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Relating to the Text: Interdisciplinary and Form-Critical Insights on the Bible

T & T Clark International form criticism Erhard S. Gerstenberger Marvin A. Sweeney Ehud Ben Zvi Frank H. Gorman Jr. Sarah J. Melcher

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Posted 12 January 2018 - 06:17 PM

This 360 page monopgraph published in 2004 is not available as a standalone module through competitors. All the included topics by various scholars, are intriguing.


(My previous suggestions for books:
Reading From Right to Left by David J. A. Clines: https://www.accordan...-by-childs-otl/
Princeton Symposium on the Dead Sea Scrolls: (3 vols.) https://www.accordan...or-replacement/
F. F. Bruce Acts, 3rd Edition, 1990: https://www.accordan...used-on-the-gk/)

All info current - all edited - everywhere as of May 17. '20 and now I'm not going to post during May 17. '20 - until 1st half of Nov. | May 28. 2019: I had mentioned currencies in one comment here on the podcasts forum, my off-site elaboration of that is: https://www.christia...2#post-72312055 March. 4. 2019 and May 16. 2020 and this ongoing and next Decade: Not room for constantly carrying any sort of additional device more than at most a card payment terminal (carrying of that terminal only to happen on my free time, for those wishing to invest in me midst a society that has growing lack of concern for how people just like me ought to survive financially) without hole-damage to bag or by the whichever purchased content and indexcards I need to carry. Just own square meters, as well as future job: Office preferred; all free time tasks physically/geographically and time-slot wise separated from future paid job tasks. FB (always scroll down enough and remember my actual positions are by now stated with precision); but civil status is what it must be set as even though I'm not unattended to with regards to research attention and collaboration in everything most recently stated as my focuses here on Accordance forums: https://www.facebook...100009160762403 ...the first thing now is freely add me there!!, be also active on my wall! If You ever actually seriously and not needing to explicitly meet eye to eye yet many multiple more times, wish to confirm Your interest or tell me to call back, do so by sending a brief enough SMS who You are, thank You (the latter is they key for how You with foresight confirm to me that You are mine)! And view my brief Insta!
My new group welcomes contributions and constructive criticism of and listing of commentaries, please ask to join, no control questions, erudite yet concise is the name of the group - expect users from on here to have academic knowledge and scholars to feel at home. Novices can learn from experts on library-building. Let it grow!: https://www.facebook...4594/?ref=br_rs

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further along that line dismissing what else to maintain/add to and deepen. Postponing the purchase of: BNPauly series (because of not yet getting to that level).
All of the following things are MISC.: Yet more by-voice performances for Fine Culture in which I'm still going to rather occasionally be honed from private tuition usually either workday or Sunday daytime one hour at the Royal Music Academy, additionally getting out to the City in the form of part of ensemble a very few Saturdays daytime. Plus regular group rehearsals.
Have got a DCH subscription in print, €75 per volume+small amount for shipping. Being an ovo-vegetarian and only buy eggs farmed ecologically from within max 175 miles from wherever I at any given time am, refuse any other source for protein even when offered food or at invitations or the like. Best long past purchases: AYBC (2014-'15), NIV11-GKE. Biggest title 2017: OTL and parts of NTL (completed later what I needed when I got ot a few Accordance and print vols). Biggest title during 2018: https://twitter.com/...874763110559744 And under 2019: NICOT/NICNT. None enormous or high volume-count content purchases in '20-'21 due to research backlog and finally getting limitless Firefox web-browsing system. I can safely be encouraged. Ours being healthy vendor lock-in: https://www.accordan...e-2#entry124374

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