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#105565 Why I prefer OakTree Software, Inc.

Posted by Solly on 29 July 2017 - 02:55 PM

I have been involved in work with computers since the mid 1960's as tools related to my primary area of study and later my profession. Though I have taken programming courses and worked with system administration and programming a bit in connection to my work, I am a computer and software user, and really apply the lens of a consumer to my computer experiences.


In the world of Bible study tools I have experienced the transition from books to the current digital tools and I have sampled many offerings over the last five decades. Too many times those experiences have involved companies that offer much and disappoint greatly. For over twenty-five years I worked extensively with a well recognized company in the Bible software industry, but I became soured towards that company by their marketing approach, pricing, software, and resource decisions.


I have observed changes made to the Accordance website, and they please me. Marketing and advertising are very difficult tasks, because the tastes and needs of the audience are so varied. I hope other Accordance users enjoy the wit and humor employed in the graphics and titles announcing the weekly special offerings as much as I do. As I have stated in the forums, I look forward to Tuesday just to see what the new offerings will be and how they will be presented.


Not only does OakTree treat the difficult task of promotions in a most excellent way, the company also provides support and training truly geared to the needs of the individual user of the software and resources. Another facet is the true helpfulness and gentle approach of the sales staff (no calls pestering a person to buy, buy, buy). A final part of the customer facing side of OakTree is technical support, which mirrors the knowledge, helpfulness, and patience of the sales staff.


This has been my attempt to explain why I am a very happy Accordance customer, and why I promote Accordance products. Operating a business is not an easy task—kudos for a job well done!


Thank you,

Joseph Sollenberger

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#90814 Forums As They Should Be

Posted by Randy Cue on 24 May 2016 - 11:03 AM

I want to publicly state how much I appreciate these forums. I wonder if many of us realize how fortunate we are to have them. I visit other Bible software forums that do not have the class or civility of Accordance's. I have never seen condescending or snarky posts. I have not seen anyone trying impress others with their acumen. I'm sure this all starts with Accordance leadership (Helen, Joel, Dr. J, Rick, et.al.), but it also is a reflection on those you use the forums. It is refreshing to see a Christian endeavor reflect Christian values and character. Once again, thank you to all of you that make it a pleasure to use the forums.

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#87653 Thankful for Accordance!

Posted by Mark Nigro on 29 February 2016 - 07:36 PM

I have used Accordance for about 12 years now (Mac, iOS and more recently Windows) and have always loved it since day one.


It faithfully served me in sermon preparation twice a week for more than 8 years while pastoring a church plant in Italy.


It served me every week in preparing to teach different classes at our Italian Bible college campus for 5 years.


It served me in my theological degree studies in seminary for 6 years, from basic research to original language studies and more.


It has served me in my personal enrichment studies and family devotions.


But for the last four weeks, I have been daily reminded in fresh ways just how invaluable Accordance continues to be in my studies. I occasionally use other software for different reasons (more like a digital reader, really), but nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to the ease of use, speed and versatility that Accordance offers me. I've been teaching Greek this semester at Bible College and I just can't imagine not having Accordance for my job.


So take this as a "Thank you!" to the Accordance team for bringing us what is truly the premier Bible software product in the world, on any platform.

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#64017 Thread on Logos Forum

Posted by Helen Brown on 19 September 2014 - 12:01 AM

I am closing this topic for several reasons:


it has become a catchall for comments on Accordance pricing and other policies, and for comments on features. These are better addressed in separate topics so that relevant replies to a post are not buried in other unrelated topics.


We see no benefit in these long comparisons and discussions which seem to be carried on right now on both forums, largely by the same people. It's not good for us whichever way the opinion goes. I recommend that you fight these battles on neutral ground, or or your own blogs.

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#113455 Accordance Forums

Posted by Randy Cue on 27 February 2018 - 02:12 PM

I have never tried to hide the fact that I own and use other Bible software programs, but there is something I want all of you to know. The level of civility and common Christian behavior on Accordance Forums is unmatched on any other that I am familiar with. That fact is a real compliment to the Accordance staff and to you the users of this fine program. I always look forward to interactions with you all. You exhibit the spirit of Christian concern and love. Thank you all so much.


