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Mar 6, 2017 Richard Mansfield

How to Get a Custom Upgrade

Want to find out how much it would cost you to upgrade to one of the new Accordance 12 Collections? It’s easier than you think! Check out the video to find out how!


Oct 8, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Custom Upgrades

With the release of Accordance 11 Collections, we’ve introduced a new Custom Upgrade procedure that makes certain you don’t accidently pay for titles that are already in your Accordance Library when you upgrade.

This post will walk you step-by-step through the Custom Upgrade process. Any of the images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

After going to the Accordance website, first make certain that you are logged in by clicking on the My Account link at the top right corner of the webpage.

Custom Upgrade illustration 1

If you would like to see what you already own, that’s easy enough to do. Once you are signed in, click the link to the store at the top left of the page. Then click your user name at the top right one more time, which will bring you to your account page. On the left side of the resulting screen, click on My Products.

Custom Upgrade illustration 2

So, if you look in the particular example below, this Accordance user has been building an Accordance Library since around version 8. We see codes for Accordance 8.4, Scholar's 8 Standard Level, the Graphics Bundle and a recent purchase of the Tyndale Commentary series.

Custom Upgrade illustration 3-rev

So what if this Accordance user wanted to upgrade to the Accordance 11 Essential Collection? By itself, the Essential Collection costs $499, but that would be too much to pay if the user already owns some of the titles included in the Essential Collection. For instance, the Essential Collection contains the Tyndale Commentary series as well as the Accordance Bible Atlas and other titles in the Graphics Bundle.

To see how much an upgrade would cost, we’ve now added a Custom Upgrade button to our Collections pages.

Custom Upgrade illustration 4-rev


Clicking on the Custom Upgrades button shows this user that instead of paying $499, the new custom price will be $353.60.

Custom Upgrade illustration 5-rev

At this point, you may be asking, “How can I know exactly what titles will be added to my Accordance Library if I upgrade my current collection?”

There’s an easy answer to that. Note that there is also a new Click Here link in the text in the screenshot above. Clicking the link will launch a pop-up window that shows a list of titles to be added to this user's Accordance Library when upgrading to the Essentials Collection.

Custom Upgrade illustration 7-rev

You can’t fully tell from the screenshot above, but the list in this example is rather long, and the user would need to scroll much further down to see all the new titles to be added to the upgraded personal Accordance Library. However, note that the Accordance Bible Atlas is not listed above. That's because the Custom Upgrade is taking into account the previously purchased Graphics Bundle. If you were to scroll even further down, you would see that the Tyndale Commentary series is not listed either because this, too, has been a previous purchase.

After adding the Essential Collection to the cart and proceeding to checkout, this user will find potential opportunties for further discounts.

Custom Upgrade illustration 8

Notice that in the section Credit for Recent Purchases, there's a notice that the order may be eligible for an additional discount based upon purchases made in the last 90 days. This will require manual processing, but a slight delay will certainly be worth saving extra money.

This particular user also receives a 10% Full-time Student Discount. If the user had a coupon code, it could be entered on the above screen. At this point, the cost of the upgrade to the Essential Library is down to $318.24, and it may be lower after manual processing. That's much better than the original cost of $499 for the Essential Collection!

The new Custom Upgrade system is designed not only so that you don’t pay too much for upgrades, but also so that you have a better idea of the cost going in. We may manually review your order, so please be patient as this review process is strictly for your benefit so that you are not overcharged.

Since the Custom Upgrade system is new, we are initially only offering it for the Accordance 11 Collections; however, we will soon expand this service to many of our other bundled titles as well.

If you have any questions about the Custom Upgrade process, feel free to ask them in the Comments Section of this post. If you have placed an order and need to check on its status, feel free to call our order number at the top of the screen.


