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Question about importing material in other languages (Spanish, French, etc), searches and storage

language import spanish special characters french

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#1 victorsegura



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Posted 06 October 2016 - 11:06 AM

Hi everybody,


I'm in the research stages on trying to figure out which Bible Software product to purchase. We at the seminary had a demo of the newest version of Accordance and was quite impressed, but there was a couple of questions I couldn't get an answer.


I have material in Spanish that I'd like to import into Accordance. Spanish, as other languages like French, German and such have special characters - for example, accents (á, é, í, ó, ú), ñ, etc. - you get the idea. So question #1 is, can I import Spanish/French/German material into Accordance and keep the special characters?


#2 (or 1a) - I tried looking in the forums and was able to find some information from an old thread about UTF-8, but it also said there were bugs in it. Have these bugs been fixed so I can import material in other languages?


#3 - does the imported material have to be exclusively in .TXT format, or will it take .RTF, .PDF, .EPUB, etc?


#4 - Once the material is imported, will it be indexed and ready to search on in the main dashboard, or will I need to do a separate search? 


#5 - could I search for a term in English and Spanish (for example, search for love (amor in Spanish) and have a way to get results in both languages?


#6 - I read somewhere that Accordance connects to Dropbox instead of a local server... does it mean I'd need to buy a subscription to Dropbox (I think there is only like 2gb of free storage) - could it also connect to Google Drive or Onedrive?


#7 - BONUS - what are some things that would make Accordance stand out from say Logos (Aside from price and flexibility of use in older computers, and maybe speed)?


Thank you everybody for your help. God bless.



#2 Fabian



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Posted 06 October 2016 - 12:17 PM

Hello Victor


I try to answer your questions:


#1 Yes. Auch Deutsch ist möglich. 

#2 Yes even Chinese Japanese etc. is now possible

#3 TXT and HTML, the last is to prefer, so all headings etc. will be correct import and you have then the Tool browser which shows you all titles. EPub is a html so you can it convert it with Calibreebook.org to a HTMLz and the unzip it to a HTML and then you are able to import it. I've done so many times.

#4 Both for simple searches the "Research" function works over all modules even on the User Tools. But like all other Accordance module you have more options to search if you use the search in the Tools.

#5 love <and> armor will be used. So there is no translation tool included, which search for Gott and God (German and English) if you don't have it as search option. A search like Google or so would be great. (my request feature).

#6 Dropbox is a possible one, Sorry I don't use Windows but so I know per W-Lan it is also possible to sync. 

#7 here are other user more competent.






P.S. Accordance 12 is waiting behind the door and will be released soon.



ATTENTION: My bug reports are all with the GERMAN INTERFACE and with the EUROPEAN NOTATION! It can be the English interface has no bugs, I describe.

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in nearer future.

#3 Douglas Fyfe

Douglas Fyfe


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Posted 10 October 2016 - 09:30 PM

Just on #6 - the dropbox is to store your notes and preferences. These are typically insignificant in size.

So you would not need to pay for a higher level of dropbox unless it is already full - but Accordance would only be a miniscule percent.

And even then, it is only if you wish to sync. Accordance resides completely on your computer, and if you delete it or upgrade you can simply download it again from the Accordance website.

You don't need to be online to use it; again, it's only for syncing your preferences and that sort of thing if you use it on say a work and home computer.


On #7 - there are hundreds of comments on the forum comparing Accordance to other Bible software. 

Obviously most people will be biased toward Accordance, but many use multiple software or have migrated to Accordance from another.

So best bet is to have a look around the forum for that sort of advice (people will be able to make specific suggestions if you can suggest what your specific needs are).

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