Soli Deo Gloria,


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#110069 NET Bible Second Edition and how they do it?

Posted by Helen Brown on 04 December 2017 - 06:57 AM

We do plan to get the second edition of the valuable NET as soon as we can.

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#89832 Had the logos guys give me a demo

Posted by mythrenegade on 02 May 2016 - 07:49 AM

I found this interesting. I was at a conference and logos was a sponsor, and I figured it's always good to "look over the fence" a little bit at what the competition has, because my opinions of logos are all formed from when I was in seminary (11 years ago!) and my fellow students always were looking over my shoulder at accordance because they couldn't get the information out of logos. Not that it didn't have it, but they couldn't figure out how to get it.


The salesman was VERY dismissive of Accordance except for "original language research" which is fine, I expect that, but I told him I wanted to see the interface and see what had changed in the 11 years since I last played with it.


In short. it is WAY better than it used to be. No question. 




When I asked him to add a translation to a screen he was working in, it took him a long time, and then he made a comment "oh, i need to put a comma in this box here" and I thought "what member of my staff team is going to remember that?"


The product seemed SLOW. Lots of spinning wheels. When I asked about it, he said he hadn't restarted his computer in a long time. That may be so, but the performance was, to me, unacceptable. 


It seemed to bring up results in resources you don't own, encouraging you to buy them. I'm not sure if that's exactly what was happening, but I _REALLY_ didn't like this. 


Finally, the pricing was very, very expensive. I'll be honest, I have been one of the people who has been pretty critical of Accordance's pricing in the past, feeling that the "dump everything in" pricing of logos worked out cheaper, but when I looked at the resources included that I would like and the price points in play, it was significantly more than I have ever spent on accordance. For me I was looking at a $3000 package for what I consider essential. I could create the same thing in accordance for less than $1000.


And the starter edition of accordance is an amazing value. Logos starter is $300 and it goes up rapidly from there.


I know I sound like a shill at this point, but I'm really not. YES, I've used accordance since I first discovered it at MacWorld like 25 years ago, and yes I have purchased site licenses of accordance and trained my own staff on it, but I really was open to looking at another option if it was better. Based on my fifteen or so minutes with Logos, i can't imagine making the change. 


Accordance rocks.



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#63949 Thread on Logos Forum

Posted by Helen Brown on 18 September 2014 - 07:07 AM

We will introduce very soon a custom upgrade to all the collections and some other bundles that will only charge you for the new modules you are acquiring. That should help the upgrades. We occasionally offer pre-pub specials. We do not have plans to introduce community pricing.

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#85713 Accordance in split screen

Posted by Helen Brown on 09 January 2016 - 08:52 AM

Michael: The Accordance developers are nearing completion of the massive task of bringing all the 20+ year code up to date and making it fully Cocoa. Once that task is completed, implementation of new features and new Mac OS options will be easier and faster. The fact is that we decided to use Carbon initially for OS X so that we could bring all the Classic functionality into OS X as quickly as possible, and also maintain compatibility with Classic. Other companies, such as Nisus, basically had nothing to offer for years while they rewrote their code for OS X, while we continued to support our users.


We are not a large company, and our development team is not numbered in the hundreds. We do appreciate your suggestions. Many of your ideas are good and will certainly be considered along with our ongoing list of improvements that users have requested and developers have planned already. However, we must ask you to be patient as not everything can be accomplished in the immediate future. Some changes that seem very simple actually involve complex programming, especially to ensure that they do not adversely impact other features and functions.


However, your critical tone has invoked some negative responses, and I would ask you to moderate it in order to keep our forums a pleasant space for everyone. You are, of course, free to disagree with the opinions of others, just please watch the underlying tone and impression that you give.

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#52542 I want to say thanks!!

Posted by davidmedina on 21 November 2013 - 02:50 PM

This morning I was checking out Logos forum and got me thinking how easily we can take things our of proportion, context and loose perspective of what is important. How much we complaint and complaint about totally irrelevant things, how ungrateful, hurtful and insensitive we can be. I know that I can be as insensitive as the best. 


We take for granted what the developers of Bible software are trying to do for us. They are, after all, people, brothers and sisters in Christ are the ones that are working hard to give us, to bless us, we great tools to help us study the Bible better and deeper. 


