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News for 08.29.11

All NICNT Volumes Available

All NICNT Volumes Available
We released the 20 volume set of the New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT) on August 10th, and immediately received many requests for individual volumes. Now, the full set is a huge deal, as it retails for more than $1000 in print, and we list the entire set for just $599, with an introductory sale price of $499 through the end of September. Click here to order the set.
However, we recognize that some people cannot take advantage of this great deal, but need one or more volumes right away, so we listened, we worked, and we have released: each of the 20 volumes as a separate download. You will find them on the Commentary Volumes pages. We are also giving you an little ...
News for 08.25.11

New European Bibles

New European Bibles
The Geneva Bible Society has provided three new translations for Accordance users:
Segond 21 with Notes
German: Bibel der Neue Genfer Übersetzung - NT & Psalms with Notes
Italian: Nuova Riveduta 2006 with Notes.
Any of these can be unlocked alone, or selected as a free Bible choice with a Library or Scholar's level.
News for 08.24.11

Rave Reviews

Library and Scholar's Levels were reviewed recently
In Jack Zavada reviews the Library Premier package from the viewpoint of a new Mac user who has never used Bible software before.
Boris Repschinski reviewed the Scholar's materials in Zeitschrift für Katholische Theologie. The German review is posted on the Universität Innsbruck website. Dr. Repschinksi has now kindly provided an English translation. This review is unusual in that he discusses the quality of the texts and tools available in Accordance, as well as covering in detail the features of Accordance and the search ...
News for 08.16.11

Unicode Bibles on iOS

Unicode Bibles on iOS
Now available free in the iTunes App Store: Accordance for iOS 1.3.1 includes support for the recently released Unicode based Bibles including copy, highlight, and search by verse.
Chinese and Russian Bibles recently joined the Korean and Japanese Bibles available for purchase. You can now download them via Easy Install to the iOS as well as Accordance 9.4 for Mac OS X. (Syncing support will be available soon in Accordance for Mac 9.4.2).
Check it out in the iTunes App Store. It's a free app and runs almost all of your Accordance modules. If you don't have it, get it! If you do, please add your rating and review.
The online Help for iOS pages have also been ...
News for 08.04.11

New Video: Go Deeper

Thanks to Darin and the rest of his team (especially Chris Yu, the producer) we have a cool new video right in the center of our home page, as well as the video page, Blog, YouTube, Vimeo... you name it. It attempts to convey, in the space of 3 minutes, some of the ways that Accordance helps different kinds of users "Go Deeper" in their study of the Bible.
Please help us to spread the word about Accordance. Download the video and show it to all your friends, fellow students, colleagues, family. Tweet it, link to it on your blog, email the link to everyone you know. The Back to School sale makes this an especially good month to get started, and go ...
News for 08.03.11

Russian Ready at Last

Russian Ready at Last
After a long wait, the Russian Synodal Bible is now available for Accordance on Mac OS.
Like our Asian Unicode Bibles, this version can be displayed in parallel with other Bibles and search results. It can only be searched by verse. The text can be copied and pasted into other applications.
This Bible can not yet be displayed on iOS devices such as the iPhone, nor installed in Classic or the PC with Emulator.
News for 07.31.11

Chinese: Not 1 but 6

Yes, 6 Chinese Bibles!
After months of preparation and testing, we are pleased to offer the following Bibles:
Revised Chinese Union Version and Chinese Union with new Punctuation from the Hong Kong Bible Society, and the Chinese New Version from The Worldwide Bible Society Ltd.
Each Bible comes in two modules: the Traditional Chinese module and the Simplified Chinese module. Simply order the Traditional Chinese module for $30, or select it as your free Bible unlock, and you will get both modules.
As for the choice of the name for God, the following are Shangti editions: CUNP-TRAD, RCUV-TRAD, RCUV-SIMP, while these versions are Shen editions: CUNP-SIMP, CNV-TRAD, CNV-SIMP.
Like our other Asian ...
News for 07.23.11

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light
A sample study for the beginner with Accordance -- this podcast shows off the latest features of Accordance 9.4 using the Starter modules available with Accordance, the free trial version, or the free iOS version.
This is a great way to get started with Accordance.
News for 07.20.11

Compatible with Lion?

Yes, Accordance 9.4 is fully compatible with Lion: MacOS 10.7. Accordance 8.4 should run on Lion, too. But version 7 and earlier are not Intel native and require Rosetta, which is not supported in Lion.
The good news is that you can simply upgrade the program to 9.4, and it will run your installed modules. Almost all current modules are now available for Easy Install: direct download into Accordance 9. You may need to upgrade some older modules in order to download, and you may want to upgrade older levels like Library 6 in order to add the many new modules in Library 9.
News for 07.01.11

Announcing Pentecostal Theologies

Announcing Pentecostal Theologies
We are pleased to announce two new Pentecostal theologies that are now available in Accordance.

Baptized in the Spirit, by Frank Macchia, examines the most recent trends in Pentecostal and charismatic theology, especially with regard to the displacement of Spirit baptism as Pentecostalism's central distinctive. The author begins by focusing on the significance of the Holy Spirit in reciprocal and mutual work with the Son in fulfilling the will of the Father. He also shows how the pneumatalogical emphases in Pentecostal and charismatic theology can help to correct the tendency in Western Christianity to subordinate the Spirit to the Word.

