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Update! Accordance Win/Mac 12.2.8

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#1 R. Mansfield

R. Mansfield


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Posted 29 June 2018 - 01:11 PM

Accordance for Windows & Mac has been updated to v. 12.2.8 bringing major improvements to LIVE CLICK, one of our new BibleWorks-friendly features. and a lot more! Update your install running App Update from within the program.




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Richard Mansfield

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Posted 29 June 2018 - 07:30 PM

Thanks for the live click video! It really helped me understand the purpose of the feature and how to use it 👍😁👌

#3 Fabian



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Posted 30 June 2018 - 04:48 AM

I'm very impressed how fast the Live Click feature in 12.2.7 and the 12.2.8 update came.





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ATTENTION: My bug reports are all with the GERMAN INTERFACE and with the EUROPEAN NOTATION! It can be the English interface has no bugs, I describe.

Bring more international Bibles to the store,
fix my reported bugs, even the old ones which never was addressed,
develop my feature requests, the new once and the once I made years ago,
in nearer future.

#4 Solly



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Posted 30 June 2018 - 08:07 AM

The speed of updates and addition of new features connects to an image burned into my memory as a child growing up in South Central Pennsylvania (USA).


A common insect in my home area is the Allegheny Mound Ant ( https://en.wikipedia...gheny_mound_ant ). As the name suggests, this ant builds large mounds of excavated soil and is quite an attraction for a young lad. I was about four years old when my father took me along for the first time on a beagle training exercise in midsummer. Walking up a hill in an area clear of any vegetation, I was amazed to see many large mounds of loose dirt. Dad stated that they were ant hills and that I should not step on them. Being the typical four year old, I immediately went to the nearest mound and walked to the top of it proclaiming a great victory. The result was astonishing! The ants were not longer calmly moving about, but were moving at a speed I had not imagined possible for such a small creature. Each depression left by my footsteps was becoming filled by ants as they came pouring out of little vents all about the mound. Not only was this ant army swarming where I had disturbed their mound, but swarming over my shoe and up my leg! Then I discovered that these little creatures had a weapon—a bite that created irritation and itching. I think I recall dad chuckling as he came over to the mound, picked me up, carried me to safety, and brushed off the ants on me and himself. His only comment was, "I told you not to step on that." Obedience is a difficult skill to learn for a four year old or a sixty-seven year old. Like our heavenly father, though disobedient, my father still loved me and cared for me by providing escape and succor. There were consequences to my disobedience provided by the ant bites and formic acid. The real test would be the future and weather or not I would trust Dad's directives.


So, as I became aware of the closing of BibleWorks, I was hoping that OakTree would step up and help restore equilibrium. I have a mental picture of the Accordance developers working at an accelerated rate for more than the usual schedule to accomplish tasks that will aid BibleWorks users who choose to move to Accordance, and this connected my thoughts to those busy ants and the work they did to restore equilibrium to their mound.


Thank you, developers, for your frenzied work and efforts the last few weeks,



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Joseph F Sollenberger, Jr

#5 JohnABarnett



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Posted 30 June 2018 - 11:31 AM

While the things Accordance has done to help BW users will likely bring them some financial benefit, the heartbeat behind their efforts is readily apparent.

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