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Apr 3, 2017 Richard Mansfield

Updated! Accordance 12.0.5 for Windows & Mac


Accordance 12 Update Accordance 12 continues to improve with yet another free update. Accordance 12.0.5 for Windows & Mac adds continued improvements to Papers, Stacks, Research, User Tools, User Notes and more.

New Features

  • Added new accord URL action type “research,” that will open a Research tab with the specified parameters.


  • Significantly improved the typing and edit speed for long User Notes and Tools and removed the User Tool Block Size preference.
  • Get Verses references now use the native book name if chosen for the module.
  • Added support for Copy Search URL from the Research Entry box.
  • Research results for verses in a text will no longer return verses past the last verse in a chapter.
  • Added automatic web and internal tool link parsing to the Stack.
  • The Info Pane Word List now takes up less space.
  • Added Set Paper Display to its action menu.
  • Added Undo support when adjusting Stack items
  • The Paper Bibliography is now sorted by Author and ignores duplicate entries.
  • Saving a Paper as RTF now includes the End Notes and/or Bibliography, properly formatted.
  • Minor updates to Helena font.
  • Plus bug fixes.

If you have Accordance 12.0 through 12.0.4 and haven't done so already, you can get Accordance 12.0.5 for free by running “Check for App Update” on the Accordance menu on the Mac or the Utilities menu in Windows.

To see everything new since last November, see our “New Features Since 12.0” page.


Mar 5, 2017 Mark Allison

Webinar: What's New in Accordance 12?

In this previously recorded webinar, Mark Allison demonstrates many of the exciting new features in Accordance 12 including Stacks, Papers, improved Analytics, and much more!

We recommend running the video at full screen in HD mode.

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Jul 25, 2016 Richard Mansfield

Accordance for Windows/Mac Updated to 11.2.3


Accordance 11.2.3 update

Fire up App Update-- Accordance for Windows and Mac has been updated to v. 11.2.3. This is a minor update including the following changes:

  • Removed length cap when saving search ranges
  • Easy Install will now download Atlas data updates if needed
  • Added Portuguese localization of the Atlas
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Accordance 11.2.3 can be downloaded from within the program by selecting "Check App Update" from the Utilities menu (Windows) or the Accordance menu (Macintosh).

For a complete list of improvements see our "New Features Since 11.0" page.


Dec 10, 2015 Richard Mansfield

RELEASED! Accordance 11.1.2

When you launch Accordance today on your Windows or Macintosh computer, make certain to Check for App Update (Windows: Utilities menu; Mac: Accordance menu) to download Accordance 11.1.2.

11.1.2 primarily brings bug fixes, but there are also a few changes in the update:

  • Easy Install now lists missing, but installed modules, as available for reinstallation
  • Added UBS5 support to interlinear and elsewhere
  • Improved interlinear export to split long lines, like gloss information, for better export
  • Added safe mode support to clear the download cache
  • Updated greek gloss files
  • Tweaked modern verb aspect names
  • Updated help files

For a full list of all bug fixes, go to our Bug Fixes since 11.0 page.


Nov 2, 2015 Timothy Jenney

Accordance 11.1 (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #132)

Accordance 11.1 is a major update of Accordance Bible Software, free for everyone who owns Accordance 11. User Notes and Tools are more robust, Syntax searches easier and more precise, and importing Bibles and other ancient texts more flexible. Instant Details displays word counts. Those who use Unicode Bibles can now diagram passages—and use all of Accordance’s Analytics to investigate their Search results. Those who own the MT/LXX Parallel Database can now include it in their Analysis of Original Language searches. Join Dr. J in this episode as he gives an overview of the features in this must-have update. [Accordance 11: Basic]

See more episodes of Lighting the Lamp on our Podcast Page!


Nov 2, 2015 Richard Mansfield

RELEASED! Accordance 11.1


Accordance 11.1

Fire up App Update because Accordance 11.1 is here for Windows and Mac! Version 11.1 is a significant update that is free to users who have already upgraded to Accordance 11. There are over 50 new features in 11.1! Here are a few of the major ones:

  • The Edit Window for User Notes and User Tools has been totally redesigned with new features.*
  • Imported Bibles (formerly User Bible) have many new options including Unicode support and options for expanded canons and non-biblical versified texts.
  • Improved features for the the Syntax tree and simplified Syntax searching in graphical Constructs.
  • Better Interlinear export to other applications.
  • Enhancements to Instant Details.
  • Add custom icons to folders in the Accordance Library.
  • Easily create Accordance-specific Location URLs (accord://).
  • Gesture Support for trackpads and touchscreens for images, Atlas, and Timeline.
  • Select and print articles directly from the Table of Contents.
  • Incorporate MT-LXX data in Analysis window and related graphs.

