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NEW! Preacher's Commentary series (35 volumes)

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#1 R. Mansfield

R. Mansfield


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Posted 26 June 2017 - 03:38 PM

Trusted by pastors everywhere, THE PREACHER'S COMMENTARY series (35 volumes) is now available for the Accordance Bible Software Library with incredible 72% OFF introductory pricing for a limited time!


For more information, please see today's blog post.      


Accordance 12 screenshot:



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Posted Yesterday, 05:05 PM

The introductory price is great! I am thinking of getting the series...I just can't seem to find any reviews outside of one left by Dan (which is great), but I'm looking for more of a consensus. Anyone care to help? 

Shalom! In Christ, Keith.

#3 John Fidel

John Fidel


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Posted Yesterday, 05:44 PM


It really depends on what else you have. There are several expository/homiletical commentaries that I prefer including Wierbe Be Series; Preaching the Word; NIV Application and NT Wright's Everyone series. It does cover the complete bible which is nice and there are a few really good volumes such as Walter Kaiser on Micah-Malaci; Doug Stuart on Ezekiel and the volume on Daniel.


From the introduction to Hebrews: "This commentary series is not designed for many footnotes and quotations. Rather, it is to be an aid to those who desire to teach and illustrate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ out of responsible scholarship but without the heavy drapes of academic sophistication." I think that summarized the approach of much of these commentaries well.

 Louis H. Evans Jr and Lloyd J. Ogilvie, Hebrews (vol. 33; The Preacher’s Commentary Series; Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Inc, 1985), 17.


If you do not have any of the above and want an expository/homiletical commentary that covers the entire bible it is a good deal, but it is not my go to commentary.

#4 keithp



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Posted Yesterday, 06:53 PM

Hey John, thank you for your prompt reply. I have Wiersbe Be Series, NIVAC OT/NT, Wright's for Everyone series, not Preaching the Word though. Thanks for the advice John! 

Shalom! In Christ, Keith.

#5 Michael Hunt

Michael Hunt


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Posted Yesterday, 09:17 PM

Hi Keith,


I would second John's thoughts and say while it is good in and of itself, it does show its age against resources such as Preaching the Word. It is a homiletical commentary so its insight is useful for preachers, but you are only going to see how one person decided to deal with the text in their context.


I own it on another platform and even at the sale price can't justify buying it just to have it in Accordance.


I have said it before and will say it again if you are a Preacher then you really should consider getting the Holman Bible Commentary (it is included in the English Discover Collection). I believe Accordance would do well to see if the Preachers Commentary Series could be added to a future collection. It would complement Holman well in that category.


Anyhow here is an Outline of 2 Corinthians from the Preachers Commentary

Leadership With Integrity: 1:1–24

- The Fellowship of Suffering: 1:1–11
- Making Clear Where You Stand: 1:12–24
The Sweet Smell of Victory: 2:1–17

- When Things Go from Bad to Worse: 2:1–4
- Learning to Forgive and Restore: 2:5–11
- Learning to Live with a Sense of Winning: 2:12–17
The Religion of the Spirit: 3:1–18

- Based on Superior Credentials: 3:1–6
- Based on a Superior Covenant: 3:7–18
The Unconquerable Spirit: 4:1–18

- The Gospel We Share: 4:1–6
- The Unconquerable Life: 4:7–18
The Hope that Motivates: 5:1–21

- Looking at Life After Death: 5:1–11
- The Motive for Ministry: 5:12–21
The Consistent Life: 6:1–18

- The High Cost of Ministry: 6:1–13
- The Separated Life: 6:14–18
When Pain Produces Joy: 7:1–16
Learning to Enjoy Giving: 8:1–24

- Learning from the Giving of Others: 8:1–15
- Managing Well What is Given: 8:16–24
Seeing the Spiritual in the Secular: 9:1–15
How to Deal with Critics: 10:1–18

- Authority that is Real: 10:1–11
- Boasting in the Lord: 10:12–18
The High Cost of Caring: 11:1–33

- The Parenting Concern: 11:1–21
- Suffering for the Cause: 11:22–33
The Basis for Glorying: 12:1–21

- A Vision of God: 12:1–10
- Learning to Relate to People: 12:11–21
A Warning and a Blessing: 13:1–14

Formerly known as oddsocks

#6 Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis


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Posted Yesterday, 10:35 PM

It is offered at an ok price (probably best one that is going to come along these days as I don't see Zondervan allowing the lower prices that often came up when Nelson was in charge). I really love some volumes, it is sometimes a bit dated in examples but I have enjoyed it over the years... It is sometimes much better than the Be Series sometimes not as good... I think this is a good set to own but if you own many devotional sermon type commentaries perhaps you don't need this, it has some really wonderful volumes and weaker ones... I do not use it always but I have found it useful over the years.




PS: I also am not planning on duplicating it in Accordance.. If the only sermon styled/devotional commentary i owned was the Be Series I would say this is a good compliment for it... If you own several perhaps this one is not needed. It was one I had when I didn't have too many others and use to use it a lot I found it had a fair amount of insight, it is not NIB or Interpretation but those were two I was primarily using along with EBC, this made a nice compliment for those 3. Even after buying the Be Series I found I personally still used PCS more often. I have many more sets now but still go back to the PCS now and then and find value in it.

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