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Facilitating Highlighting

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Posted 24 January 2014 - 01:48 PM

I like to color-highlight lexicons / dictionaries to make them more legible.  However, it is time consuming to be going back and forth from the Color-Highlight Pallet to the text.  I was thinking how nice it would be if once you have highlit a word or phrase you could just push a number on the keyboard to get the color highlight.


I give an example though I don't see a way to highlight with this word processor, so I use color of font change for hightlight.

For example, from BDAG: 

"ἀπό (Hom.+) prep. w. gen. (see the lit. on ἀνά, beg., also for ἀπό: KDieterich, IndogF 24, 1909, 93–158; LfgrE s.v.). Basic sense ‘separation from’ someone or someth., fr. which the other uses have developed. In the NT it has encroached on the domain of Att. ἐκ, ὑπό, παρά, and the gen. of separation; s. Mlt. 102; 246; Mlt-Turner 258f.

1. a marker to indicate separation from a place, whether person or thing, from, away from

a. w. all verbs denoting motion, esp. those compounded w. ἀπό:" . . .

b. w. all verbs expressing the idea of separation ἐκβάλλειν τὸ κάρφος ἀ. τοῦ ὀφθαλμοῦ remove the splinter fr. the eye Mt 7:4 v.l.


1 = blue = 1st level of meaning

2 = green = 2nd (sub) level of meaning

3 = orange = 3rd (sub sub) level of meaning.

4 = pink = meaning,

5 = yellow = NT reference or quotation.


I would like to drag the mouse over the phrase to be highlit.  Then just push a number for the color and have the highlight accomplished.  The numbers would be assigned as you produce the color pallet for a particular highlight scheme.


BTW, I wish that the change from pi to paragraph sign exhibited above would cease when I copy & paste Greek from Accordance.  For some reason ἀpό is changed to ἀπό.

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