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Jun 9, 2017 Richard Mansfield

UPDATE! Accordance 12.1 for Windows & Macintosh

Accordance 12.1 update Accordance 12.1 for Windows and Macintosh is now available as a free upgrade for Accordance 12 users! Select App Update from the Utilities menu (Windows) or the Accordance menu (Mac) to update. Keep reading to find out about changes in Accordance 12.1!

Syncing of User Content

Accordance 12.1 is a significant update, although a lot of the changes are “under the hood.” The greatest change in Accordance 12.1 relates to Dropbox, which Accordance users employ to sync user content. Dropbox is discontinuing their current API at the end of June, 2017. Therefore, Accordance users need to upgrade to v. 12.1 if they want to sync content after this time.

Supported Platforms

Any Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10 user who is currently running Accordance 10, 11, or 12 should not have any problems running Accordance 12.1, but as mentioned on our System Requirements page, XP is not supported by Microsoft any longer.

Mac users should note that Accordance 12.1 requires Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or higher, and syncing using the new Dropbox API will require OS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher.

Discounted Upgrades

To help Accordance users running older versions upgrade to version 12.1, we are running a 30%-off sale on Accordance 12 Starter through June 19, 2017.

Accordance 12 Upgrade from version 11
Regular price $49.90
Sale price $34.90

Accordance 12 Upgrade from version 10
Regular price $54.90
Sale price $38.90

Accordance 12 Starter (version 9 and older + new users)
Regular price $59.90
Sale price $41.90

Other Improvements in Accordance 12.1

Both Macintosh and Windows versions of Accordance 12.1 include better font rendering, and Accordance 12.1 for the Mac is now fully 64 bit. Of course, there are plenty of other improvements; but as already mentioned, most of these are internal to the Accordance code itself. For a complete list of improvements, see our New Features since 12.0 page.


Apr 19, 2017 Richard Mansfield

Updated x 2! Accordance 12.0.6 for Win/Mac & Accordance Mobile 2.5.3

Accordance 12 Update

This week, we’ve seen the release of updates to both Accordance 12 (Win/Mac), as well as Accordance Mobile (iOS). Check out the details below.

Accordance 12.0.6 for Windows and Mac

In addition to some much-needed bug fixes, the following changes have been added to the program:

  • Added a Safe Mode option to clean up all installed fonts across the system (Mac-only).
  • Info Pane titles and Research verse results now use the native book name if desired.
  • Reporting a Correction now includes the accord:// URL to the location of the error.
  • Attempting to delete a Paper item with hidden sublevels now triggers a warning.
  • Improved the selection of Paper items that contain only an automatic hyperlink.
  • Updated help files.

Regarding that first bullet, with the release of 12.0.5, we updated our internal Greek font to better accommodate some very specialized sigla in the Göttingen Septuagint. For some longtime Mac Accordance users, this created a conflict between the new font and old copies that may have remained on the hard drive in other locations. Now, with the release of 12.0.6, there is a new Safe Mode feature that will clean up these older fonts rather than the user having to fix the issue manually.

12.0.6 Safe Mode

If you’re experiencing Greek text that does not appear correctly in Accordance for the Mac, hold down the Option key when you start Accordance, which will bring up the Accordance Safe Mode options. Check the box to “Clean up installed fonts” and then press the Launce Accordance button.

If you have Accordance 12.0 through 12.0.5 and haven't done so already, you can get Accordance 12.0.6 for free by running “Check for App Update” on the Accordance menu on the Mac or the Utilities menu in Windows.

To see everything new since last November, see our “New Features Since 12.0” page.

Accordance Mobile 2.5.3

Accordance Mobile 2.5.3 Released

Also, not be missed is the release of the Accordance Mobile 2.5.3 update. Although primarily a bug fix, this update addresses crashes that some users on older devices were experiencing after updating to iOS 10.3. This update should take care of those issues. Specifically, 2.5.3 fixes the crash when tapping for Instant Details.

If you already have Accordance Mobile for iOS, and your apps are set to automatically update, you may already have v. 2.5.3 on your iPhone or iPad. If not, download it from the iOS App Store.

For more information about Accordance Mobile, see our "Details of the Mobile App" page.


Apr 3, 2017 Richard Mansfield

Updated! Accordance 12.0.5 for Windows & Mac


Accordance 12 Update Accordance 12 continues to improve with yet another free update. Accordance 12.0.5 for Windows & Mac adds continued improvements to Papers, Stacks, Research, User Tools, User Notes and more.

New Features

  • Added new accord URL action type “research,” that will open a Research tab with the specified parameters.


  • Significantly improved the typing and edit speed for long User Notes and Tools and removed the User Tool Block Size preference.
  • Get Verses references now use the native book name if chosen for the module.
  • Added support for Copy Search URL from the Research Entry box.
  • Research results for verses in a text will no longer return verses past the last verse in a chapter.
  • Added automatic web and internal tool link parsing to the Stack.
  • The Info Pane Word List now takes up less space.
  • Added Set Paper Display to its action menu.
  • Added Undo support when adjusting Stack items
  • The Paper Bibliography is now sorted by Author and ignores duplicate entries.
  • Saving a Paper as RTF now includes the End Notes and/or Bibliography, properly formatted.
  • Minor updates to Helena font.
  • Plus bug fixes.

If you have Accordance 12.0 through 12.0.4 and haven't done so already, you can get Accordance 12.0.5 for free by running “Check for App Update” on the Accordance menu on the Mac or the Utilities menu in Windows.

