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"See Inside"

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#1 Gordon



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Posted Today, 01:41 AM

When I see a book (module) advertised on  Accordance that I'm not familiar with, I often have to go to Amazon or to Logos to read more in depth about its contents.  The sample page(s) that Accordance offers (together with some reviews as well) are sometimes not adequate enough to make a judgment about the book. ​I want to see more pages of the book in question.  Logos, in particular, has this wonderful thing called "see inside" which provides a plethora of pages from the volume under consideration.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if Accordance could provide such a service as well?  How about it Accordance?

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Posted Today, 03:46 PM

Agreed. I too have commented on this in the past.


I don't live in a library and neither do I work in a seminary, so when there is a new Accordance module that is usually the very first I've heard of it.

Sometimes buying a module is something of a shot in the dark, a bit hit and miss. Please help us ignorant customers make more informed choices.

Some of actually want to throw money at you.



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Posted Today, 05:57 PM



It does seem strange to visit brand L to check for more detailed module contents, but I have also found myself doing this (as well as Amazon and Christianbook - who also have preview pages). 

Maybe it's just me over analysing before parting with the £...

#4 Michael Hunt

Michael Hunt


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Posted Today, 08:01 PM

Most publishers have this kind of information on their product pages or link to someone like Amazon or Google books. A quick search of the net easily pulls up this information as well as peer reviews (which is usually more what I am looking for when making a decision about a technical resource).


What I would like to see is more examples/screen shots of the module in Accordance and how the software makes it "shine". In the past Dr J said he could highlight each new resource in a podcast but now that the volume of resources is increasing so quickly this is not possible. This is something I am both glad (yay more resources) and sad (I didn't even know that that was available/possible in Accordance).


[Heading slightly off-topic]


It does seem that today bible software publishers are generally falling somewhere between one of two camps


1. Make as large as possible library of titles available (result is that for many of the titles the software become nothing more than an e-reader).

2. Make a smaller library of titles available and focus on the software assisting its users unlock the treasures of the library (downside is that not every title we would like is available).


Accordance in my mind falls into the second category (and is why I am such a fan) but I hope they can somehow streamline the process of negotiating/acquiring/developing titles because some of the numbers growth out there [i.e. titles now available compared to the past] is staggering.

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