No tools will ever be perfect nor satisfy every user. It is just software. A tool. A mean to an end.


I too loose perspective easily. The other day I posted something our frustration and it clearly came out rude. I am sorry and apologized. 


So I want to say THANKS for all the Accordance people do and are trying to do for us. I know they are very passionate about Accordance and that is a great thing. It shows when they spend time here listing to their user base here in the forum.


Also thanks to all the veteran users that choose to spend their time here to help others learning Accordance. I know that none of you have to but you do and I am very thankful for. 



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#104629 Ability to Search Preferences :)

Posted by Abram K-J on 24 June 2017 - 05:06 PM

I know it's been requested before, but I couldn't find the corresponding threads in the forums, so here's a new one.


The amount of Preferences one can customize in Accordance is nothing short of awesome--far more than just about any other app I use. I really appreciate this.


It would be fantastic (not just for me--thinking of all users) to have an option (if it's possible!) to search for what it is within Preferences you want--i.e., type in "Limit text width" and it takes you there, much as the "System Preferences" in Mac has a search option so you don't have to remember which sub-section of Preferences you need.


I'm guessing this is difficult to program or we might be using it already, but figured I'd start another thread and see what kind of support there might be for this... thanks for considering!

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#99334 Accordance Support is Fantastic!

Posted by Nathan Parker on 03 January 2017 - 08:46 PM

I want to take a moment to mention how fantastic Accordance Technical Support is! I called in about the Atlas crashing issue the week before Christmas, and Billy in Technical Support spent a great deal of time with me over the phone troubleshooting this issue, emailing me to follow up on the issue, as well as escalated my information over to developers. He went out of his way to ensure my issue was taken care of, and the time he took on my issue especially so close to Christmas was above and beyond any support experience I've seen anywhere.


Contrast this with another major Bible software company I've dealt with (and even have an ongoing membership with them), their support teams rushed me off the phone before fully answering my questions and fully testing to ensure my issues were resolved. It took numerous calls and levels and I still didn't receive near the quality of support I received from Accordance when I called in with my issue.


Thank you Billy and Accordance Support for all the efforts you put in to keep customers happy and pleased. While occasionally there will be a few issues with any computer software program (although Accordance is generally stable), I am pleased to see such a fine support team standing behind the product and stepping up to the plate to ensure customers such as myself get the support we need when we need it the most. This alone makes me thrilled to be an Accordance customer!

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#96093 Accordance 12 Collections - looking expensive

Posted by Helen Brown on 28 October 2016 - 10:26 PM



You are a good customer, and I understand that you wanted to share your "scoop" with others on the forums. However, it really is not fair to us to publish and comment on information that we are not ready to release just yet. We hoped to have released the new Collections by now (which is why the podcast was uploaded) but there have been delays, and you all need to be patient for a few more days.


Over the summer we did encourage everyone to upgrade to the higher Collections as these would be going away. The same applies to anyone wanting to buy now, if you like a current Collection, get it now. We have reorganized to make it easier to upgrade along your favorite "track," and to offer higher value packages for those who want them.


As for the value comparisons, you are comparing apples with oranges, as they say. Our current collections do have a "print value" for comparison. This is very hard to calculate since out of print books may be sold for nearly nothing, or for many times their original price. And what price can you put on a fully tagged, completely searchable, and interactive database? The cost of the text alone in print, if there is one?


This time we have not attempted to put a print value on the Collections. The "value" is strictly the sum of the individual items if bought separately at our "regular" prices, not the list prices (which are often much more in the case of current commentaries). So you cannot compare the new values with the older "print values."


As before the upgrade of the program alone is with the Starter Collection $59.90, with reduced upgrade prices for current users and recent purchasers.


Please will everyone just wait until you can see exactly what we are talking about, before passing judgement. We don't want to censor, but we do want to protect our proprietary information until we are ready to release it. You will have plenty of opportunity to discuss later. If you appreciate Accordance, please help us to market it, and don't undermine our efforts.