To see everything new since last November, see our “New Features Since 12.0” page.


Mar 30, 2017 Richard Mansfield

Updated! Accordance Mobile 2.5

Accordance Mobile 2.5 update Just released! Get or Update to Accordance Mobile 2.5 for iOS with Active Highlighting and Scrollable Text Selection!

In response to user requests, highlighting texts has been drastically improved. Now you can tap the highlight icon and simply drag over the text to add highlighting. At the bottom of the screen? No problem--just keep dragging and Accordance Mobile keeps up!

What's new?

  • Added Active Highlighting support
  • Added Scrollable Text Selection support
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Accordance Mobile 2.5 icon If you already have Accordance Mobile for iOS, and your apps are set to automatically update, you may already have v. 2.5 on your iPhone or iPad. You can tell by the new icon with the red background. If not, download it from the iOS App Store.

For more information about Accordance Mobile, see our "Details of the Mobile App" page.


Jul 25, 2016 Richard Mansfield

Accordance for Windows/Mac Updated to 11.2.3


Accordance 11.2.3 update

Fire up App Update-- Accordance for Windows and Mac has been updated to v. 11.2.3. This is a minor update including the following changes:

  • Removed length cap when saving search ranges
  • Easy Install will now download Atlas data updates if needed
  • Added Portuguese localization of the Atlas
  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Accordance 11.2.3 can be downloaded from within the program by selecting "Check App Update" from the Utilities menu (Windows) or the Accordance menu (Macintosh).

For a complete list of improvements see our "New Features Since 11.0" page.


Apr 6, 2016 Richard Mansfield

Windows/Mac Accordance Updated to 11.1.6

App Update Accordance has been updated to v. 11.1.6 on Windows and Macintosh platforms. Run App Update from within Accordance to download this update, which consists primarily of bug fixes.

On the Mac, Go to "Check for App Update" on the Accordance (a.k.a. Application) menu. In Windows, "Check for App Update" can be found on the Utilities menu in Accordance.

Read a full list of bug fixes for both Windows and Mac versions of Accordance at our "Bug Fixes Since 11.0" page.


Mar 18, 2016 Richard Mansfield

Accordance Win/Mac Updated to 11.1.5

If you haven't done so already, run App Update in Accordance 11 for Windows/Macintosh and update to v. 11.1.5.

This is not a major update, but does include French localization, further Syntax tweaks and a few bug fixes.

Here is the full list of changes in 11.1.5, but check out our "New Features Since 11.0" page to see all updates in the current version.

  • Dependent parenthesis clauses are now supported in the tree and construct.
  • Instant details of typed clauses now show the specific subtype.
  • Syntax phrase or clause depth can be changed by typing a number when the item is selected in the construct.
  • Searching for Hebrew aspect forms will support Traditional or Modern (QTL) forms, regardless of preference.
  • Displaying tool Instant Details information will skip the first verses if they are not found in either Hypertext default.
  • Added Instant Details support for Timeline Palette scripture links.
  • Added Localization in French.
  • Updated Portuguese localization.
  • Updated other localizations.
  • Updated help files.


Feb 19, 2016 Helen Brown

Important Security Update in 11.1.4

Accordance 11.1.4, just released, has two notable sets of changes.

  • It patches the potential security vulnerability when running Check for App Updates on an insecure public network.

    WARNING: this vulnerability affects all prior versions of Accordance from 9 to 11, except the Mac App Store version, when running on a public network. We strongly recommend that all our users upgrade to 11.1.4 to eliminate this potential risk.

  • It continues the revisions of the Syntax display and searching. We describe the changes in Quick Guide to Latest Syntax Updates.

11.1.4 is another free update to users of Accordance 11. Users of 9 and 10 can see their options in Accordance 11 Upgrades.

All the changes in each revision are fully documented in New Features Since 11.0.


Jan 18, 2016 Accordance Bible Software

Accordance 11.1.3 Update for Windows & Mac!

Update (1/19): The Mac App Store version of Accordance 11.1.3 is also available. If your Mac is set to autoupdate, it should download automatically. If not, go to Updates in the Mac App Store app.

This free upgrade for all users of Accordance 11 will appear in your Check for App Update, or can be downloaded here. The new features include improvements to Easy Install, Syntax, and other areas, plus many important bug fixes.

Dr. J has updated the Sample Notes and Sample Tool to demonstrate the many new capabilities of the user files. These will be installed with the update.

Modules that go "missing" will now simply be reinstalled by Easy Install.

Our free trial versions have also been updated for Windows and Mac. Please point your friends to them.

11.1.3 update windows


Dec 10, 2015 Richard Mansfield

RELEASED! Accordance 11.1.2

When you launch Accordance today on your Windows or Macintosh computer, make certain to Check for App Update (Windows: Utilities menu; Mac: Accordance menu) to download Accordance 11.1.2.

11.1.2 primarily brings bug fixes, but there are also a few changes in the update:

  • Easy Install now lists missing, but installed modules, as available for reinstallation
  • Added UBS5 support to interlinear and elsewhere
  • Improved interlinear export to split long lines, like gloss information, for better export
  • Added safe mode support to clear the download cache
  • Updated greek gloss files
  • Tweaked modern verb aspect names
  • Updated help files

For a full list of all bug fixes, go to our Bug Fixes since 11.0 page.