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Develop a point-update to v12, beyond support, to support new book formats

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Posted 16 November 2019 - 08:49 AM

All my posts since 2016 are thought out (and I'm surprised I haven't got more likes for old posts, since I still stick to during the next Decade, to what I'm saying in them), so is this.

I don't expect an official word to be needed for at least a Month, but I'd like to suggest:
That a point update to version 12, be made, beyond support, even though the version after it is already out, that would concist of supporting new book formats.

Currently, few require only version 9.x, most books require version 10.4, some require 11.1 or 11.2, and very few require 12.0 and only one 12.3.2.

Since it is extremely unlikely that Accordance staff HAD planned that NO new books would require a coming point update of version 13, instead of making those future modules require version 13, I suggest them to require 12.4! Which is a version that doesn't exist nor has likely been under development. Only I expect, there are indeed plans for a 12.3.7.

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