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#90079 Knowing who wrote the comment without jumping thru hoops

Posted by Mark Allison on 09 May 2016 - 10:07 AM

Coming in 11.2 :-)



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#81414 Thanks for customer support

Posted by Michel Gilbert on 30 September 2015 - 10:35 AM



I didn't want this to get lost in an obscure post:


I thanked Joel and Acc for their customer service, especially for their integrity, keeping their promises, their tenacity, thoroughness, humility, patience, and overall graciousness (had to make the list a perfect seven things).


Again, thank you very much.


Best regards,



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#67271 Accordance 11...how far along?

Posted by Timothy Jenney on 31 October 2014 - 08:06 AM

I agree that broken promises, flawed software, poor customer service, price-gouging, etc., etc. are all important issues. However, let's be fair. Post such complaints on the forums for the company in question, so they have an opportunity to address them. Good companies value customers' feedback. It helps them improve their products and services. I know we at Accordance appreciate it. I'm going to assume other companies feel similarly. Let's do our best to restrict comments on this forum to those relevant to Accordance.

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#123654 Robert Alter's Translation of the Hebrew Bible

Posted by Helen Brown on 01 December 2018 - 03:32 PM

We are planning to pursue a license for this.

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#110637 Update! Accordance Win/Mac 12.2 (this one's a BIG DEAL!)

Posted by R. Mansfield on 16 December 2017 - 04:11 PM

MAJOR UPDATE! Accordance for Windows & Mac has been updated to version 12.2 with NEW features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes. This update is free for all Accordance 12 owners. Use App Update from within Accordance to download the new version.


Read the blog post for more info about the major new features.

New Features
  • Simplified Chinese localization
  • Better localization support in the Atlas and Timeline, including searching for the localized name and disabling localization of these tabs
  • Program localization can now be chosen separate from the system localization
  • Highlight files can be merged, via the Gear menu on the Highlight Palette
  • Websites are now viewed within the Accordance app, with special contextual menu support
  • Pictures can be shown fullscreen, and updated the Picture interface
  • Papers can now be exported to .docx format
  • Papers now support user endnotes, created with the ‘*’ control or right click.
  • Syntax Tree rendering completely redone, with new features and bugs fixed
  • Stacks and Papers synced via Dropbox
  • Initial support for Handoff to compatible platforms
  • Improved transfer of Stack text items to a paper
  • Added capability of accepting new Text modules with more than 64000 different words.
  • Added ability to get a search URL or location URL from a Parallel Tab.
  • Added a Safari User Agent as the WebView, so it pretends to be a Safari browser, not Accordance. This adds Kindle Cloud support.
  • Added support for superscript hyperlinking from a Text to a Tools Notes module in which the superscript numbers in the Text are not superscripted in the Tool Notes.
  • Added support for properly showing Instant Details of a unicode Text from a Tool which has its hyperlinked reference.
  • Minor improvements to 3D map rendering
  • Minor tweaks and improvements to the Paper interface
  • Pasting of list content into a Paper should maintain list formatting
  • Significant redo of menu handling for significantly improved tab performance.
  • When displaying Unicode texts in items associated with a text pane with unicode font, the font of that text pane is now used to display text in several other associated items, rather than just the default font.
  • Added the ability to show transliteration of Arabic Unicode characters.
  • Fixed searching of lexical forms to work properly for tagged Unicode text.
  • Fixed the way that text resizing is done in "link" documents, such as the Parse tab, to not depend upon specific ASCII fonts as was done previously.
  • Fixed the selection of the default interlinear not to add a checkmark to items not relevant to the text, even if the items are dimmed, such as the Key Number for texts that do not have Key Numbers.
  • Fixed popup menu that did not reliably show the default text of the inflected and lexical word lists when first opening the dialog.
  • Fixed text layout computation of text width with Arabic Unicode characters because of the way that Arabic characters change their width depending upon their position in a word.
  • Refined logic for which links open in internal browser and which go to external browser.
  • When searching in the ETCBC database for words in a phrase, the sub-phrase item is now ignored in the depth measurement.
  • When searching in the ETCBC database for tags together with a word in the same column, the sub-phrase item is now ignored so that its parent can be found associated with a word.
  • When searching for Syntax phrases or clauses in which the depth is greater than 0, words that are in a different clause from that of the "parent" phrase or clause are now ignored.
  • Added global preference to default Clause/Phrase depth to limit within a clause boundary.
  • Added Handoff support for Tools tabs, though there are still some recognition problems.
  • Completed the code for setting individual Syntax Phrase and Clauses items to limit the depth to clause boundaries.
  • The text explaining what a construct is linked to will now shorten when the tab is narrow.
  • Added new Info Pane section, My Toolset, that lets a user customize a set of tools to be searched by reference, like the Grammars were.
  • For info pane Instant Details of non-reference tools, now the hit paragraph is shown instead of the article. This is toggled with the Command key for expanded ID, so with the Command key it can show the context.
  • Changed Antecedent drawing to not have a flagpole and point towards the word, depending on the language RTL.
  • Changed BeginSpeech and Antecedent drawing to stick with their word if at an edge, rather than moving up to the prior word.
  • Updated Info pane +/- icons and fixed My Toolset Gear icon
  • Improved Info pane lookup of non-reference tools to do an equals (e.g. =Gen 5:3) search for better results.
  • The contextual help button will open the main help page if no tabs are open.
  • Papers will only save if something has changed.
  • Pressing ESC or ENTER while editing a paper item will now select it after exiting.
  • Now Accordance will dim the Download button on Easy Install until 'Install' or 'Cancel' is pressed in the message dialog
  • Added a contextual help item for Stacks and Papers
  • New notes files will now appear in the User Notes drop down menu without needing to restart accordance.
  • Default interlinear texts will now be set and saved if the current default are blank.
  • When saving a large text selection, don’t have the 1000 verse limit if only displaying references.
  • Due to popular demand, added the Web Browser to the New menu (opens Accordance homepage)
  • Improved Web Doc amplifying to process phrases with punctuation better, either removing it or replacing with ‘*’ as necessary going to texts or tools.
  • Fixed incorrect 1x Web Doc Refresh icon that had a white instead of transparent background.
  • The web browser will now remember searches done in accordance help when tabs are moved around.
  • Anchor links within webpages will now activate the back/forward buttons, as in most modern browsers.
  • Stack files and Paper files can now be opened from the open menu.
  • Added support for tagged text gloss files with Unicode lexical forms.
  • Endnotes are no longer hidden when they contain no text.
  • Updated Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and French localization
  • Updated help files for 12.2

