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Oct 20, 2014 Richard Mansfield

Have You Discovered Accordance Services?

If you haven’t discovered Accordance Services, you’re going to love this little gem of a utility.

Note that this is a Mac-only utility; but don’t worry, Windows users. You will be able to access similar functionality in the upcoming Accordance 11 release.

Accordance Services run through OS X’s Services, which you may or may not even know you have. The first thing to do is download Accordance Services. If you don’t already have them, download them from

After you download them, you should find a folder in your Downloads folder with five Accordance Services (if you don’t have a folder, double-click on the file Accordance Services to create it). Once you’ve found the folder with the five Accordance Services, you will have to double-click on each one to install them. After installing, you will find them in the application menu of most OS X applications.

services graphic 1

Here’s a quick run-down of the five Accordance Services:

1. Acc - Insert Verses

This Accordance Service allows you to quickly insert a scripture reference from Accordance from within whatever application you’re using. So for instance, if I write Gen 1:1 in iWork Pages, I can then highlight it and choose Acc - Insert Verses from Services in the Pages application menu.

services graphic 2

The result will place Genesis 1:1 in my Pages document:

services graphic 3

Why is my verse in Hebrew? It’s in Hebrew because that was the top Bible that I have listed under Texts in my Accordance Library. Your results will probably be different.

So, what if I want a different translation? Well, that’s where the next Accordance Service comes into play.

2. Acc - Insert Verses from any Text

This service will allow me to choose which translation I want. When I highlight Gen 1:1 and choose this Service, I get this dialogue box:

services graphic 4

Note that I can also choose whether or not I want citation format—that is, having the reference and version name in parentheses after my verse. If I were to choose New Living Translation, Second Edition, and leave the box checked, I would end up with this result:

services graphic 5


3. Acc - Search for Words

This Service will allow me to highlight a text in any application outside Accordance and then search for that word or phrase in Accordance. For instance, if I were to highlight the word heavens in the verse above, Accordance would automatically search for this word in my default Bible creating a new search tab in Accordance.

Note that this Accordance Service will work in a variety of different applications. Maybe you’re reading an article on a website, and you come across a term or phrase you’d like to research. Simply employ this Service, and you can look it up in Accordance.

What if you want to search beyond your default Bible? You’ll want to use the next Accordance Service described below.

4. Acc - Search with Options

The Search with Options Accordance Service allows you to determine exactly where you want to search for the term or phrase in which you’re interested. Choose which text or module you want to search; and if it’s an Accordance Tool, you can even specify which field.

services graphic 6

Maybe you are reading about Dietrich Bonhoeffer online, and you come across a name or concept you’d like to know more about. Remembering that you have the complete Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works in Accordance, there’s no need to open this module, type in the phrase and search for it. You can simply search from the internet article you are reading.

5. Acc - View Verses

Finally, perhaps you are reading an article that includes a verse reference. You could go to Accordance to look up the reference, but you can also simply run the Acc - View Verses Service to launch a new workspace in Accordance with your selected text.

So, in the example below, running the View Verses Service will open John 15:5 in my default Bible text in Accordance.

services graphic 7

Bonus tip: Accessing Services from the Contextual Menu

You may have noticed in the last graphic above that I did not go to the application menu of the web browser to access the Services menu. Instead, after highlighting the verse reference to John 15:5, I right-clicked on my Apple Magic Mouse to pull up the contextual menu (which can also be access through a control-click or a two-finger click on Apple trackpads).

Most programs that employ Services will allow access from a contextual menu, but some applications—such as Microsoft Word for the Mac—require access only from the application menu.

Try it yourself!

If you haven’t already done so, play around with Accordance Services yourself and let us know what you think. There is a lot more information about Accordance Services, including customization options, in your Accordance Help files (accessible from the Help Menu in Accordance) at Digging Deeper > Automating Accordance > Work with Accordance Services.

See Accordance Services in Action

We recommend playing the video below at full screen and with the highest resolution your device allows.


Jul 2, 2014 David Lang

Accordance 10.4.3 is Automagical!

I'm pleased to announce the release of Accordance 10.4.3, a free update for all users of Accordance 10. Like most of our free updates, this new version includes lots of minor changes and bug fixes (especially for Windows), along with several cool new features. The coolest of these add new ways to automate your Accordance experience.

Create Automatic Links to Accordance: Accordance 10.4.3 adds support for Universal Resource Identifiers—links to an application similar to URLs on a website. You can create links in a web page or word processing document that, when clicked, will launch Accordance 10.4.3 and open a module or perform a search. Try these links (after you've downloaded the update) to see how it works:

Support for OS X Services: You can now interact with Accordance from within other applications via Mac OS X Services. You can download some basic services from the Accordance Exchange and then follow the instructions to install them. You can then select text in a Word Processing document, an Email, a Web Page, etc., and use that selection as a quick search in Accordance. If the text selection is a verse reference, there is a Service that will insert the full text of that reference into your document in place of the reference.



Other Services let you use the selected text as a search to be run and viewed in Accordance. You can access these Services through the right-click menu, and you can even assign hotkeys to them in the System Preferences.

Support for Automator Workflows: Accordance 10.4.3 includes two Automator Actions which can be used to build complex Automator Workflows. If you're an automation guru, you can create a Workflow that would perform a series of searches in Accordance and then copy the results to another application.

Auto Link Scripture References: A new Auto Link button in User Tool and User Note Edit windows lets you format every Scripture reference in the Edit window as a hyperlink. Now instead of formatting each Scripture link individually, you can format them all with a single click!

With all these new ways to automate your workflow, Accordance 10.4.3 is automagical. Download it today and experience the magic.