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Full program for tablets

Tablet not mobile version

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Posted 19 February 2019 - 04:29 PM

I'm voting with my money and selectiveness in Feature Requests. Whatever major implementation of features You want to work on - then do it, actiin please! I'll use that and want it to require a newer Android OS than what is currently required!
I'm NOT voting by doing any device purchases. It's not unreasonable. I want to so bad to afford the next major new module release or database in Accordance that I've always forgone comfortable use.
I'm not going to tablet use now, I've decided. I've got a smartphone now still barely even seen in EU markets, it's larger. And it was cheap. In fact it is free, since I waited patiently until 2019 to get my first, I'm only expected to help pack away the kids' and my ex's and her mum's unneeded things into a distant very cheap storehouse.
Remember, only hard currency buys devices - and no it's not an entitlement for most or even a necessity

I still make phone calls all old-fashioned ways, using my creativity to borrow a phone if I don't care to carry one. I get enough phone calls so I switch off devices several times a day all around the Year. My life is interesting enough for othees if I get back to people at my convenience or when I actually have tremendous news.

If typing is fast on Android it can become also on Windows 10.
I would NOT write by hand.
Yes there's an ergonomical keyboard, this is the one to have: trulyergonomical.con
... with blank keys.

A projector would not work well in my living room the way I've modelled it, I think I'd rather affotd later on a big desktop monitor and new AMD equipped small format factor box and a smaller monitor I can carry to some select places and the box.

None of this is changing when I get a future girlfriend. Still, most women I meet use technology less than me, it's a bit of a gender-difference including I'll be much older than her. (Already donr A LOT with much older women and they would not wait to populate).

My laptop is just fine, much more affordable and wears out more graciously than Android (or iOS) equipment.

If I take notes during some lecture or speach or sermon a very old laptop is just fine. Having several laptops is not a storage problem.

I won't buy equipment that introduces me to completely new uses. I don't need a remote.

Develop and I'll use, it is fine by me what You others make the developers prioritise! Just that I'm not getting more devices for another nine Years so I'd be glad to utilise that I'm currently on the CURRENT equipment. If I see nothing major coming out the door in a while from now it will get no usage at all from me when it does come out because by then I will have filled up memory with what I already have from the competitor (that I'm no-longer buying from). A filled up memory and everything else at the end of life-cycle makes for little use to, at that phase which is late, to be introduced to featuresets

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Posted 20 February 2019 - 10:38 AM

I'm not sure everyone knows what you can already do on an iPad. It already offers the following, with emphasis on a Hebrew Bible workflow:

1. Productivity Features

     - Unicode
        - access to every single character - Unicode Pad
        - access to every Unicode font - AnyFont
        - ability to make custom Unicode keyboards - AnyFont
        - it is easier to use than on a Mac, more intuitive, more customizable
    - text input
        - keyboard; a "finger-detecting keyboard" is in the works (iOS 13?)
        - trackpad mode for cursor placement; a trackpad with increased functionality must be in the works (imho, this will be their substitute for a mouse)
        - dictation, which works well
        - hand writing, and hand writing recognition software
    - a file system, dock, etc
    - a pen


2. Productivity Apps
    Word Processors
        - that specialize in Unicode - Unicode Pad
        - that specialize in long Hebrew documents - Mellel
        - a long document in Word scrolls better on an iPad than on a Mac
    PDF Editors - PDF Expert, GoodReader, etc.
    Note Taking - Notability, etc.
    Drawing Apps


3. Reading Apps

4. Presentation Apps

5. Remote Desktop Apps

Lack of mouse support was hard to get used to. But, surprisingly, it has turned into a blessing. It forced me to become a better writer so I wouldn't have to edit as much. Besides, practice makes perfect, and I've become quite adept at using my fingers, pen, and voice for inputting text. I do believe that a finger-detecting keyboard and trackpad are coming.

All of this to say, that you can already do quite a bit starting with Accordance Mobile on an iPad. In my case, I could get away with an iPad and anything that could run the desktop version to run a Construct Search.



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A. Smith


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Posted 21 February 2019 - 06:37 AM

If prioritizing features is important, I think adding support for a third parallel text would be near the top of the list. Of course, this would be iPad/tablet only. But it would be a great step forward.
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