Spirit and Power, by William and Robert Menzies, ...
News for 06.16.11

Korean and Japanese Bibles

Korean and Japanese Bibles
The recent seminar series in Asia yielded good connections with several Bible societies, and now we are pleased to announce the release of the:
Korean Revised Version
Shinkaiyaku New Japanese Bible
as the first of our Unicode Asian Bibles. Three Chinese versions are now in preparation.
These texts can be searched by verse reference only, and viewed in parallel with any other Bibles including those showing word or other searches. The text can be copied for export. They are available for download into Accordance 9 on Mac OS X, but not currently for the iOS app nor the PC emulator.
Each Bible is just $30, or may be selected as a free unlock with a primary ...
News for 06.15.11

Graphics Rich module updates

Updates of our Graphics Rich modules are being posted for download over a few weeks. Some of these modules include thousands of images and take a while to download.
You won't see much difference in most of them, so why bother? Because the next update to the iOS app will need them (Hint: thumbnails).
Remember that you only need to download them once, to the Mac, and can then quickly sync them to the iOS.
News for 06.09.11

Waiting for John?

News for 06.04.11

Finally: NIV11, Starter, and Syntax Installers for the 68K version

Sorry it has taken so long, but we do now have installers for the 68K version of Accordance 9 (used in Classic Mac and the PC emulator). These installers are for the NIV11, the free Starter modules, and the Syntax files for GNT-T and BHS-W4. You can find these installers in your online account and on the purchased modules page.
News for 05.05.11

JPS Strong's Numbers Completed

JPS Strong's Numbers Completed
The JPS Tanakh is unique among our Bible translations in that it offers a modern, scholarly, Jewish translation of the Hebrew Bible. And unique to Accordance is our addition of Strong's numbers to the text to enable searches for the Hebrew word in the English text, and cross highlighting between Hebrew and English.
We are happy to announce that the Strong's numbers have now been added to the entire text. This is a free upgrade (in Check for Updates) for anyone who purchased the JPSS Group. We will certainly have minor corrections to make as the text is used, but all main words should now be tagged with their Hebrew original.

JPSS Group is just $49, or $20 as an upgrade to the JPS ...
News for 05.03.11

NIV 2011 Released

NIV 2011 Released
We are pleased to release the NIV 2011 on Accordance! The updated NIV has been one of our most requested Bibles lately, and we are excited to make this resource available to Accordance users. Here are the details:
If you already own the NIV 1984, the NIV 2011 is a $25 add-on, otherwise it is $30. As a separate module, the NIV 2011 will not take the place of the NIV 1984 in Accordance, but rather will show up in your library as NIV11. That means that if you own both, you can view the two Bibles in parallel. If you purchased the NIV 1984 earlier this year (January 1, 2011 or later) you can add the NIV11 for $20 with coupon code NIV11up. The NIV11 also happens to be today's featured product ...
News for 04.13.11

New Daily Devotionals

The new assistant window in 9.3 gives easy access to another new feature - Daily Reading - which you can also access in the Window menu. Simply click to open your preferred reading for the day in the Bible and the devotional tool.
We already offered several such daily readings, but have now added some more. You can select your favorite or try a new one for just $10:
Daily Meditation: My Daily Meditation For The Circling Year, by J. H. Jowett, presents a brief meditation on a passage of Scripture for each day of the year. Daily Strength: Daily Strength for Daily Needs, by Mary Wilder Tileston, is a collection of Scriptural passages and inspired quotations for each day of the year. Days of ...
News for 02.12.11

Valentine Verse

Help for the Harried Lover

It's Valentine's Day, and you forgot to make a dinner reservation. Now you're sitting for an hour-and-a-half outside the restaurant just praying the pager will start flashing and buzzing. How can you overcome this fatal Valentine faux pas? Pull out your iPhone and pass the time reciting great love poetry like "How Do I Love Thee?" or "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?"
Need a good way to profess your undying love? Tell your significant other how some legends say that Valentine was martyred for continuing to marry young couples in spite of an imperial ban on marriage. Then say that if you had lived at that time, you would have risked death to ask Valentine to ...
News for 12.23.10

Archaeological Study Bible

Archaeological Study Bible
Perfect last-minute gift: The Archaeological Study Bible -- An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture.
Edited by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. and Duane Garrett
We are excited to offer this extraordinary resource in Accordance at the
special introductory price of $50 until Dec 31st. (regularly $60).
The publisher's description says it best:
"The Archaeological Study Bible not only gives you the complete text of the Bible, but takes you into its very world, opening your eyes to the historical, cultural, and archaeological meaning, relevance, and depth of the Scriptures. Page by page, the features of this unique study Bible offer astonishing and unprecedented clarity.
Over 8,000 ...
News for 12.07.10

Christmas Classics

Christmas Classics
A seasonal special offer: our new Christmas Classics collection is just $10 until Christmas Eve (usually $30). This illustrated assortment of readings, poems, stories and sermons will delight children of all ages, and those who teach them.
Today's Blog post unpacks the treasures contained in this valuable package.
News for 11.24.10

Just Released at the Annual Meetings

Just Released at the Annual Meetings
Our booths were humming with excitement as the attendees snapped up our newest products. On top of the recent major releases of Zondervan and Carta titles and the Journal of Biblical Literature, we had a slew of new modules and disks:
NT-MSS Images: Plates of the Major New Testament Codices from the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts…$179
The five GNT Images modules include over 1300 images of the following codex facsimiles: Alexandrinus, Sinaiticus,Vaticanus, Washingtonensis, and the original Codex 2882. These images can be compared side by side with the tagged Accordance text of each codex.
Additional unlocks in the Scholar's 9.1 Collection:
PESHOT-T: Grammatically tagged ...
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