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Mar 17, 2016 Richard Mansfield

Importing SermonCentral Content into Accordance

Note: A version of this post previously appeared on SermonCentral's website.

SermonCentral and Accordance Bible Software make a great sermon prep and preaching combination. Sermons and other content from SermonCentral can be imported into Accordance User Tools and User Notes for sermon prep, live preaching, or archived for later reference.

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Importing SermonCentral Content into an Accordance UserTool

In the example below, note the hierarchical table of contents that follows the outline of the sermon. All Scripture in a User Tool can be automatically hyperlinked.

SermonCentral and Accordance User Tool

Basic Steps:

  • Find a sermon at and click the link to view the sermon on a single page (PRO feature).
  • Select the text and copy it to your clipboard.
  • In Accordance 11 for Windows or Mac, go to File: User Files: New User Tool.
  • Give your User Tool a title.
  • Then open the editing mode with the keyboard command Ctrl-U (Win) or Cmd-U (Mac).
  • Paste your text into the editing window and touch up any formatting issues that need adjusting.
  • Click on the Auto Link button ( User Tool AutoLink ) to convert all Scripture references to to hyperlinks.
  • Select the title of the sermon and click on the Link button ( User Tool Link ) to create a hyperlink back to the SermonCentral webpage where the sermon originated.
  • Create a hierarchical table of contents by clicking left of any headings in the narrow gray margin on the left of the User Tool.
  • Use the Alt (Win) or Option (Mac) key when clicking to create submenus.

When your User Tool is formatted to your liking, click the Update button at the bottom right of the editing window, and your User Tool is ready to go. It is fully searchable and integrated into the rest of Accordance. This entire process should only take 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to make changes to the sermon User Tool later, simply go into edit mode again.

There is only one Scripture reference near the top in this screenshot, but all of them throughout the sermon are hyperlinked. The hyperlinked “” points to the original sermon on the website as can be seen in the Instant Details at the bottom of the screen.

Over on the left side, I entered the basic outline of the sermon in the User notes. User notes are great for reminders of more detailed content elsewhere in Accordance, or you may want to preach directly from the outline in the User Note. The hyperlinked title at the top of the note points to the User Tool that I created. So, if I had only the biblical text and User Notes open, I could click on that link, and it would open my User Tool that contained the sermon.

Take Your Sermon with You with Accordance Mobile

In this screenshot from my iPad Pro, the entire sermon has been dropped into the User Note allowing anyone to preach from an outline or the entire sermon. All links described in the previous example apply here in iOS, too.

SermonCentral Accordance Mobile

File Ideas for Later

Here, User Notes are used to list messages from SermonCentral based on a particular passage. As shown in the Instant Details, the titles are hyperlinked to the original sermon on the SermonCentral website.

SermonCentral User Notes

Other Ideas

  • Keep multiple sermons or sermon series in the same User Tool, adding to them as needed.
  • Export jpeg or png files of individual PowerPoint or Keynote slides from your sermon and incorporate them into your User Tool at the point in the sermon in which they would be displayed.
  • Utilize User Notes for quick outlines of a sermon, linking back back to the full sermon in your User Tool.

Have ideas of your own? Let us know about them in the comments section!


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Mar 14, 2016 Richard Mansfield

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Nov 9, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Come See Us at ETS/SBL to Win a 64 GB iPad Air 2!

iPad Giveaway The annual November Bible conferences are fast approaching, and as always, Accordance will be there! These days, thanks to modern technology, attendees at academic conferences no longer have to leave their research tools behind; instead, their libraries travel with them wherever they go!

This year, we're giving away a 64 GB iPad Air 2 so that if you're the winner, you will be able to carry your entire Accordance Library wherever you go in the palm of your hand! The current iPad Air 2 is the most powerful and up-to-date tablet from Apple in this size range. And 64 GB of storage is more than enough space to carry a theological library with you at all times that would rival personal libraries of generations past!

And if you win the iPad, we'll even let you pick the color!

During either conference, simply register for the drawing at our booths (ETS #29 & SBL #903) from November 17-24 or at the Accordance Training Seminar (November 20).

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Mar 14, 2013 Darin Allen

Win an iPad Mini or an Accordance Gift Card!

If you haven’t heard the news, Accordance is having an exciting giveaway right now. The Grand Prize winner will receive an iPad Mini along with the Accordance 10 Essential Collection. The idea is to provide the winner with a complete mobile Bible study solution. The iPad Mini is a great tablet in this regard, as it’s large enough to accommodate serious Bible study but small enough (and light enough) to hold in one hand during long reading sessions. Its size and weight make it a great tablet for reading and searching your Accordance modules anywhere you go.

Essential iPad In addition to the iPad Mini, we are giving away the Accordance 10 Essential Collection due to its fantastic assortment of English, Greek, and Hebrew Bible study tools. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Hebrew Bible and lexicons
  • Greek New Testament and lexicons
  • Greek Septuagint and lexicon
  • Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
  • Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
  • IVP New Bible Commentary
  • Tyndale Commentary set (49 volumes)
  • Life Application Study Bible
  • Bible Lands PhotoGuide
  • Over $6,000 in print value!

