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Feb 6, 2012 David Lang

Video Demonstrating How to Search for Images

Last month, I linked to a post by Rick Mansfield entitled Balaam in the Flesh. In that post, Rick showed how he used Accordance to find an image that would illustrate the story of Balaam for a Bible study he teaches.

Rick recently followed up that post with a video demonstrating how he uses Accordance, other Bible software, and (as a last resort) Google to find those kinds of visual aids and incorporate them into his Keynote presentations. Be sure to check it out.


Jan 3, 2012 David Lang

Illustrate Your Teaching

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the value of some of our graphics resources for finding unique images to illustrate the stories of the Bible. Today, Rick Mansfield of This Lamp blogged about his own use of these resources to find an image of "Balaam in the flesh".



It's a great discussion of how to find the "just right" image to illustrate your teaching. Be sure to check it out.