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#105574 Why I prefer OakTree Software, Inc.

Posted by Michel Gilbert on 30 July 2017 - 12:24 PM



Based on historical momentum, or a resource not being available in Acc (yet), I still use BW and L. But overall, I greatly prefer Acc and promote it for the reasons Solly gave, and these additional ones:


i) their scholarly vision of the syntax databases;

ii) their offering of Modules like the Ugaritic Data Bank, which probably won't pay for themselves, but will provide scholarly dividends in the future;

iii) giving a long leash to each Member on the Forums, and rarely closing/locking a thread. They didn't even take down the latest open letter to Acc and Logos, "The sad state of Mobile Bible software;"

iv) their Mobile app, about which, see the marvelous features mentioned in "The sad state . . . ;

v) an intangible quality of humility, patience, and service. My case is a good example. Because of what I just mentioned, I have asked a lot of Acc. But they've been patient with me, and I can see now that they had to be extra patient with me for a while;

vi) recognizing that most Members are as passionate as they are about studying God's Word, and that feature requests, etc. are just a means to that end; conversely, their ability to bring us back down to earth with practical business and limited resource advice;

vii) their business/ministry ethics.


I once thanked Acc for their integrity, promise keeping, tenacity, thoroughness, humility, patience, and overall graciousness. Nothing has changed. And notice that both lists are of a perfect number of seven things.





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#101622 #153) Illuminating "Day"

Posted by Timothy Jenney on 17 March 2017 - 03:31 PM

The latest podcast is up!


#153) Illuminating "Day" (Heb. yom)


What does the word “day” mean in Genesis 1:5? This podcast is a study of this question, one of the critical issues for interpreting the Creation account in Genesis 1. Using “day” as a case study, Dr. J shows both the correct and the incorrect ways to study a word in the Bible. In the process, he demonstrates five features in Accordance that make quick word studies easy—and sheds some “light” on this contentious issue.





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