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Biblical Lands, Images, and a Museum
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Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Set of 6 Collections

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The entire Bible Lands PhotoGuide Set contains hundreds of detailed articles describing the most important biblical locations in Israel and surrounding countries, illustrated with more than 4500 high-quality photographs. More than just a collection of pictures, the PhotoGuide is specifically designed to be a teaching tool which helps make the Bible come alive. This set includes the following six collections.

The individual collections are also on sale for 50% off!

Accordance Bible Lands PhotoGuide: Overview: Reg Price $39.90; Sale Price $19.90
Israel Collection (over 1800 photos): Reg Price $59.90; Sale Price $29.90
Near East Collection (nearly 600 photos): Reg Price $39.90; Sale Price $19.90
Egypt Collection (over 420 photos): Reg Price $39.90; Sale Price $19.90
Europe Collection (nearly 900 photos): Reg Price $39.90; Sale Price $19.90
Turkey Collection (over 650 photos): Reg Price $39.90; Sale Price $19.90

Accordance Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary

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Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary is designed to help you see the world of the New Testament with your own eyes. While a traditional commentary seeks to explain the meaning of the Bible’s words with still more words, Picture the NT illustrates the biblical text with maps and photographs of biblical locations, relevant archeological finds, even ancient works of art. Display it in parallel with your Bible text, and as you work your way through a passage, you’ll see key words and concepts illustrated in a way that will make the Bible come alive.

Accordance Bible Times PhotoMuseum 2

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The Accordance Bible Times PhotoMuseum 2 lets you explore the world of the Bible through the tools the people used, the houses in which they lived, the weapons with which they fought, and the sacred objects with which they worshiped. Arranged like a typical Bible dictionary, the PhotoMuseum is unique in that it begins with the artifacts themselves (nearly 1000 high resolution images). Most Bible dictionaries offer a general treatment of a subject and then illustrate it with an image or two. The PhotoMuseum, on the other hand, treats each subject by exploring the actual archaeological finds which inform our knowledge of that subject. In short, it lets you look at the actual clues so you can better understand how they help unravel the mystery of the Biblical world.

Historical and Cultural Resources!

Genealogies of the Bible (Plus Lists of Notable Persons)

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Genealogies of the Bible addresses the ancestry of biblical characters (both Jews and Gentiles) across the broad expanse of biblical history, from the time of Creation through the era of the early Christian church. It represents the culmination of a decade of systematic biblical research on all genealogies that are presented in sacred Scripture. Family lineages for major and minor figures in the Old and New Testaments are summarized in 325 concise, easy-to-follow charts. Also included are lists of notable persons (e.g., families of returning exiles, the twelve disciples, etc).

100 Archaeological Sites and Biblical Landscapes in Israel

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The Bible is filled with detail-rich stories about people in all walks of life. 100 Archaeological Sites and Biblical Landscapes in Israel was designed to show the scenery and places that are mentioned in Scripture as they appear today. There is also information on several important archaeological sites to add to your overall knowledge of biblical history and culture. Each site is accompanied by a detailed description providing the history of the site, where it is mentioned in early writings, and the findings of archaeological research from the site. In all, this resource shows about 1,500 updated pictures by Hanan Isachar of significant biblical and archaeological sites and their surroundings.

Historic Views of the Holy Land: Bible Places – American Colony Collection

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This Accordance module includes all 8 volumes of The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection of photos from the Historic Views of the Holy Land series published by Bible Places. The module includes all the images in high resolution, together with searchable descriptions, captions, bibliography, and Scripture links.

Historic Views of the Holy Land: Bible Places – Views That Have Vanished

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In the early 1960s, David Bivin went to study at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Armed with a Yashica-D medium-format camera, Bivin traveled the land of Israel and the surrounding regions taking photographs of biblical sites, archaeological excavations, and everyday scenes. Today these photographs provide a window on a land that has changed radically, as a result of the construction of cities, the Six Day War, and the unification of Jerusalem.

Pictorial Library of Bible Lands: Cultural Images of the Holy Land

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The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands is an 18-volume collection of high-resolution photographs of important biblical and historical sites in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and other countries. The entire collection includes more than 17,500 high-resolution photographs, all carefully identified and prepared for easy use. The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands includes extensive descriptive explanations. The annotations are the result of many years of research and writing by a professor of biblical geography and archaeology living in Israel.