Aug 21, 2013 Darin Allen

Accordance 10 Roundup: Original Languages Collection

Collection Tiers

Original Languages Collection Overview

original languages

The Original Languages Collection is designed for scholars, students, and those who want to study the Bible in Greek and Hebrew. It is important to note that this Collection is almost entirely focused on original language tools, so it isn’t for everyone. If you also want a variety of Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, preaching helps, and theological works, you will want to consider one of our larger Collections that combines all of these tools together. However, by keeping this Collection focused on original language tools, we are able to keep the price more affordable for students and those on a budget. Even with a full lineup of Greek and Hebrew texts, grammars, and lexicons, the Original Languages Collection will run you just $299.


Original Languages Collection Video Overview

Module Highlights

Here are some of the included modules I’ve found useful in my own Bible study, and some I know others have found useful as well.

Hebrew Bible with Morphological Tagging

HMT-W4 cover-sm The Hebrew Bible included in this Collection is fully tagged, allowing you to search for specific morphological constructions, such as finding all Qal 3rd person masculine singular verbs. The text itself is comparable to the BHS, as both are based on the Leningrad Codex, but it does not include the text-critical apparatus found in the BHS. If you would like to have the apparatus for text-criticism studies, you may want to consider our Advanced Collection, which introduces full apparatus tools for both the BHS Hebrew Bible and NA28 Greek New Testament.

Individual Price: $69.99

Greek New Testament with Morphological Tagging

NA28_120 The Greek New Testament included in this Collection is fully tagged, just like the included Hebrew Bible. The text itself is identical to the NA28, but it does not include the  NA28 text-critical apparatus. If you are interested in the apparatus, it is included in both the Advanced and Ultimate Collections, or you can purchase it as an add-on. The tagging in this text allows you to see cross-highlighting with the words in the included NRSVS and ESVS Bibles. This is a great way to make connections between the words in your English Bible and the Greek or Hebrew words they are translated from.

Individual Price: $59.99

Rahlfs’ Greek Septuagint (LXX) with Morphological Tagging

LXXCover-sm When we were putting together the new Accordance 10 Collections, we made it a priority to include solid tools for studying the Septuagint, even in this foundational Collection. Rahlfs' Greek Septuagint is a good foundational text for LXX studies, and this module is morphologically tagged for advanced searching. For example, you can use morphological tags to search for all the cases where θεος is used in the plural form. While this text does not support cross-highlighting (due to the lack of key numbers for the LXX), it does support the new MT-LXX Interlinear Database, which I recommend as an add-on.

Individual Price: $89.99

New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS)

nets-cover While I love having the Rahlfs’ LXX in the Original Languages Collection, my LXX comprehension is still quite limited. As a result, I’ve found the New English Translation of the Septuagint to be a very useful tool for identifying substantial differences between the LXX and Masoretic text. I will often use this resource in a workspace that places the ESVS, NETS, LXX1 (Rahlf’s), and HMT-W4 (Hebrew Bible) side-by-side. This allows me to quickly identify fundamental differences between the ESVS and NETS, and then go in for a closer look in the original languages.

Individual Price: $29.99

Brown-Driver-Briggs (BDB) Abridged Hebrew Lexicon

bdb Even though it was originally published in 1906, The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon (BDB) is still widely used today for Hebrew studies. In fact, BDB was the lexicon I used when learning Hebrew in seminary several years back. Granted, this probably had more to do with to the prohibitive cost of superior tools like HALOT than it did with anything else, but I still found BDB to be an excellent lexicon for my Hebrew studies. The Original Languages Collection includes the Abridged BDB, but you can find the Complete edition (which includes all the hyperlinked verse references) in the Advanced and Ultimate Collections.

Individual Price: $29.99

Louw & Nida Greek Lexicon based on Semantic Domains

louw & nida This Greek-English lexicon arranges New Testament Greek words into 93 semantic domains, such as Plants, Animals, Artifacts, Agriculture, Time, Attitudes and Emotions, etc. This structure enables readers to identify words that are different lexically, but similar semantically. The advantage of this approach is that it helps readers make connections between words that are similar in meaning. While this lexicon doesn’t offer many Scripture examples for each word (typically only one or two), it does a good job of defining each word. I also find the format more readable than some of the exhaustive lexicons like BDAG.

