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Jan 7, 2020 Accordance Bible Software

An Essential Tool for Hebrew Studies: Mor Shemesh's Accordance 25 Story

Accordance 25 image no background Note: Accordance 1.0 was released to the public in April, 1994. Therefore we still have a few weeks to celebrate our 25th anniversary with stories like the one below. If you'd like to tell us your story, please see the instructions at the end of this post.

I first became familiar with Accordance about 7 years ago, during my studies for a BA degree in Hebrew Language at Ben-Gurion University. At a course called "Late Biblical Hebrew" the professor introduced us to Accordance, and made some quick searches in the Hebrew Bible in order to demonstrate some differences between Classical Biblical Hebrew and Late Biblical Hebrew. This was during my third year of BA studies, and up until then I used paper concordances constantly. As you can imagine, I was absolutely amazed by all the wonders that Accordance can do and the major amount of time it can save. When the professor mentioned that it also comes with easily accessed dictionaries like BDB and HALOT, I decided that this is a software I must purchase.

This was in early 2013, before the Windows version was released. I waited eagerly for this to happen; and when the Windows version finally came out in September that year, I immediately purchased Accordance and all the necessary modules I needed. Shortly after I started my MA studies and my dissertation, and started using Accordance constantly for that. For countless times during the work on my dissertation, I thought in amazement how much time I saved by using Accordance, and how behind I'd surely be without it.

Now I'm a PhD student, and the work on my doctoral thesis was no different in that matter: the wonders that the concordance searches can do and the extremely easy access to important tools such as dictionaries and grammar books never cease to amaze me. I am certain that my thesis would have been very different if it wasn't for Accordance, and I plan to keep using it in all my future studies as well.

Mor Shemesh

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Oct 21, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

A Retro Review: John G. Fidel's Accordance 25 Story

I used to be a reviewer for Bible Software. In December 2006, I wrote my first Accordance review published on the  Bible Software Review website (Rubén Gómez’s former site). I was a Windows PC user and had no experience at all with Macs. As a result, my first experience with Accordance was using the Mac emulator on a PC. It emulated Mac OS System 7, it believe. I had read and heard so many great things about Accordance I had to try if for myself.

Here is a screenshot on my old Dell Inspiron that I fired up the other day:

Emulator on Dell

And here are my concluding remarks from my December 26, 2006 review

Here are a few of the areas that Accordance excels at:

  1. Searching. All the windows in Accordance are search based in design. They are consistent from window to window, text-to-text and tool-to-tool, which makes things easy to use. While it took some effort to learn how to use the software, experiencing the enjoyment that so often is expressed by most users of this program has been the reward. The Accordance Blog here has a good article on the learning curve. I would agree that the learning curve is not steep, there is just a lot to learn.

  2. Search Construction Boxes. For Windows users this would be comparable to a Graphical Search or Query. The search construction boxes are very simple yet powerful. There are some good examples of this feature on the Accordance Blog.

  3. Atlas and Timelines. These modules are very interactive, fun to use, yet appropriate for Biblical studies. Windows users will miss out on some of the more advanced features of the maps. Even so, the module is very well done.

  4. Design and efficiency. Every review I read discussed the superior design and efficiency in how Accordance integrates the Biblical texts with the tools. I found the program elegant and a joy to use.

  5. Customer service and product development. A review of the forums and user websites will show that the company has a passionate and loyal customer base. This is well deserved. I also noted that many of the suggestions being made by users on the forums were implemented in the latest upgrade. Clearly the company has customer satisfaction in mind.

I switched to Mac in 2008 and received an e mail from Helen welcoming me “from the dark side.” My concluding remarks still remain true: Accordance remains a very elegant product to use.

John G. Fidel is a CPA with Fidel, Perner & Michnovicz, LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has also served as a lay leader in various capacities over the years at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque.

Although Accordance was only available on Macintosh computers when John wrote his review in 2006, it is now available not only for macOS but also Windows, Android, and iOS/iPadOS.

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Oct 7, 2019 Jeremy Brannon

Marrying into the Accordance Family: Jeremy Brannon's Accordance 25 Story

Jeremy & Allie Brannon

My journey towards discovering Accordance begins with a G3 iMac given to me by my parents in college for use in completing my degree at Florida State. Being a Mac person came in very handy when I met a young lady named Allie at our campus ministry who was also a Mac user and from time to time needed some minor tech support. I was only too happy to provide it, and soon began dating her.

