drawing will be held on August 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT. Winner will be notified the next day.


Aug 12, 2019 Richard Mansfield

Update! Accordance 1.5.0 for Android

Now available: Accordance Bible Software v. 1.5.0 for Android. This update delivers a number of significant new features, changes to Easy Install, and important bug fixes.

Here are a few of the most important new features and updates found in v. 1.5.0.

Click/tap on the images below for a larger view of the screenshots.

Module Updates

Accordance can now download and install module updates. To download updates to titles in your Accordance Library, go to the Overflow button (those vertical three dots in the top right corner) and choose Easy Install. Feel free to tap Cancel, and then on the Easy Install screen, tap the Updates button.

Acc Android 1.5 updates

Search Results

When searching for words or phrases, the number of search results now displays at the top of the screen. After performing the search, tap the screen to hide the interface elements, and the number of search hits displays at the top.

Acc Android 1.5 search results

Current Verse Reference

When reading a Text, tap the screen to hid the interface elements. The current top verse reference is displayed at the top of the screen.

Acc Android 1.5 current verse

Easy Install Changes

The Easy Install screen (accessed from the Overflow icon) has been updated both in design and function. When downloading new titles or updates, a more detailed progress indicator reports the current status of the download. And now when searching for specific titles, selected modules remain selected after clearing a search or running a new search.

Acc Android 1.5 download progress


Bug fixes have now been applied to issues such as when the login dialog would sometimes become unresponsive or when the download progress bar could reset mid-download in Easy Install.

Accordance 1.5.0 for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, or directly from the Accordance servers. For more information about Accordance Bible Software for Android, see our Android page.


Aug 12, 2019 Richard Mansfield

New Grammars from Mounce (Greek) & Futato (Hebrew)

Fall semester is upon us, and scores of students at Bible colleges and seminaries will begin (what will hopefully be) lifelong studies in biblical languages. This week, we are releasing an often-requested introductory Hebrew grammar for Accordance as well as a revision to a standard work for learning biblical Greek.

Accordance makes the perfect platform for learning biblical languages because of quick access to Hebrew and Greek texts as well as lexicons and grammar works. Instead of spreading out a half dozen physical books on a crowded desk, an Accordance user can organize specialized workspaces to accommodate each class. Every grammar comes with practice exercises. These can be worked in Accordance User Notes for later study or exported to turn in as homework assignments. For more ideas for using Accordance in biblical or theological studies, see our blog series, “Seven Strategies for Students Who Use Accordance.”

Click/tap on any of the images below for a larger view.

Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek (4th ed.) Grammar & Workbook

Mounce BBG 5 Book and Workbook By the second edition of William D. Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek (BBG), his introductory grammar had already become the standard introduction to Koine Greek of this generation. Most grammars prior to BBG began with students learning Greek verbs and memorizing paradigms. The method used in Mounce’s grammar turned everything on its head by using a more natural approach, such as introducing nouns first. Now in its fourth edition, BBG is used in more English-speaking first-year classes in Koine Greek than any other grammar of its kind.

There are at least two kinds of Accordance users who will want to add BBG in the 4th edition to their personal Accordance Library. The first category is the student taking elementary Greek for the first time. These students probably don’t have any choice regarding selection of BBG over other grammars. Perhaps the Accordance edition of BBG is required for class, or perhaps the student wants to supplement a print copy with a digital version where more reliable notes and answers to exercises can be stored than with print copies.

Mounce BBG 4 Grammar and Workbook

The second category of Accordance users who will want to add the 4th edition of BBG are those who have benefitted from previous editions. The primary question these users will ask is How is the 4th edition different? There is a full list of differences available at Bill Mounce’s website. Some of these differences relate to issues specific to the print copy, so I’ve taken the liberty of condensing the list, only giving attention to differences users will see between the 3rd and 4th Accordance editions of BBG:

  • Mounce BBG 4 Android The layout is cleaner, which makes the content less intimidating, and the Professor has been moved to the website.
  • Vocabulary is the same (except ἅγιος is moved forward to chapter 9). However, pay close attention to the semicolons in the vocabulary listings. They identify the different glosses for a word.
  • A few exercise sentences have been replaced, and the order of the parsing exercises have been re-ordered in later chapters so that they go from easier to harder. Eventually, there will be a listing of those changes.
  • Scholarship's new understanding of the middle voice has been included, and teachers are invited to decide which approach to use. The same goes for the debate over σα and θη forms. QC codes will point you to YouTube presentations on some of these issues.
  • Aspectual language is now used throughout. So the book talks about the imperfective aspect, imperfect tense, perfective aspect, aorist tense, combinative aspect, and the perfect tense. I always include the words "aspect" and "tense" to avoid confusion.
  • Roots have been emphasized from chapter 4 on, are listed prominently in the vocabulary sessions, so when the student comes to chapter 20 it is natural and easy to think in terms of roots and stems.

And, of course, we can’t help pointing out that Dr. Mounce is an Accordance user himself. In the preface of BBG, he writes, “Much of the work, especially in the exercises, could not have been done without the aid of the software program Accordance. Thanks Roy and Helen.”

For a limited time, Accordance users may purchase both the grammar and workbook for Basics of Biblical Greek at introductory discounted pricing.

Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar
Regular Price $59.90

Buy Now

Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook
Regular Price $24.90

Buy Now

Futato's Beginning Biblical Hebrew

Futato BBH cover Mark D. Futato has been a professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando for 20 years. His introductory grammar, Beginning Biblical Hebrew (BBH) has often been requested by our users for Accordance, as it has become a favorite textbook in elementary Hebrew courses over the past two decades.

As stated in the introduction, BBH has been designed to provide “students with a thorough introduction to Biblical Hebrew in an easy-to-learn format.” Content does not assume any familiarity with Hebrew or even English grammatical terminology. Students will learn around 400 Hebrew words giving them a foundation for reading the Hebrew Bible.

40 chapters comprise BBH with each chapter broken into sections for grammar, vocabulary, and practice. Practice sections cover both new material as well as reviewing previous content. The back of the grammar contains a Hebrew-to-English vocabulary list, an answer key, and morphology charts for the verb.

Futato BBHH - iPad

If you have the Theological Journal Library in Accordance, you can read Andrew J. Schmutzer’s review of Beginning Biblical Hebrew in the December 2004 issue of The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. For a limited time Accordance users can purchase Futato’s Hebrew grammar at introductory discounted pricing.

Beginning Biblical Hebrew
Regular Price $49.90
Sale Price $49.90

Buy Now