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Questions From A Beginner - Accordance 11 vs Logos 6 Original Language Study

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Timothy Jenney


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Posted 13 April 2015 - 07:43 AM

I have been following this thread with interest.


It's always helpful to know how our customers perceive us. We appreciate your compliments and learn from your criticisms. It's not surprising to me that some prefer one program, others another, still others use both (if for different tasks).


By way of help, let me offer this list for evaluating Bible software programs in general:


1. Search engine performance (stability, speed, precision, features, platforms supported)

2. Price (initial and upgrades)

3. Resources available for purchase (quality, number, ease of use, cost, accuracy, support for a specific area of interest)

4. Training (quality, availability, cost)

5. Support (responsiveness, effectiveness, overall attitude)

6. Community (Is it friendly? Helpful? Active? Enthusiastic?)

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Posted 14 April 2015 - 10:02 PM


I have been following this thread with interest.


It's always helpful to know how our customers perceive us. We appreciate your compliments and learn from your criticisms. It's not surprising to me that some prefer one program, others another, still others use both (if for different tasks).


By way of help, let me offer this list for evaluating Bible software programs in general:


1. Search engine performance (stability, speed, precision, features, platforms supported)

2. Price (initial and upgrades)

3. Resources available for purchase (quality, number, ease of use, cost, accuracy, support for a specific area of interest)

4. Training (quality, availability, cost)

5. Support (responsiveness, effectiveness, overall attitude)

6. Community (Is it friendly? Helpful? Active? Enthusiastic?)


I appreciate the feedback so far and the lively discussion this seemed to have started.  I agree that evaluation of each program is more than just the software itself and I do see the value of Accordance and how it will fit into my toolbox in the future.


1.  Search engine performance - So far I think Accordance is faster, but Logos appears to be deeper.  I call it a draw and both are immensely useful.  I'm still somewhat overwhelmed with the results in both so this will be further evaluated over time.


2.  Price.  For the resources wanted to start with, Logos was cheaper only because the sales team gave me a large discount.  Accordance may have been able to match the offers, but I decided to choose Logos as my library software.  I had a lot of commentaries already built up over the years due to community pricing so I wanted to keep as much in one library as I could if costs were close.  This is nothing against Accordance.  I think the base packages under $1000 are excellent values for Accordance.  Whereas I felt Logos only met it's full potential starting with the gold package.  I ended up with the platinum package only because it was tied to a very significant discount on other items I wanted like NICOT/NICNT.


3.  Resources Available For Purchase.  For my areas of interest, Logos won this category hands down.  Especially when I factored in resources available in the growing Vyrso catalogue.  Quantity of resources has always been Logos' strong point.  Accordance a vast amount of very useful resources, so it's not like Accordance is weak in this area.  It's just Logos is slightly stronger in my novice opinion.


4.  Training.  This is an area that I feel is clearly in favor of Accordance.  Logos has training, but it cost big bucks.  Accordance has a lot of free training videos and resources.  


5.  Support.  I feel this is a draw.  Both companies have been responsive.


6.  Community.  I also fee this is a draw at this point in time.  


So all in all, both software have their place in a person's toolbox.  They'll both be in mine.  Accordance will just have to wait a bit longer since I'm looking to purchase a home at the moment which puts any further software investments on hold.


Again I appreciate the ongoing discussion and feedback.  I've learned quite a bit since I first started this thread.  It's no longer an Accordance vs Logos question.  It's now a "how can I best use both Logos and Accordance?".  At this point in time my workflow is to utilize Accordance for original language study including Dead Sea Scrolls research and to use Logos for all other Bible Study activities since I plan to have as much as my library in there as possible.

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Posted 02 May 2015 - 04:51 PM

Today I added COPTIC NEW TESTAMENTS as well as Dunn on COLOSSIANS & PHILEMON in the NIGTC -series, to my wishlist.
Last Month I added DICTIONARY OF EPIGRAPHIC HEBREW to Wish List (there was a sale on a couple of more expensive bit more archaeological modules with the texts without morphological tagging as well as a bundled product with the tagging and including the dictionary but I decided all those were too expensive/contained too much I wouldn't use as I was not overly keen on paying for morphological tagging).

I've now got the BENSIRA-C -module I mentioned, it cost me $39.90 during a sale:

I have:


BENSIRA-C: $49.90
LXXG-SIR: $79.90
... on my Wish List and I bought myself a gift card that covers them if there's a 20% off sale sometime in the future.

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