In due course, I soon met Allie's mother, who worked for Accordance. She graciously gifted me a copy of Accordance 6 (I believe), and I had the opportunity to be introduced to the software by Roy Brown. As someone who was really enjoying Bible studies in campus ministry, I found even the simplest features useful and learned more of what Accordance could do.

I married Allie in 2004 and we moved to Altamonte Springs, Florida, where I taught high school English for three years. Eventually, I quit my job and learned of a job opening for Accordance Module Development. Once I learned what that meant, I was glad to pursue the opportunity to work for Accordance, where I now oversee all new module development for the company.

Accordance continues to surprise me with what it can do and as I pursue my own study of the Bible; it is a constant companion. That old G3 iMac served me very well: it helped me find a wonderful wife, a great job, and an excellent tool for Bible study!

Jeremy Brannon is Director of Content Development for Accordance Bible Software.

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Sep 27, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Can't imagine being a Christian without Accordance: Jeremy Archer's Accordance 25 Story

Jeremy Archer I first began using electronic Bible study software sometime around 2000. If I recall correctly the first software I used was e-Sword. As a new Christian, I loved the ability to quickly search the Bible and cross-reference other material. I had a lot of questions so the resources and tools that electronic Bible software offered me were fantastic. It was very helpful for being able to work through content, discover the answers to my many questions, and grow in my faith. However, it was clear that as I continued my theological studies something more powerful was needed, especially something that supported original languages and more academic works.

These needs brought me to BibleWorks. For a few years I was an avid BibleWorks user. I loved the power of the tool, the flexibility, the original language support, and the availability of some resources I lacked in e-Sword. However, there were things I still felt like I was missing. Sometime around 2003 a friend of mine introduced me to Accordance. I recall sitting down with him as he showed me the resources, tools, and features that were available in Accordance and especially the graphical search functionality. I was blown away. It was obvious that this was the software that would meet the majority of my needs in an easy-to-use interface.

At the time I was attending Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. The church book store sold Accordance so I decided to give it a shot and purchased (I think) the 6.1 Introductory Level. I immediately loved it and my library grew quickly and I purchased resource after resource. At the time, I remember being really helped by the Timeline tool and the original language support.

Jeremy Archer - forums The other thing that really caused me to stick with Accordance was the user community. I soon engaged in the user forums (member since 2005) and was an active member there. I loved the support and help the community offered. It wasn't long before I considered the people there virtual friends. Through the user forums I learned a lot and was soon helping other people use Accordance effectively, including many at my church. It wasn’t long before I also taught a few Accordance classes in Minneapolis and at Bethlehem.

When I look back on nearly 20 years of being a Christian I can barely imagine what it would look like without Accordance. The tools and resources that OakTree has offered me over that time has been a real blessing from God. Congratulations, OakTree on 25 years. I’m excited to see what the next 25 years will bring!

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Sep 13, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

From Daily Readings to Original Language Discovery: Jesse Dornfeld's Accordance 25 Story

In our ongoing series of blog posts from our users, here's a testimony from Jesse Dornfeld, a brand new Accordance user.

Jesse Dornfeld I wanted to share a story about how I'm using the Bible in new and exciting ways.

Around the beginning of the New Year, I saw there was a pretty big push from a number of church leaders on Twitter to read the Bible every day.

Reading my Bible regularly has shown a lot of fruit in my life, such as joy, peace and overall, just a better appreciation of life. Over the years I've spent a lot of time looking into personality theories and the like that gave me a kind of satisfaction before I started to take my faith more seriously by reading the Word regularly. Naturally, my head goes straight to what the Bible says about personality.

I had heard there were other applications for doing Bible research, but the options I was looking into either was too expensive or didn't really have what I want. I told my pastor I was looking into a Bible application program, and he said he had Accordance, so I decided to check it out. I didn't want to purchase something without knowing what I was getting, so I decided to check out the Lite version of the application.

I discovered that even the Lite version of Accordance is loaded with great features! After spending some time with the program, I am learning more and more about it. By far, the biggest advantage to this program is that it is so easy to use and it is fast as lightning in terms of looking things up. Accordance Lite comes with ESV (with Strong's tagging) for free, which made me realize how much unnecessary time I had previously been spending looking things up from the back of my physical Bible and such.

Since getting the full version of Accordance with the Greek and Hebrew Learner Collection, along with a few more titles I have picked up, I am finding things in the Word that I didn't even know existed! Reading Proverbs is like a completely new experience now that I have the full version and access to the original language that the book was written in. It is truly a joy to have this application.