Individual Price: $39.99

Spicq Theological Lexicon of the New Testament

spicq While Ceslas Spicq’s Theological Lexicon of the New Testament is missing some key Greek words, it offers insightful articles on the words it does cover. These articles offer considerable depth and include fantastic bibliographical notes for further study. In many ways, the format reminds me somewhat of the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, although Spicq’s articles aren’t nearly as lengthy. Spicq’s readability and depth make it a great lexicon to consult first when possible, but you will also need to use Thayer’s or Louw & Nida as a backup when Spicq is missing the word you are studying.

Individual Price: $59.99

Jenni-Westermann Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament

jenni-westerman Like Spicq, the Jenni-Westermann lexicon isn't comprehensive, but it offers outstanding articles on the Hebrew words that it does cover. This lexicon goes beyond what many other Hebrew lexicons discuss, offering form-critical and tradition-critical insights in addition to etymological and grammatical discussions. The result is a series of concise, well-structured articles that offer conclusions, discussion of controversies, and references to important literature. There are also a wealth of hyperlinked Scripture references and many bibliographical references to extrabiblical material.

Individual Price: $69.99

Other Notable Modules

Ready to Buy?

original languages

The Original Languages Collection gives you everything you need for first-year Hebrew, Greek, and LXX studies.
If you feel like this is the right Collection for you, just click on the Buy Now button below to add this product to your cart. There is no custom upgrade path to the Original Languages Collection, so regardless of whether you are buying Accordance for the first time or upgrading to Accordance 10 from an earlier version, the Buy Now button below is the correct product in both cases.

Regular Price: $299.99

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Aug 20, 2013 Darin Allen

Accordance 10 Roundup: Bible Study Collection

Collection Tiers

Bible Study Collection Overview

bible study

The Bible Study Collection Includes everything in the Starter Collection, plus a whole lot more. The emphasis here is on English Bible study resources, i.e. not Greek and Hebrew tools. Specifically, the Bible Study Collection includes an assortment of Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, preaching helps, historical works, theological writings, and devotionals. It does not include many original language tools, so Greek and Hebrew buffs will want to consider one of our higher-level Collections. However, if you plan on studying the Bible primarily in English, the Bible Study Collection is an excellent choice for personal growth and theological studies. Altogether, this Collection includes about $4,000 worth of print materials, so the $199.99 purchase price is a great value.


Bible Study Collection Video Overview

Module Highlights

Here are some standout modules in the Bible Study Collection I have found useful in my own Bible study.

Bibles Tagged with Key Numbers

NIV11-cover-sm The Bible Study Collection offers 24 Bible translations, including many of the most popular Bible translations used today. The NIV, HCSB, NKJV, ESV, and KJV are especially notable, as they are all tagged with key numbers. This tagging allows you to search for Greek and Hebrew words right from your English Bible. For example, not only can you search for the English word “heavens” but you can also search for its key number (H8064) to find the Hebrew word shamayim that “heavens” is translated from. Key numbers also powerful features to your Bibles, such as cross-highlighting, Instant Details, and the Dynamic Interlinear. Check out the video below to see these features in action.

Individual Bible Prices: $9.99-$39.99 each

Tyndale Commentary Set (49 volumes)

Tyndale Commentary_120 Without a doubt, the Tyndale Commentary set is the crown jewel of the Bible Study Collection. This 49-volume set normally runs $219.99 on its own, making it an incredible value for those purchasing this Collection. This commentary offers scholarly insight for students and pastors, but the writing style is still highly accessible. It regularly discusses Greek and Hebrew words, but always transliterates them, so you don’t need to have any formal training with Greek or Hebrew to benefit from these sections. While some verses are grouped together, in most cases the Tyndale Commentary provides detailed verse-by-verse commentary, going into considerable depth for each individual verse.

Individual Price: $219.99

Bible Knowledge Commentary

bk commentary The Bible Knowledge Commentary may not go into quite as much depth as the Tyndale Commentary, but it is still an excellent resource in its own right. The authors write from a dispensationalist perspective, but they often address various interpretive viewpoints where they exist. The commentary focuses on helping readers understand the meaning of a passage, and sometimes discusses applications as well. Many Greek and Hebrew words are discussed, and while the Greek and Hebrew spelling is used (rather than transliterations), the authors do a good job of defining these words as they are mentioned.

