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Jun 18, 2018 Timothy Jenney

The Accordance Advantage (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #166)



Bible Software users have a long history of switching to Accordance. They have given us multiple reasons for it over the years: they’ve switched to a platform their old software doesn’t support, they want more resources, or additional software features, or better customer support, or a smartphone app that doesn’t require internet access to work. Some have gotten weary of repurchasing the same resources every time they upgrade; others are forced to switch because their old software has been discontinued. Happily, once people use Accordance, they generally stay with us. Here’s a quick survey of what we like to call “The Accordance Advantage.”

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Jun 15, 2018 Richard Mansfield

Update! Accordance 12.2.7 Arrives with BibleWorks-Friendly Features


Accordance 12.2.7 (Windows/Mac) delivers all-new features with BibleWorks users in mind, but we believe all Accordance users will appreciate them, too! Accordance Bible Software will now import BibleWorks notes, and the new Live Click feature will completely change the way you study the Bible!

Every feature shown in this fast-paced video is brand new to Accordance Bible Software. You may need to pause the video at times to take in the examples shown. In the coming weeks, we will go into much greater detail on each new feature in our Lighting the Lamp Podcast videos.

BibleWorks users, be certain to check out our BibleWorks Crossover Packages. Accordance Bible Software goes wherever you do because it runs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. You can customize Accordance to your interests and specialities with an ever-growing library of add-on titles.

And we’re not done. We have MORE BibleWorks-friendly features still to come in future Accordance 12 updates.


Jun 4, 2018 Accordance Bible Software

BibleWorks Crossover Packages

Accordance Bible Software runs natively on Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iOS.BW Crossover

We were saddened to hear late last week that BibleWorks will cease commercial operations on June 15. BibleWorks and Accordance were both launched in the early 1990s, and our companies have worked together on a number of projects over the years. We highly respect the ethical standards of BibleWorks, and consider the staff of BibleWorks our friends. Although there are many differences between BibleWorks and Accordance, both platforms have maintained a “Bible-focused” philosophy and approach in their respective software.

We were glad to hear that, for the sake of BibleWorks users, there will be an ongoing effort to ensure that the software remains viable in the future, even though it will no longer be available for purchase. Obviously, some BibleWorks users will simply want to continue using their software indefinitely. We certainly understand that.

However, many BibleWorks customers began contacting us last week as they weighed their options regarding Bible software for their personal and professional use. In response we have decided to put together a few special “Crossover” Packages specifically for BibleWorks users who wish to try out Accordance.

We want to make it clear up front that the BibleWorks Crossover Packages for Accordance are approximate representations in Accordance of many titles in the BibleWorks toolset. BibleWorks contains some titles not yet available in Accordance, just as there are many Accordance titles not available in BibleWorks. Nevertheless, these Crossover Packages are designed to offer as many of the equivalent tools as possible. Our goal is to keep BibleWorks users from missing a step in their study and work as they transition to Accordance.

We realize that BibleWorks users have already invested significant funds into their software, so we have worked diligently to craft several tiered packages at extreme discounts—enough to cover all applicable publisher royalties and the cost of processing orders. We have different tiers because we realize that many BibleWorks users never used all the resources available to them and might prefer to start with a basic package.

bw crossover basic_120

Accordance 12 BibleWorks Crossover Basic Package for BW versions 8-10: $149

This package is offered to owners of BibleWorks 8-10 who are purchasing Accordance for the first time. The Basic package allows you to search and compare the grammatically tagged Biblical texts along with many English translations and tools including our interactive Atlas and Timeline.

Basic Package for BW Verions 8-10
List Value $2305
Crossover Price $149

Buy Now

Please complete and email the Crossgrade form before placing your order.

bw crossover advanced 8 9_120

Accordance 12 BibleWorks Crossover Advanced add-on for BW versions 8-9: $149

Add-on to Crossover Basic Package.

This add-on to the Crossover Basic Package brings the user to the level of original language studies enjoyed by BibleWorks 8-9 users. It adds the tagged NA28 Greek New Testament, Rahlfs' LXX, Peshitta, Targums, and Vulgate as well as texts and translations of Apostolic Fathers (Baker edition), Josephus, Philo, and Pseudepigrapha. It also adds the NIV 2011, NKJV with Strong's, NLT-SE, and the Septuagint lexicon.

Advanced Add-on for BW Versions 8-9
List Value $1382
Crossover Price $149

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bw crossover advanced 10_120

Accordance 12 BibleWorks Crossover Advanced add-on for BW version 10: $189

Add-on to Crossover Basic Package.

In addition to the modules in the Advanced add-on for versions 8-9, the version 10 package adds the Greek and Hebrew audio files and other newly added texts.

Advanced Add-on for BW Version 10
List Value $1716
Crossover Price $189

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We will miss the camaraderie of BibleWorks representatives at conferences throughout the year, and we certainly wish all of them well as they move on to new ministry opportunities and areas of service. Moreover, we would be honored if any BibleWorks users might consider Accordance for their future Bible software needs, and we hope our new BibleWorks Crossover Packages for Accordance can help make the transition as smooth as possible.