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master verb chart in Mounce's BBG, Chapter 25

master verb chart

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#1 Jonna Schmidt

Jonna Schmidt


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Posted Yesterday, 08:53 PM



I want to let everyone know that: I have truly been blessed by Accordance!!! I am 55 years old, and by God's grace, I have been able to enroll and persist with Dr. Bill Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek (Semester 1 & 2). Without Accordance, I would have NEVER gotten past the 1st semester mid-term, let alone arriving to the 2nd Semester!! So.... please do NOT -- do NOT -- think that I am being nit-picky!!!


HOWEVER.... I was in class last night with Dr. Mounce -- that's right: THE DR BILL MOUNCE -- and I had an answer that was wrong!!! I am sinful, prone to mistakes, but the problem was: I was using Accordance's MASTER VERB CHART which has some imperfections! So, please! Get things fixed!! 




Jonna from Michigan



Tense    Aug/Redup   Tense stem   Tense form.  Conn. vowel  Personal endings  1st sing paradigm


Present act                        pres                                  o/e                    prim act                lu/w


Present mid/pas               pres                                    o/e                  prim mid/pas          lu/omai


Imperfect act      e             pres                                  o/e                     sec act                 e¶luon


Imperfect mid/pas     e       pres                                 o/e                      sec mid/pas       e˙luo/mhn


Future act                             fut act           s               o/e                     prim act              lu/sw

Liquid fut act                       fut act            es            o/e                       prim act             menw◊

Future mid                         fut act               s            o/e                       prim mid/pas      poreu/somai

Liquid fut mid                    fut act              qhs          o/e                  prim mid/pas     luqh/somai

2nd future pas                   aor pas           hs            o/e                      prim mid/pas     aÓpostalh/somai



ANYWAY.... the correct answers with regards to the last items are as follows:


Future act                           fut act                  σ                 ο/ ε                           prim act                 λύσω  

Liquid fut act                       fut act                 εσ                ο/ ε                          prim act                 μενῶ

Future mid                          fut act                  σ                  ο/ ε                          prim mid/ pas       πορεύσομαι

Liquid fut mid                        fut act               εσ                ο/ ε                         prim mid/ pas           ἀποσταλήσομαι

Zondervan (2015-05-05). Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar (Kindle Locations 16538-16609). Zondervan. Kindle Edition. 
This was taken from my KINDLE version of Dr. Mounce's BBG.
Anyway: I can totally see how easy it is for someone to make a mistake with the copy-pasting! Totally get it! HOWEVER... please!! Make your chart to conform with Dr. Mounce's BBG!!! I don't want to use another software program!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

Edited by Jonna Schmidt, Yesterday, 08:54 PM.

#2 Mark Allison

Mark Allison


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Posted Today, 07:21 AM

Ouch! Sorry about that! Working on an update now. 


Interestingly, I think the Kindle version may have it wrong as well. I believe the correct chart for liquid future middle should be:


Liquid fut mid fut act θησ ο/ε prim mid/pas μενοῦμαι

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