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Why I prefer the ipados.

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Posted 14 September 2019 - 08:47 PM


Despite the fact I am writing from my own experience, I realize that many share my sentiments. I do realize also that many might not agree with this, therefore i seek grace and kindness from you.

First, I have respect for Microsoft and Microsoft Windows. I own windows laptop, as others own mac laptop. There are certain task that can only be done right now on an actual laptop running either Windows or MacOS. Tasks that are IT related or professional content creation that requires the utilization of Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro, Full version of Microsoft Office, and certain professional dedicated applications. Right now, these tasks require the laptop. In the future, this might be changing.

However, whenever there is the option to use the ipad to perform a task, I would exclusively utilize the ipad. But why?

1) Not primarily because it is smaller in size and lightweight. For me that is not the reason. It is possible to purchase great laptop that is both light weight and small in size. Yet that would not make any difference whatsoever. I still would use the ipad anytime. If the ipad was larger in size and double the weight, i would still use the ipad.

2) Not because it is a tablet. In fact, to me, that is an advantage for a laptop. I wish the ipad was in the form of laptop. This is the reason, i always use the ipad horizontally with a physical keyboard attached to it all the time. If there was an laptop running ipados, that would be my preferred device.

3) Not because it is a mobile device. For me, a mobile phone is just a phone. I do not see the iphone and the ipad in the same category. For me, the ipad is closer to the laptop

3) It is the ipados (the operating system not the hardware). With its shortcomings, it is far superior to MacOS and Windows when it comes to usability, productivity, common sense for most tasks. Yes, there are these few tasks that consists of IT and Adobe tasks and others speciality applications, but for a person utilizing accordance, I am not sure that the majority belong to that camp of using these speciality applications.

4) I believe with ipados, the newest version, most pastors, bible teachers, bible educators, researchers, will not need more than the ipad. Furthermore, many will continue to switch to that platform, for either most tasks or exclusively.

5) ipados is not a mere fringe operating system for tablets, in the long run it is a replacement for all laptop operating systems. It is the new paradigm. IpadOS will not support or have equivalent features to all MacOS ones, nor it will support or have replacement for every MacOs app; and it should not do so. IpadOs. This means that one should not look to one to one correspondence when it comes to features of Accordance in the Mac, but should go higher at the product level and think of newer workflows that fits the paradigm of ipados.

6) Ipados 13 is promising to be great. but that is not the end; it is the beginning.

I am thankful that currently Accordance ipad app is the best Bible app. My prayer is that the Accordance ipad app will the best app relative to all Accordance apps on other devices.
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