The Accordance Training DVD
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English Studies

David Lang



Become an Accordance Power User

We’ve created this training DVD with over five hours of instruction to help you get the most out of your Accordance investment. These tutorials by our own David Lang cover everything from understanding the basic concepts behind the Accordance interface to performing graphic searches in the original Biblical languages. Whether you’re new to Accordance or have been using it for years, there’s something for everyone.

Two of the tutorials can be downloaded FREE here. They form an excellent introduction to Accordance, and will give you a foretaste of all the good things you'll learn as you work your way through the rest of the tutorials.

You will enjoy the ability to select which tutorial you want to view, and the option to pause and rewind to be sure you have understood that last point. The clear audio instruction accompanies a video of the actions being described, so you can both see and hear how to access each feature or accomplish each task.

The Accordance Training DVD is available at the low sale price of $15. Users who have purchased the previous Introduction to Accordance DVD can upgrade to the new DVD for only $10.

The contents can also be viewed online.


The topics covered in this DVD include:

  • The Accordance Interface
    • Basic Concepts
    • Recommended Settings
    • Knowing Your Way Around
    • Working with Windows and Workspaces
  • Searching the Bible
    • The Search Window
    • How to Search by Verses
    • Searching by Words and Phrases
    • Creating and Using Search Ranges
    • Working With Key Numbers
    • Searching More Than One Module
    • Using the Simple Construct Window
  • Working with Search Results
    • Marking Verses and Creating Reference Lists
    • Comparing Texts
    • Getting Statistical Details
    • Customizing the Text Display
    • Highlighting the Text of the Bible
    • Copy Options
  • Viewing Parallel Passages
  • Tools
    • Using Tools
    • Customizing the Tool Display
  • The Bible Atlas
    • Using the Bible Atlas
    • Customizing the Bible Atlas
  • The Timeline
    • Using the Timeline
    • Customizing the Timeline
  • Doing Your Own Thing
    • User Notes
    • User Tools
    • User Bibles
    • Arranging Your Modules
  • Advanced Topics
    • Tagged vs. Untagged Greek and Hebrew Texts
    • Accordance Fonts
    • Searching Greek and Hebrew Texts
    • Greek and Hebrew Construct Searches
    • Searching for Grammatical Tags
    • Using MT/LXX
    • Advanced Commands
    • Searching by Root
    • Language Tools
    • Exporting Greek and Hebrew

Click here to order the DVD and see for yourself.

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