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A Refinement

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Posted 09 January 2014 - 11:53 PM

I appreciate the implementation of additional information Accordance 10 has offered. Perhaps some further tweaks could be made.


From a researchers perspective, the authors name is more important to me than title of an article—this is especially so in a dictionary. So, perhaps Accordance could tweak a few things in terms of its presentation of “meta-data,” information that sets up expectations for reading.


Take for example the current query I put forward to a Search All. I entered the string “Frank Moore Cross.” I then double clicked on the Dictionary of Early Judaism from the Search All window. The first question I have is “Who wrote this article?” Of course, I could scroll to the end of the article—but that's what happens when I resource this in print. An electronic edition should do everything the print does—and a whole lot more. In this case, part of the whole lot more would be to offer the Title of the Article and Author in pane, move the resource name to the Zone. 


To summarize, currently this is what I see:

[attachment=4486:Screenshot 2014-01-09 20.31.39.png]


It would great to see (in good ol’Fashioned critical format):

Workspace = Workspace (Keep the same)

Early Judaism Dictionary] Dict. of Early Judaism (shift this up to the Zone level)

Dict. of Early Judaism] Author, Article title (add this to the pane heading)


With respect and thanks,



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