For more details on the above, see our New Features in 11.1 page. For a complete list of what's new in Accordance 11.1, see our New Since 11.0 page!

Accordance users who have v. 11 already installed can launch Check for App Update from the Accordance menu on the Mac and the Utilities menu in Windows. Users of earlier versions can check Upgrade section for their options.

Haven't upgraded to Accordance 11 yet? Right now you can get 20% off the Starter Collection, the most affordable way to get up and running with Accordance 11 or upgrade from any earlier version.

Spread the Word! We are now offering a $5 thank you credit to any current user who is listed as the referrer when a new user purchases a collection. Tell your friends to enter your name in the Referral Details under How Did You Hear of Us? in their account information, and when we process their order we will post the credit in your account.

*Caution: Do not edit User Notes with pictures on Accordance Mobile at this time. We're still working on adding support for this feature in our mobile app.


Oct 23, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Accordance 11.1 Sneak Peek #3

We’re much closer to the release of Accordance 11.1. It will be here very soon with so many excellent new features, you’ll be amazed that we’re giving it away as a free upgrade to Accordance users who have already moved to version 11.

One of the new features being added to 11.1 is easy generation of Accordance Location URLs. Let’s say you’re reading the Preaching the Word Commentary, and you want to remember a particular location. You could always bookmark it, but what if you wanted to refer back to that location in other places—even outside of Accordance?

With the new easy generation of Accordance URLs, you will simply bring up a contextual menu in any Bible, Reference work, commentary, or any other title in Accordance and choose Copy as: Location URL. Then, you can paste the resulting location URL into any User Note, User Tool, or even in other applications outside of Accordance such as emails or word processing documents.

Copy as URL

Of course, if you send an Accordance Location URL in an email to another person, that person will also have to have Accordance installed on the receiving computer, as well as the title referred to in the link. However, assuming the receiver has Accordance and the particular title being referenced, clicking on the link will launch Accordance and take the user directly to the point in the title where you generated the link.

Want to hide the syntax of the URL? No problem. In the newly enhanced User Notes and User Tools, you can select any text and add an Accordance location link. So, you might write in a User Note something like, “See the Preaching the Word Commentary for more information.” Now you will be able highlight a phrase like “Preaching the Word Commentary” and add an underlying hyperlink straight to a particular location.

We believe you’re going to find the new features in Accordance 11.1 incredibly useful. Keep watching the Accordance Blog and other social media for further announcements.


Oct 18, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Accordance 11.1 Sneak Peek #2

Accordance 11.1 is well on its way! In this second sneak peek, take a look at the new folder customization options for your Accordance Library! [Note: this video does not include narration.]


Mar 20, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Top Ten Features of Accordance Mobile 2.0

The wait is over--Accordance Mobile 2.0 is finally here!

I’ve had the privilege to use Accordance 2.0 since the alpha stage last year. It has been fun to see it develop into the version that officially released yesterday. Over the past few weeks, I would occasionally post a screenshot to illustrate something on the iPhone or the iPad and wait to see how long it took for someone to notice I wasn’t using the “regular” version (v. 1.7x).  Truthfully, v. 2.0 has been the only iOS version of Accordance I’ve used for months now, having removed the previous version from both my iPhone and iPad. In spite of that, the official launch of v. 2.0 makes it all feel new again because now I can talk about it!

Having spent a good bit of time with Accordance Mobile v. 2.0, I thought I’d offer a Top Ten list of new features. This is my list, but you may have your own, and I'd like to hear your favorites, too.

1. A New Name

We have to distinguish various versions of Accordance one way or another. For instance, there's Accordance for the Macintosh and Accordance for Windows. Our version of iOS has been called a number of things: “iAccord,” “Bible Study with Accordance,” “Accordance for iOS,” etc.

