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Nov 14, 2011 Rick Bennett

Basics of Biblical Greek: Remastered

Rewind to Fall 2004: I just decided to register for my first Biblical Greek course in college, and while waiting in line to finalize my registration I ended up talking with a student who was actually taking it for the second time. Naturally, I started to get a little paranoid, wondering if this was a good choice. Not to mention, he also warned me that on the first day of class our prof would line us up outside the class and we’d have to light a match and recite the alphabet before it went out! As it turns out you can actually recite it a couple times in that amount of time without burning yourself. This is how my journey into Biblical Greek, along with a love-hate relationship with the grammar Basics of Biblical Greek written by William D. (Bill) Mounce, all started.

BBGG3-sm In 2008, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Mounce in person at the Annual Meeting of the ETS, and found out he was working on the third edition to his grammar and needed someone to assist him with lexical/statistical research using Accordance. He wanted to eliminate any memorization of forms that didn’t actually occur in the Greek New Testament. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity, and spent the next couple months working through all the statistical counts and verb principal parts listed in the grammar’s vocabulary and dictionary, assisted with other research related items, and even wrote a short Exegetical Insight in chapter 34. Later that year at the 2009 Annual Meetings of the ETS and SBL, the third edition of BBG launched and was an immediate hit. The grammar was re-designed with a new color scheme, The Professor was added for illustrations, the chapter on –μι verbs was split into two, as well as updates to various content throughout.

Before the third edition launched in print, we discussed developing it for Accordance. But, we didn’t want to settle at creating a static version; we wanted to develop it in a way that integrated it with other Accordance resources and would help students in their study of the language. So, after extensive consultation with Dr. Mounce and many hours of hard work, we’re excited to release the Accordance edition of Basics of Biblical Greek.

Along with all the new updates to the third edition, the Accordance version offers extensive interconnectivity with our library of resources, such as the new Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament and even includes short audio clips with Dr. Mounce pronouncing each vocabulary word.

So, after 7 years of working with this grammar in its different forms, you can bet that I’m really excited about this release. To get a more hands-on feel for the new features in our version, check out the following short screen cast.


Sep 21, 2011 Darin Allen

A Better Shopping Experience (Part II): Create your own Comparison Chart

Accordance Cart

A few weeks ago I wrote about our new and improved product landing page. In my blog post, I mentioned that this page was the first in a three-step process to improve the shopping experience on our website. I am pleased to announce that we have just completed step two, which is a new comparison chart for our primary collections.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A comparison chart? Pshhh, big whoop, I see comparison charts all the time! But not so fast, my snarky friend, this isn’t your typical dusty old comparison chart—this is a fully customizable comparison chart that allows you to select up to eight collections that will dynamically populate side-by-side. This essentially allows you to create your own personalized comparison chart that only displays the collections you are interested in. It’s very cool.

Comparison Chart

So how would you go about using this chart? Well, if you’re brand new to Accordance and want to see a broad spectrum of what we offer, you might choose eight diverse collections and compare their contents. If you are torn between two specific options, such as the Super Bundle and Original Language Bundle, you might want to compare these two exclusively and keep your chart free of unnecessary clutter.

The goal of this comparison chart is to make it easier for you to find the collection that best complements your Bible study goals. By giving you the power to create a comparison chart that is personalized to your interests, we hope to make your shopping experience both easier and more enjoyable.

Stay tuned for the final stage in our three-step process to create a better shopping experience. Step three is my favorite.


Aug 26, 2011 Darin Allen

A Better Shopping Experience

Accordance Cart

One of the questions we often get from new customers is “Which Accordance collection is right for me?” I remember asking this same question when I first bought Accordance. I knew I wanted original language tools because I was studying Greek and Hebrew in seminary at the time. I knew I wanted commentaries and Bible dictionaries to help me develop better sermons. Lastly, I knew I wanted the Atlas and other graphics tools because they looked insanely cool. Ultimately, I decided that the Super Bundle was the best fit for my needs. I was extremely happy with my purchase, but I must admit that it took a while for me to decide on this. With such a large catalog of products, it can be challenging for new users to determine which collection is right for them.

Many of you have been requesting a more intuitive shopping experience on our website, and we have been listening. We have just completed step one of a three step process designed to improve the online shopping experience for our users. The first step was to implement a new product landing page that does a better job of guiding people in the right direction when they first visit our website. You can see the finished page here.

The carousel at the top briefly summarizes our main collections. However, the most exciting feature is at the bottom of the page where we have added a new Top Ten chart. The left tab displays Featured Products that we will periodically update based on new releases and some of our staff favorites. The right tab displays our Top Selling Products which can be sorted by category. So, if you’re interested in buying a new commentary, you can display the top selling commentaries to find out what other Accordance users are picking up. The same is possible for Greek and Hebrew tools, Bibles, and all of our other product categories. We  think this will be a great referral system for those looking to pick up some new Bible study tools, and we really hope you enjoy this new feature.

You may already be able to guess what step two will be, since it is previewed on the landing page. Step two will be a new comparison chart that allows visitors to compare collections side by side. This chart will make it easy to compare the contents of various collections you are considering, helping you decide which one is right for you.

Step three is on the horizon as well, and we will let you know as soon as its ready. In the mean time, comment below to let us know what you think of the new product landing page.