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#1 Yohanan



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Posted 07 May 2019 - 02:40 AM

Hi, I am trying to learn a little bit of the search possibilities of Accordance. I got two questions:


1. I tried this morning to search for Hebrew NaKhôN and I got only one reference (2Sam 6:6) with sign = and the figure 1. Then I deleted the sign = and the number '1', Accordance added just another occurrence (Job 12, 5). Then I went to the menu, chose the inflected search and I got the 31 occurrences of the exact same word. I am a bit puzzled.


2. Following the tutorial about Hebrew Basic Search, I selected the analysis on Y’omer and I got only two forms, the one for the verb and the one for speech, not all the possible forms of the verb as in the tutorial video. Could anyone tell me where is the preference to get the same analysis as the good man on the tutorial ?


Thanks in advance,



#2 TYA



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Posted 07 May 2019 - 03:06 AM

Shalom Yohanan,


I'll try to help, but others will come along after me with much better responses, so you will be blessed one way or another :)


The "=" sign causes Accordance to perform a Lexeme search (which also matches the vowels), and perhaps it takes into account the morphological tagging as well.  I should know this, but I'm only guessing that it takes into account the tagging because your נָכוֹן in 2Sa 6:6 is actually a proper name for "Nacon" which only occurs this once in the Tanakh.


If you right click on נָכוֹן and then select "Search For," you should have options (note: I'm using a Windows PC) for "Lexeme", "Inflected," "Root", "Tag", and "letters".  With "Inflected" you should get 32 hits, which just happen to be spelled the exact same way as "Nacon" in 2Sa 6:6, but are actually verb forms of כוֹן instead (nifal participle masculine singular).


Forgive me, I haven't watched the tutorial you are referring to, but I hope these thoughts above are helpful.  Also, see this screenshot (attached) showing the basics of search options.  Again, others may correct me, but my guess is that you only got 1 hit with the "=" sign because it is a proper noun in 2Sa 6:6, only occurring once.



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#3 Helen Brown

Helen Brown


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Posted 07 May 2019 - 07:45 AM

It would help to have the link so we know which tutorial you watched.


TYA has good suggestions, but if you looking at the Analysis of the search, remember to go to Set Analysis Display and define what you want to see for each word in the phrase. For example, if you want all Inflected forms under each Lexical form add INFLECT under the LEX in the first column.

Helen Brown
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#4 Ken Simpson

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Posted 10 May 2019 - 01:07 AM

Hi Yohanan, you are getting that result because the lexeme nkwn only occurs once as the proper name.


When you search for the inflected form you find nkwn when it occurs as the nifal participle of cwn


The aberrant one in Judg 12:5 is a homonym to the proper name. If you want to find them both, just remove the = sign (which then means it no longer looks for the _1 tag, and will return both homonyms. 


Hope that helps.

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