Individual Price: $49.99

Life Application Study Bible Notes

life app study bibleThe Life Application Study Bible was the first study Bible I ever used. Before I ever discovered commentaries or Bible dictionaries, this study Bible offered me insight about challenging passages and helped me figure out some of the ways I could apply Scripture to my daily life. The writing style is highly accessible and appeals to a broad Christian audience. It has a devotional focus, so it won’t be the right tool in all cases, but I still find myself drawn to this resource for personal Bible study and spiritual growth.

Individual Price: $29.99

Experiencing God Day by Day

eg day by day The Experiencing God series has personal significance for me, as the Experiencing God workbook was the first structured Bible study I began after joining a small group in high school. The series puts a strong emphasis on knowing God personally, listening for His voice, and joining Him in His work. The Bible Study Collection includes both the main book and the Day by Day devotional, which offers a brief lesson and Scripture passage for each day of the year. The Day by Day devotional focuses on the same core themes from the main book, and I've really enjoyed using this for my personal devotions.

Individual Price: $29.99 (Included with Experiencing God)

Net Notes

netbible-coverIn my opinion, the Net Notes are perhaps one of the most underutilized Bible study tools out there. These notes are included with the NET Bible, but they are far more robust than what you will typically find in such Bible notes. In fact, they are more akin to a study Bible or textual commentary. There are four different types of notes: study notes, translators’ notes, text-critical notes, and map notes. The study notes are similar to what you might find in a study Bible; the translator’s notes offer discussion about some of the decisions made by the NET Bible translators; the text-critical notes offer insights about manuscripts and variant readings; and the map notes link to the included maps in the NET Bible. All in all, it’s a diverse and rich module, especially for those with a penchant for scholarly tools.

Individual Price: $19.99 (included with NET Bible)

Other Notable Modules:

Ready to Buy?

bible study

The Bible Study Collection offers a broad selection of English Bibles and devotional study tools.
If you feel like this is the right Collection for you, just click on the Buy Now button below to add this product to your cart. There is no custom upgrade path to the Bible Study Collection, so regardless of whether you are buying Accordance for the first time or upgrading to Accordance 10 from an earlier version, the Buy Now button below is the correct product in both cases.

Regular Price: $199.99

Buy Now 2

Feel free to post any questions you might have about the Bible Study Collection in the comments below. I'll be posting on the remaining Accordance 10 Collections in the coming days, so stay connected!


Aug 19, 2013 Darin Allen

Accordance 10 Roundup: Starter Collection

Collection Tiers

If you are thinking about purchasing a new Accordance 10 Collection, you might be wondering which Collection is right for you. It’s an understandable question, as each Accordance Collection includes dozens, if not hundreds, of modules. To help you in your decision process, I thought it might be helpful to write a series of blog posts that focus on each of our six Collections, highlighting some of the modules I’ve personally found useful in my own Bible study, and those I know others have found useful.

Starter Collection Overview

starter collection For today’s post, I will be covering the Starter Collection, the most affordable way to get up and running with Accordance 10. Despite its low price point, the Starter Collection gives you everything you need for basic Bible study in Accordance. Namely, it includes a modern Bible translation tagged with key numbers, a modern Bible dictionary, a modern Bible commentary that covers every book of the Bible, and intro-level Greek and Hebrew dictionaries for basic word studies. The Starter Collection even includes a complete Greek New Testament (textus receptus) tagged with Strong’s numbers, allowing you to see cross-highlighting between Greek and English words. These are just some of the highlights, as the Starter Collection also includes over a dozen other modules for your Bible study. Even with all this, the Starter Collection will run you just $49.99, an incredible value.

Starter Collection Video Overview

Module Highlights

Here are some standout modules in the Starter Collection that I have found useful in my own Bible study.