With the release of v. 2.0, you will see two names. In the iTunes App Store, we still refer to it as “Bible Study with Accordance.” That’s simply so that people who aren’t familiar with us, but who are perhaps looking for Bible study software, will find us. From now on, when we refer to it elsewhere, we will use the name “Accordance Mobile.” This will help us distinguish this version from the traditional version. We will probably use this name for our eventual Android Version, too.

2. Enhanced Text Selection

This has probably been the most requested feature for Accordance on the iPad and iPhone: selecting text is now more versatile in Accordance Mobile 2.0. In the new version, selection handles can be used to select words, phrases, parts of a verse or multiple verses.

AM 2 Select

Selecting just one word brings up Instant Details, as in the past, along with the Action Menu. Selecting multiple words brings up even more options in the Action Menu. Here you have a number of choices for what can be done with the chosen text: Copy, Highlight, Clear, Share, Search, Amplify, Define, Note, and Bookmark. These choices will vary sometimes based upon whether you are selecting content in a biblical text or another title in your Accordance Library.

3. Define Words with the iOS System Dictionary

One of the options in the Action Bar is “Define.” This will allow me to access the built in iOS System Dictionary on my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In my case, it’s the New Oxford American Dictionary. Although I might have Bible dictionaries in Accordance Mobile, this other dictionary may be better suited for general definitions.

4. Social Sharing

Another one of the new options in the Action Bar is Social Sharing. You know how it is—sometimes you read something really profound and want to share it with others. By selecting the Share button, I can share any Bible verse or passage from a book in my Accordance Library on Facebook, Twitter, or any other means of communication I have set up on my iPhone or iPad.

AM 2 Twitter


Tip: Use the share feature to save clips to popular note-sharing apps like Evernote or OneNote.

5. Display Customization

Have it your way. Accordance Mobile 2.0 allows you to customize the look and feel of the app in an infinite number of ways. Change the font, change the font color, change the background—whatever allows your creativity to best intersect with your study of the Bible. You can even change the color of hyperlinks. Customizations can be made universally or to individual titles.

6. Enhanced for Larger Screen Sizes

Since September we’ve been asked, “When is Accordance going to be updated for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?" The new larger iPhone screens are game changers. I know because I’ve got the iPhone 6 Plus. With the larger, high-resolution screen, I’ve often found myself using my iPhone for purposes that I used to reserve for the iPad. The lines are blurred between these kinds of devices, but it doesn’t matter for Accordance users--we’ve got you covered. Accordance Mobile 2.0 takes advantage of the additional space and resolution quite well and is perfect for the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The image below is from an iPhone 6 Plus.

7. Link/Unlink Parallel Panes

Need to explore intertextuality between the Old and New Testaments? Read the introductory material in a commentary or study Bible while in a pane parallel to a biblical text? Now you can. A new button appears in the Additional pane to Unlink and Link content. Click the Linked button (linked) to unlink the panes; click the Unlinked button (unlinked) to link the panes. When panes are unlinked, each can be navigated independently. A separate Table of Contents icon will appear in the parallel pane of the unlinked text.

8. Brand New Help System

As the saying goes, Good help is hard to find, but not when it comes to Accordance, fortunately. Our desktop help system is literally award winning. And now we have thoroughly revised our Accordance Mobile Help to bring it up to that same level. Accordance Mobile Help is an HTML-based help system that can be accessed from within Accordance and/or bookmarked on any device. You'll find exactly what you need in this Help system that is both thorough and easy to access.

AM 2 help

Tip: Bookmark Accordance Mobile Help on all your devices. Since iOS devices only display one program at a time, you can have Accordance Mobile open on one device and Accordance Mobile Help open on another device.

9. Improved Easy Install

Easy Install is now much easier! If you’ve ever tried to install your entire Accordance Library onto your iOS device and were frustrated at having to touch every checkbox, you’ll be glad to know there’s now a new Download All button next to the original Download button. Or if space is limited, and you can only install a handful of select titles, the newly added Easy Install Search field will be very helpful to find only the titles you really need.

10. Accordance Mobile Widget

Want a shortcut to Accordance from the lock screen or any other program on your iPhone or iPad? Now it’s as easy as swiping down on the Today List in iOS. The edit button at the bottom of the Today List allows you to add Accordance to your view. It will list the most recently opened titles from your Accordance Library. Select the title and Accordance opens up with your selected title in place.

So those are my top ten features of Accordance Mobile 2.0. What are yours? Feel free to give your picks in the comments below!