I look forward to adding more to my Accordance application. There is a lot of knowledge available with Accordance Bible Software. There are things to discover that can keep you learning more and more about God's word for the rest of your life. I am surely an Accordance user for life!

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Aug 22, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Raw Speed & Power: Ed Stevens' Accordance 25 Story

Ed Stevens Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!

I think I first heard about the Gramcord and Accordance programs through an Apple Computer magazines (Macworld or MacUser). I had the previously-released MacBible program also. But Accordance captured my interest because of its claim to search grammatically-tagged Greek and Hebrew texts for precise inflected forms. That was far more powerful than a mere Strong’s Number root word search. When I saw the ad in the computer magazine, I ordered it.

Although I do not still have the old original 3.5 microfloppy disks to prove it (long since tossed), I do have an invoice from The Gramcord Institute, dated  April 2, 1996, showing when I purchased Accordance 1.1 along with the  Gramcord Greek New Testament, Hebrew Bible, and Septuagint. Evidently, I did not become an Accordance user until version 1.1, but from that time onward until now I have faithfully upgraded every year and added lots of modules.

My collection of texts and tools really began to expand after I attended my first Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Peabody, Massachusetts twenty years ago (1999). My ministry exhibit booth was right next to the Accordance and Gramcord booths. I probably spent as much time at Accordance booth, talking and reading brochures about the software, as I did working at my booth. That is when I first met Roy and Helen Brown, and our friendship has deepened every year when I see them at ETS. There are not very many Christian brethren whom I appreciate and admire more than them.

One of the things I like most about Accordance, in addition to its wonderful selection of grammatically tagged texts, is its incredible speed for searching my vast collection of texts and tools. There is no other Bible search program for the Mac (or Windows) that even comes close to the raw speed and power  of the Accordance search engine. I regularly use the Research feature to globally search all of my texts and tools. I rarely have time to get a sip of coffee before the search is finished. Breathtaking speed! I am forever hooked on that.

Kudos to all of you wonderful folks there at Accordance. Hug Roy and Helen for me! Thanks for producing and supporting such a wonderful tool for my teaching and publishing work. I cannot imagine ministry without it!

Edward E. Stevens is the President of the International Preterist Association.

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Aug 1, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Significant for Pastoral Work: Colin Cushman's Accordance 25 Story

Colin Cushman I started using Accordance one and a half years ago. I was originally very hesitant to use Bible software. It seemed too expensive and I thought I could do what I needed to for free. However, upon starting to use Accordance, I have found myself using it daily.

I do not use Accordance for all of the uses that it is billed for. For example, I do not find much use in my own work of doing in-depth original language work; nor do I use complex English search functions very often. These are just not the types of data that I find useful for my own work.

However, I find some of its other features incredibly useful. These help me to get more than I did before starting with it. I use Accordance as a central hub for my sermon prep and teaching prep. I use it for reading the Bible passage, taking detailed notes and highlighting as I do so (which are then usefully right there when I come back to the passage in the future). I have access to parallel texts with different translations and the original language texts, which are very useful for answering textual questions. The instant details panel allows me to instantly understand the original language words, and the crossover highlighting makes it clear which words correspond to one another. And then  much more in-depth information from lexicons is just a click away to look deeper into an original language word. Or it’s very easy to just triple click and look up an English word in my favorite Bible dictionary. And then Stacks helps me to capture the interesting tidbits so that I can come back later to look at them all together.

One of the most useful features for my own workflow has been the Info Pane. I am instantly able to see the pericope boundary, themes, and cross references. But most important to me is the ability to search through my resources by passage reference. It is amazing just to be able to search for the relevant passage, and Accordance pulls out every reference to that passage in any of my resources. This is something that I am unable to do with paper books and which makes it so much easier to see what resources are available for my research on a specific passage.

While I am not particularly interested in some of the modules that are bundled in the Collections, I have found a core set of modules that are the right ones for what I need, that provide me the resources to help me best answer my exegetical questions in a more fulsome manner. By and large, I have been successful with making the program what I need it to be.

As a pastor, Accordance has become thoroughly integrated into my workflow.   Sure, I would definitely be able to do my job, and do it well, without Accordance. But Accordance creates significant efficiencies and makes things possible that would be tedious if not impossible with printed resources. In my context, I have greatly appreciated Accordance and am thoroughly smitten with it. If I were to travel back a year ago, I would most definitely choose to stick with Accordance!

Colin Cushman is Pastor of Central United Methodist Church in Sedro-Wooley, Washington

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