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Tab naming

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 11:58 PM

Hi ya,


  I have been creating a Greek Lexica workspace. In it I have a bunch of tabs in separate zones [LINKed] together to the first one. That way I can get multiple definitions at once and all visible side by side. So far so good. As I was doing this I had another workspace open and in that other workspace some of the same resources were already open. So by default some of my lexicon tabs has names suffixed with " 2" or " 3". Now one happened to be Mounce Greek Dictionary 3. It also happened to be the one to which I link all the others.


  I then thought I didn't much like the suffixes so I began to rename tabs. Now I know that [link ...] can refer to tabs in other workspaces without requiring any workspace specification, so I wondered what would happen if I changed the tab name to something that duplicated something already open in another workspace. Curiosity maiming another would-be feline I tried it out. Two things happened :


  1. In the Greek Lexica ws I renamed Mounce Greek Dictionary 3 to Mounce Greek Dictionary and the links in other tabs to that tab were not updated. So the links were now broken. Not hard to fix but a little surprising.


  2. Despite the lack of workspace specification in the [LINK ] command if you know which Mounce Greek Dictionary to select from the cmd-shift-L lookup it seems to work. It is however hard to tell based on the link command itself what its linking to.


  3. If another workspace is open such there is a possible confusion over which tab a [link tabname] refers to I get the attached error dialog when I run a search in one of the identically named tabs.


Attached File  dupTab.jpg   12.56KB   0 downloads


  I had a look through the documentation on the naming of tabs and there does not seem to be any restriction specified for tab names, nor any scoping rules defined. Are there any ?


  If the above 3 observations are expected, particularly if the message in item 3 is due to the duplicate names, which is not clear from the message itself, though closing the other workspace allows the query to succeed, I wonder if it might be good to consider:


  a. optional workspace specification in the LINK command

  b. rules of precedence such as to look for the name in the current workspace




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