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Those who have various contacts in Northern Europe: Compare libraries, purc strategies, specific quests find people, & You look into other religions?

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Posted 10 August 2018 - 01:57 PM

Geographics: I live the Greater City area in the middle of this, I look for other Accordance users or people to inspire to start using Accordance, in entire Sweden, Helsinki, Åland, Poland, Germany and NorthEast France.


To compare libraries: I've got the small Collection but add-ons like sets and some reference material, two academically accepted lexicons I added used. I've followed sales closely for three Years now but more like looking for what's rarely on sale, than going quickly for what's repeatedly on sale. A set I vouch for is Old Testament Library. I bought Anchor Yale Bible Commentary (AYBC) fairly early on, but first the NT then the OT so I've got the possibility to upgrade just one Testament in the set at a time.
A bit more weight on the OT in my Accordance library.
With other platforms You were historically recommended to be an early adopter of a library and look for the best offers on (a) sizeable bundle(s) that You afford but the option that had less than ¾ redundant or low quality resources and databases and this was during times or over at platforms where the amount of text was what made some difference in Your data output. So I've got elsewhere some of the books that one may perhaps be expected to have but that are low quality or with a very limited market (competitors manage to kind of market and definitely sell what has after long periods of time become virtually unsalable other than through almost forced bundling).
I'm glad I sold off some books second hand under the other softwares and that I discovered some sets in such a late phase that when I wanted them I was easily able to wait for the best sales Accordance would offer, such as New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC).

Some sets seem to sometimes surface as temporarily trendy or be like Bigfoot. I may have some such or some such individual titles somewhere that are no-longer sold.



Purchase strategies: Such "principles" that applied elsewhere in another time of digital history, eventually merely made the total of Your library dated and I really feel now how some books I have have now been succeeded (either with new Editions, in which case competitors to Accordance don't offer an upgrade path for owners of the preceding Edition(s), or with more scholarly academic books in which case usually the publisher rather sells little at a high price for many Years and lowers prices only until the books are no-longer the only ones with the conclusions they contain) so that at best what I acquired a bit expensively on the wrong platforms still has value although mainly just for quick lookups in areas where I'm very disoriented anyway or that aid in History of Ideas of more recent times.
Now when I want something I want to jump straight almost to the front line of research but I don't require everything to be quickly produced under Accordance. Specialised resources, or that are based on good (textual) sources.
I still don't need lots (more) of English Bibles, graphics/picture databases/maps, or in other words if some forthcoming Edition will revolutionise things then perhaps - things that are Accordance's strength, but with Bibles I'd expect most of them to improve A LOT technically and scholarship-wise before I'll consider any and I'm never wanting the ones published in the past 10 Years as I'm always busy using much older ones and when I want something new I also want something authors are already basing something on. Just OL lookup in the software is really not enough reason to go with a new English Bible version. I actually put effort into using the Bibles I have and paper copies of them too, so anything additional means I will have to put hours into it.
I prefer non-transliterated OLs.
More about my purchase strategies can be seen in my signatures (Accordance, Logos forums, Christianforums) as well as in the Facebook group Logos Resales where I commented exensively in a thread earlier this Summer, and in a FL group I've created called Creating a Budget and Cancelling Orders - in which I invite all here to join as I think plainly that the discussion that can ensue and that I can keep alive, will be inspiring with more group members.
Examples of smaller purchases that have been important to me: Dictionary of Epigraphic Hebrew, Keil-Delitzch OT commentary set (small in price, which I still haven't duplicated but might get as a print set instead of under Accordance), NIV84, Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels 2nd Edition. These examples of my past performance give a hint! This differs from others a bit in that others often choose (other) full? sets or even bundles instead of these individual modules, and in that many jumped on old or new Editions. Those were in some way a bit one-of-a-kind. I'd like to hear what recommendations You have for me that might suit my seeming purchase strategy? I'd like to have specialised expensive Encyclopedias.
Sets that I know for certain I will upgrade, are Theological Journal Library, Anchor Yale Bible.
Resources that must people like me own but which I do without under powerful software due to their age: AYBD, Study Bibles (I wish Accordance would stop pursuing these as even though they may bring in a bunch of new customers they set the bar so low and I much rather have for example Oxford Bible Commentary), NT use of the OT, and resources that are nothing but about ancient names.
I buy used occasionally and in fact mainly not under Accordance (as it's not necessary under Accordance - what I desired the most is never sold used as people hold on to the dear possessions that they rightfully hold on to under Accordance and since I prefer not to help someone out to switch away from Accordance), not for price-reasons but for the scarceness of any good sales new that has to be combined with that I don't want the very latest volumes but prefer an older set. All softwares seem to eventually bundle subsequently published volumes with the core set, a practice I thought was not like that when I first started expanding my digital libraries.


Specific quests to find people: People who can inspire me and bring a perspective from a much younger generation than myself (my "current" age is in the mid 30s in amount of Years and I've never ever known anyone born the same Year so with this pace I won't make friend with them despite that I made a few easier efforts), young women /girls - and I'd seriously pick up an interest/hobby of hers such as exhausting physical exercise or such as something very specific in History, people with contacts in the mentioned geographical area and the UK, people who do History of Ideas, people who look into the following or have such a network ...:

Looking into what other religions?: Polish national religion/Rodnovery, I just bough this printed matter: Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, And Modern Paganism (Palgrave Studies In New Religions And Alternative over a hundred $. Conservative but at the same time non-shy living. Ancient Christian "Gnosticism". Women's views and their front line applicable theories throughout thousands of Years of History.


What are Your corresponding answers in these categories? Do You want to compare? You may also list here and at the same time say that You don't wish for long comments on certain sections.

Additional poll question:

Do You attend any SBL International Conferences in the area or go to the conference in Warsaw in the Summer 2019?

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