In addition to this Grand Prize, we are also giving away 19 Accordance gift cards ranging from $10 to $250 dollars. This means we get to choose 20 winners in total, which is decidedly more fun than just choosing one. It also means you have a better chance of winning something, which is always a good thing.

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Sep 14, 2011 Darin Allen

Commentary on the MacBook Air Giveaway


We are almost halfway through our MacBook Air Giveaway, and the excitement is building. If you haven’t entered yet, you can do so now on our giveaway page, and be sure to leave a comment in response to the video. We have already received over 1,000 comments, and it has been both encouraging and entertaining to read what people have to say about Accordance. I have compiled some of my favorites for your enjoyment, along with my own personal reflections in italics.

New Customer

“All my research points to Accordance as THE software to buy--so I just bought the Scholars Standard with the 2 bible unlocks for my 1st year exegesis class in seminary. The iOS app is great--so I'm confident the Mac application will be wonderful.”

I also picked up Accordance in seminary. Strong decision.

It’s no Jalopy

“Accordance rocks my socks. It's the cadillac of Bible software.”

Note to self: Steal marketing line “It’s the cadillac of Bible software.”

Supporting the Troops

“Accordance [is the] best thing I used in Iraq for study!”

So cool to hear this, and I really hope we can continue to serve this purpose!

Stroking my Ego

“Very nice video. It's as good as the Apple ads.”

Are you trying to get free software or something? Cuz you keep talking that kind of talky and it just might happen.

Doesn’t Get it

“Check out”

Really? ...Really?


“I've used Accordance for years. Happily. Not like my lawnmower which I've also used for years.”

Agreed. Lawnmowers are the worst.


“I like free stuff yo!”

We have similar likes.

A Fair Critique

“No lie, dude's a bit over enthusiastic in the video :)”

Couldn’t agree more, that guy’s way too excited about Bible software. He is a handsome rascal though :)

A Way with Words

“Accordance is baller.”

I’m putting this in the same category as the “Accordance is straight gangsta!” comment.


“Best Bible software in the universe.”

Can’t argue with that. It’s science.


“I would like to walk in more "ACCORDANCE" with the Word.”

I bow down to your wordsmithery, good sir.

Euphoric about the Prospect of Winning a MacBook Air

“weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I hear it's so light. like its full of air. =)”

I bet you are a person who spreads cheer and merriment everywhere you go!


“Love it. Even in Germany I cannot escape you guys.”

Nein, you cannot.

What we Love to Hear

“Wow, I'm impressed... looks like I've found my new Bible Software.”

You won’t be disappointed, my friend.

There are only a couple more weeks to go before we draw the winner, so be sure to enter now and add your own comments!


Sep 2, 2011 Darin Allen

Mug for me, MacBook Air for you

In case you haven’t heard, Accordance is giving away a MacBook Air this month. Apple’s latest ultra-thin device now features Thunderbolt connectivity and a new Intel processor that is up to 2.5x as fast as older models. In short, it’s crazy cool and you want one. Trust me.

Apple isn’t exactly new to cool though, as they have built a reputation as pioneers of innovative and exciting technology. Their vast repertoire of cool gadgets is what makes walking into an Apple store so exciting for me. Even when I don’t need to buy anything, I still find myself hypnotically drawn into an Apple store whenever I pass by one. It’s like Steve Jobs has hidden a tractor beam deep inside the heart of every Apple store. That’s probably what caused my detour yesterday.

I had a trip planned from LA to San Francisco. Everything was going fine until I realized I was about to pass by Apple headquarters. Well, actually it was a slightly out of the way, but the tractor beam hidden in Cupertino is apparently very strong, so before I knew it the car just started driving that way.

I wish I could tell you that as soon as I arrived they rolled out the red carpet and gave me a VIP tour of their laboratory filled with top secret iPad 5 prototypes, but apparently my name wasn’t on that short list (an erroneous mixup no doubt). Instead, I was directed to their Apple store on campus that is open to all visitors.

Apple Mug However, there is something significantly unique about the Apple store on Cupertino’s campus—you can’t buy Apple computers there. Instead, the store is filled with Apple merchandise. Having been in many other Apple stores, it was a ponderous experience.  It looked like an Apple store, it felt like an Apple store, but instead of iPads there were coffee mugs. The MacBooks had been replaced with t-shirts and the iMacs had been replaced with beanie hats, all prominently branded with the Apple logo. Shameless propaganda? You bet. Still awesome? Absolutely.

Even though I wasn’t able to get a new MacBook Air, that doesn’t mean you can’t! You might not realize this, but I have hidden a tiny tractor beam inside this link. It will lead you to an opportunity to win an ultra-cool MacBook Air. In the meantime, I will be enjoying my new coffee mug.