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Update! Accordance Win/Mac 12.2 (this one's a BIG DEAL!)

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#1 R. Mansfield

R. Mansfield


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Posted Yesterday, 04:11 PM

MAJOR UPDATE! Accordance for Windows & Mac has been updated to version 12.2 with NEW features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes. This update is free for all Accordance 12 owners. Use App Update from within Accordance to download the new version.


Read the blog post for more info about the major new features.

New Features
  • Simplified Chinese localization
  • Better localization support in the Atlas and Timeline, including searching for the localized name and disabling localization of these tabs
  • Program localization can now be chosen separate from the system localization
  • Highlight files can be merged, via the Gear menu on the Highlight Palette
  • Websites are now viewed within the Accordance app, with special contextual menu support
  • Pictures can be shown fullscreen, and updated the Picture interface
  • Papers can now be exported to .docx format
  • Papers now support user endnotes, created with the ‘*’ control or right click.
  • Syntax Tree rendering completely redone, with new features and bugs fixed
  • Stacks and Papers synced via Dropbox
  • Initial support for Handoff to compatible platforms
  • Improved transfer of Stack text items to a paper
  • Added capability of accepting new Text modules with more than 64000 different words.
  • Added ability to get a search URL or location URL from a Parallel Tab.
  • Added a Safari User Agent as the WebView, so it pretends to be a Safari browser, not Accordance. This adds Kindle Cloud support.
  • Added support for superscript hyperlinking from a Text to a Tools Notes module in which the superscript numbers in the Text are not superscripted in the Tool Notes.
  • Added support for properly showing Instant Details of a unicode Text from a Tool which has its hyperlinked reference.
  • Minor improvements to 3D map rendering
  • Minor tweaks and improvements to the Paper interface
  • Pasting of list content into a Paper should maintain list formatting
  • Significant redo of menu handling for significantly improved tab performance.
  • When displaying Unicode texts in items associated with a text pane with unicode font, the font of that text pane is now used to display text in several other associated items, rather than just the default font.
  • Added the ability to show transliteration of Arabic Unicode characters.
  • Fixed searching of lexical forms to work properly for tagged Unicode text.
  • Fixed the way that text resizing is done in "link" documents, such as the Parse tab, to not depend upon specific ASCII fonts as was done previously.
  • Fixed the selection of the default interlinear not to add a checkmark to items not relevant to the text, even if the items are dimmed, such as the Key Number for texts that do not have Key Numbers.
  • Fixed popup menu that did not reliably show the default text of the inflected and lexical word lists when first opening the dialog.
  • Fixed text layout computation of text width with Arabic Unicode characters because of the way that Arabic characters change their width depending upon their position in a word.
  • Refined logic for which links open in internal browser and which go to external browser.
  • When searching in the ETCBC database for words in a phrase, the sub-phrase item is now ignored in the depth measurement.
  • When searching in the ETCBC database for tags together with a word in the same column, the sub-phrase item is now ignored so that its parent can be found associated with a word.
  • When searching for Syntax phrases or clauses in which the depth is greater than 0, words that are in a different clause from that of the "parent" phrase or clause are now ignored.
  • Added global preference to default Clause/Phrase depth to limit within a clause boundary.
  • Added Handoff support for Tools tabs, though there are still some recognition problems.
  • Completed the code for setting individual Syntax Phrase and Clauses items to limit the depth to clause boundaries.
  • The text explaining what a construct is linked to will now shorten when the tab is narrow.
  • Added new Info Pane section, My Toolset, that lets a user customize a set of tools to be searched by reference, like the Grammars were.
  • For info pane Instant Details of non-reference tools, now the hit paragraph is shown instead of the article. This is toggled with the Command key for expanded ID, so with the Command key it can show the context.
  • Changed Antecedent drawing to not have a flagpole and point towards the word, depending on the language RTL.
  • Changed BeginSpeech and Antecedent drawing to stick with their word if at an edge, rather than moving up to the prior word.
  • Updated Info pane +/- icons and fixed My Toolset Gear icon
  • Improved Info pane lookup of non-reference tools to do an equals (e.g. =Gen 5:3) search for better results.
  • The contextual help button will open the main help page if no tabs are open.
  • Papers will only save if something has changed.
  • Pressing ESC or ENTER while editing a paper item will now select it after exiting.
  • Now Accordance will dim the Download button on Easy Install until 'Install' or 'Cancel' is pressed in the message dialog
  • Added a contextual help item for Stacks and Papers
  • New notes files will now appear in the User Notes drop down menu without needing to restart accordance.
  • Default interlinear texts will now be set and saved if the current default are blank.
  • When saving a large text selection, don’t have the 1000 verse limit if only displaying references.
  • Due to popular demand, added the Web Browser to the New menu (opens Accordance homepage)
  • Improved Web Doc amplifying to process phrases with punctuation better, either removing it or replacing with ‘*’ as necessary going to texts or tools.
  • Fixed incorrect 1x Web Doc Refresh icon that had a white instead of transparent background.
  • The web browser will now remember searches done in accordance help when tabs are moved around.
  • Anchor links within webpages will now activate the back/forward buttons, as in most modern browsers.
  • Stack files and Paper files can now be opened from the open menu.
  • Added support for tagged text gloss files with Unicode lexical forms.
  • Endnotes are no longer hidden when they contain no text.
  • Updated Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and French localization
  • Updated help files for 12.2

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#2 Julia Falling

Julia Falling


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Posted Yesterday, 05:53 PM

Very impressive – thank you!

Julia Falling

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Posted Yesterday, 06:26 PM

Thanks for this update. I like the integrated webbrowser and suggest that we can make a menu of weblinks within the program (like ERMIE in BibleWorks 10).

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