Virtual Tour to the Temple

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Ever wanted to visit the Holy Land? Or bring it back with you when you returned? The Virtual Tour to the Temple is a wonderful blend of two types of visual media. First is an interactive 360° tour of the Jerusalem Temple based on 100 high-resolution panoramic photos. The second is 40 short video clips of Dr. Randall Price explaining the historic meaning of each site at the site itself. The result is biblically sound, underpinned by the latest research findings, and fascinatingly beautiful.

Carta’s Astounding Works and Atlases!

Carta’s The Sacred Bridge (Second Emended and Enhanced Edition)

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The Sacred Bridge will be the Bible Atlas of Record and Standard Work for the coming decades. Exhaustive in scope and rich in detail, with its comprehensive documentation of the Near Eastern background to Biblical History, this Bible Atlas from Carta is one more stepping stone on the way to the study and understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

Carta’s New Century Handbook and Atlas of the Bible

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This concise version of The Sacred Bridge will augment the personal Bible study of all who seek a straightforward understanding of biblical history. Nevertheless, the reader will still have the sense that sacred history came about in a real world, a realm illumined by a multitude of discoveries and studies during the past two hundred years. Furthermore, the geographical dimension of the Bible accounts is being thoroughly presented.

The Carta Jerusalem Atlas (3rd Edition)

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The Carta Jerusalem Atlas is a luxurious atlas which clearly portrays the history of Jerusalem through the ages. Extensive research into the history of Jerusalem has flourished over the past two decades. The ongoing archaeological excavations carried out in the city and its environs have often resulted in new and amazing discoveries, giving us an even better and deeper understanding of the city’s past.

Carta’s Bible History Atlas Study Edition

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This profusely illustrated Atlas, intended for young readers, tells the full story of the Bible from Genesis to Acts. The 96 maps which illustrate such events as the wanderings of the Patriarchs and the journeys of St. Paul are enhanced by a text written by the renowned British biblical scholar, F. F. Bruce

Carta’s Illustrated Bible Atlas with Historical Notes 

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Designed to aid and complement the study of the Bible, The Illustrated Bible Atlas begins with the history and culture of the ancient Near East in the second milennium B.C. and traces the successive historical/biblical events through the intertestamental period and the era of the New Testament. Helpful elements of this atlas include historical notes by F. F. Bruce, maps of modern Israel and the city of Jerusalem, detailed color maps illustrating historical events and trends, scale drawings of major sites and cities and photographs of archaeological artifacts.

Carta “Understanding” Series (6 Introductory Atlases)

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This set of six (6) volumes includes introductory atlases that cover the entire Bible. In addition to modules specific to the Old Testament and the New Testament, this series also includes modules which introduce biblical archaeology and geography as well as kingdoms and individuals.

Brief and geared toward beginners, each of these modules are profusely illustrated and richly documented with maps–providing a comprehensive view of the background to life in biblical times.

Credibility and Apologetics

John Warwick Montgomery Apologetics Bundle (9 Volumes)

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John Warwick Montgomery is a noted lawyer, professor, Lutheran theologian, and prolific author. His legal speciality is the international and comparative law of human rights and he regularly pleads religious freedom cases before the European Court of Human Rights. He is considered by many to be the foremost living apologist for biblical Christianity.

This bundle consists of the following nine (9) Apologetics volumes:

  • Christianity for the Tough Minded
  • Defending the Biblical Gospel (Study Guide)
  • Defending the Gospel through the Centuries (Study Guide)
  • Evidence for Faith
  • Faith Founded on Fact
  • How Do We Know There Is a God?
  • God’s Inerrant Word
  • The Transcendent Holmes
  • The Quest for Noah’s Ark

F. F. Bruce Apologetics and Early Church Bundle (5 Volumes)

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This bundle contains five (5) volumes by F. F. Bruce:

  • The Deity of Christ: Was Jesus a Fraud or Was He God? (2018)
  • Defending First-Century Faith: Christian Witness in the New Testament (2017)
  • The Spreading Flame: The Rise and Progress of Christianity from Its First Beginnings to Eighth-Century England (2017)
  • What the Bible Says about the Work of Christ: Jesus Past, Present and Future (2018)
  • In Retrospect: Autobiographical Remembrances (2017)

Apologetics Study Bible Notes

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The Apologetics Study Bible reveals flaws in today’s bizarre world-views while it helps readers grasp the depth of biblical insight on each and every issue. More than 100 articles relate biblical truth to science, history, archaeology, psychology, philosophy, and other critical subjects.