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Preordering to gather interest

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Posted 04 April 2014 - 06:23 AM

i haven't found another topic like this by searching the forum


I thought about what Helen wrote yesterday in another topic about software release of books.. everyone wants discounts etc.

I see modules more like books. Ive got access to nearly all released modules here in accordance as actually printed books and I look at them and consider if I want them as a module.. and im willing to pay for the advantage that a module does have. (Faster searching etc..) So they shouldn't be discounted more than what it would cost to print and ship the printed copies. I don't say no to discount but I prefer having the choice that I can buy what I need for serious studying and paying the costs of it than getting something just because its cheap..



What if we changed the game for some module request:


Maybe we could preorder discussable upcoming modules to gather interest.

When enough people preordered a module this goes on a list of preparation through Accordance and will then be available when its done..


exampli gratia:

we need at least 1000ppl to buy this to gather our development cost (wages, license fees etc)


- Accordance figures out if theres an etext and if the publisher is willing to

- Give out a preorder price

*ppl starting preordering and when 1000ppl are interested

-> Accordance charges like 25-50% of the preordered price and starts development


after its done and it will finally released we get the module and accordance charges the rest of the preorder price.




Maybe this could be a model of getting it right and helping accordance to stay more profitable?

You probably thought this through already: I just found an old topic on the forum where u said: plz don't send in pre orders...


Accordance does already have incredible collections. So they're offering a lot for your money.






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#2 Helen Brown

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Posted 04 April 2014 - 08:38 AM

This is the model used by another software company. At Accordance we like to "Think Different" and we are not interested in this program, nor in asking users to commit to purchasing something that may or may not become available, nor to charging them for a module until it is almost ready.


Sometimes we do offer a pre-release special, but again, the module in question is by then close to release.

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Helen Brown
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Posted 04 April 2014 - 11:45 AM

The other company has had much difficulties getting things made with their pre pub too.. many items never make it, they put things up on speculation only to find out they can't get it sometimes. And rather than releasing something that might bring other Christians to your software it just reenforces this company releases these books for these users. Accordance thinks different. Accordance offers broader selections in many ways, and is not afraid to look at a top quality work and say we will get this for the quality of the work and not the popularity  of a resource. Now I am not saying they release resources that virtually no one wants or they won't make money on, but I am often pleasantly surprised to see something get released in Accordance that more conservative Christians might never want. I am aware that the more conservative wings of Christianity maybe the largest market of Bible software, but not the only one and I am glad Accordance brings out things like Anchor, New Interpreter's, and the Modern Torah Commentary for those of us that want a different view point.I sort of laugh at myself as I write this because I really don't fit into any theological pigeon hole well, I find truth in both camps, and in the end I try to let the Bible and the Spirit of the gospels be the final word on what I see as Orthodoxy. 



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