ESV with Strong’s Numbers

ESVsm The Starter Collection includes six English Bible translations, but the ESVS is the most modern of these translations. In terms of translation philosophy, the ESV falls into the "formal equivalence" category—meaning the translators err on the side of a literal, word-for-word translation from the original Greek and Hebrew where possible. This makes the ESVS a good companion for original language studies, because individual English words often match up with individual Greek and Hebrew words. The ESVS is also tagged with Strong’s numbers, allowing you to search for key numbers, hover over words to see Instant Details, or add a Dynamic Interlinear to the text.

Greek New Testament Textus Receptus with Strong’s Numbers (GNT-TRS)

a-text-sm The textus receptus served as the basis for most Reformation-era New Testament translations, including the King James Version. It's not the primary Greek text most scholars use today, but it's a good way to get your feet wet with some of the basic original language tools in Accordance. The GNT-TRS is not morphologically tagged, so you won't be able to run grammatical searches, such as finding all the first-person present active indicative verbs. However, it is tagged with Strong's numbers, which means that you can see cross-highlighting with your ESVS and look up Greek words in the Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament. Speaking of which...

Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament

a-tool-sm As you use the GNT-TRS, you may come across particular Greek words that you would like to learn more about. That’s  a good time to crack open the Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament. You can search this resource for Greek words, English definitions, or Strong’s numbers. This dictionary is also linked to the ESVS, allowing you to triple-click on a word in the ESVS’ New Testament to open the Mounce Greek Dictionary right to the entry on that word. This is pretty handy, and certainly an efficient way to learn the general meaning of a particular Greek word. While it’s no substitute for a full-featured Greek lexicon like BDAG, the Mounce Greek Dictionary typically provides a solid gloss definition, and often goes beyond this to list a range of possible meanings.

Kohlenberger/Mounce Concise Hebrew-Aramaic Dictionary

a-tool-sm The Starter Collection does not come with a full Hebrew text, but it does come with the Kohlenberger/Mounce Concise Hebrew-Aramaic Dictionary which will allow you to do Hebrew word studies right from your English Bible. All you need to do is triple-click on a word in the ESVS’ Old Testament to look up its key number in the KM Hebrew Dictionary. This allows you to learn about the underlying Hebrew words behind your English translation. Like the Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary, the K/M Hebrew Dictionary can’t compete with a full Hebrew lexicon, but it’s a good starting point for Hebrew word studies and learning about the triple-click feature.

Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible

eerdmans dictionary-sm Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible is a one-volume Bible dictionary with nearly 5,000 entries. Unlike Easton's, this is a modern Bible Dictionary that takes into account recent archaeological discoveries and biblical scholarship. While the articles aren't nearly as in-depth as something like the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary, that’s not always a bad thing. In my own study, I find that Eerdmans typically offers a sufficient overview of a given subject while remaining concise. Whenever I come across an unfamiliar person, place, or object in Scripture, Eerdmans usually gives me all the information I need in a single paragraph, and then I get right back to reading Scripture.

IVP New Bible Commentary

ivp-nb commentary The IVP New Bible Commentary is a one-volume commentary that covers every book of the Old and New Testament. It is based on modern biblical research, and similar to the Eerdmans Dictionary, I find that the New Bible Commentary often hits the informational sweet spot. It’s a great way to gain insight and context about a passage without burying you in extraneous information. That being said, there are also times when this commentary glosses over the particular verse I'm interested in, as it often covers a wide range of verses at a time. As a result, those who want at least one in-depth commentary that provides verse-by-verse discussion may want to consider one of our larger Collections.

Other notable modules in the Starter Collection:


Ready to Buy?

starter collection

The Starter Collection offers a capable set of introductory Bible study tools for an unbeatable price.
If you feel like this is the right Collection for you, just click on the Buy Now button below to add this product to your cart. There is no custom upgrade path to the Starter Collection, so regardless of whether you are buying Accordance for the first time or upgrading to Accordance 10 from an earlier version, the Buy Now button below is the correct product in both cases.

Regular Price: $49.99

Buy Now 2


Feel free to post any questions you might have about the Starter Collection in the comments below. I'll be posting on the remaining Accordance 10 Collections in the coming days, so stay connected. The best is yet to come!