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Hebrew Vocab lists with glosses for different stems

Hebrew Vocab

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#1 Phil Stolk

Phil Stolk


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Posted 17 September 2017 - 06:01 PM

Does anyone know if it's possible to generate a vocab list from a passage that provides glosses for each different stem, rather than just a single gloss for the root?

For example, if a passage contains a root in both the Qal and the Piel, is it possible to have a separate vocab item for each, with a gloss that reflects the different stems?

#2 Helen Brown

Helen Brown


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Posted 17 September 2017 - 07:10 PM

The glosses are actually matched to the lexical forms not the roots. However they are not provided for the different inflected forms, nor for different stems etc. So if you search for a root and analyze the results you will see a different gloss on each lexical (dictionary) form but not on further breakdown of the results.


For example, here is the basic analysis of a search for the root ayin-resh-beit.

ערב (220 total words)

Number of different forms = 16:
(Triple-click a form to see its occurrences)

        ‏(ערב)    עָרֹב‎    swarm = 9
        ‏(ערב)    עָרֵב    sweet = 2
        ‏(ערב)    עֲרַב    Arabia = 3
        ‏(ערב)    עֲרָב    desert = 2
        ‏(ערב)    ערב־0    to mix = 4
        ‏(ערב)    ערב־1    to pledge, exchange = 17
        ‏(ערב)    ערב־2    to mix, interfere = 5
        ‏(ערב)    ערב־3    to be sweet = 7
        ‏(ערב)    ערב־4    to be pleasing = 1
        ‏(ערב)    ערב־5    to be evening = 3
        ‏(ערב)    עֵרֶב־1    woof = 9
        ‏(ערב)    עֵרֶב־2    mixture = 5
        ‏(ערב)    עֹרֵב־1    raven = 10
        ‏(ערב)    עֹרֵב־2    Oreb = 7
        ‏(ערב)    עֶרֶב־1    evening = 134
        (ערב)    עֶרֶב־2    Arabia = 2

Helen Brown
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