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Text search results and Text vs Context tabs

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#1 Drewster



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Posted 12 May 2020 - 04:45 PM

Hello, when I do a word search from a Text tab I would like to be able to do both: 
1. Set that same text tab to that bible at that verse (i.e., switch from the results back to the bible text at that verse)
2. Open a new Text tab at that verse (I could open a Context tab, but Context tabs don't have search boxes)
I do this all the time (it's kind of like shopping, where I'm browsing vs having a plan and getting only certain ingredients) -- it seems there should be an easier way to get the verse opened than for me to do the search, get the result, and then type that verse into the search box of that tab (or copy/paste) OR open up another tab and then enter the verse ref. 
* I've tried triple clicking but that doesn't work (maybe it can be done and my prefs are set incorrectly?)
* I'm familiar with the verse slider, but that isn't what I'm looking for. 
* I'm familiar with the Context tab, but that isn't what I'm looking for. 
But I don't really want to open in a Context tab; they aren't the same as a Text tab and don't have a search box.
Using the Context tab as recycled and Control-5 (I'm on Windows) works ok. But that means I now have an extra/useless tab open (the search results), I can't go anywhere in the Context tab (no search box), and I struggle (eye strain) with finding my verse. I see the option of putting source reference at top but when it's in the middle of the paragraph it still wears on my eyes to easily locate. There is just one visual indicator that I see and that's the verse #/ref is in a different color. I'm a bit color blind so maybe it doesn't stand out to me as much. 
It sure would be nice if:
1. I could easily set my Text tab to a verse in my search results (triple-click or right-click)
2. I could open a new Text tab set to a verse in my search results (triple-click or right-click)
3. When the Context tab is opened or refreshed there's a visual indicator of the verse (e.g. flash/briefly highlight the verse)
4. Have the Context tab highlight the same search text that's highlighted in the Text tab
Kind regards
(I saw this thread -- https://www.accordan...search-results/-- if I need to make this post a reply there I'm happy to do so, and I apologize in advance if I erred.)

#2 Helen Brown

Helen Brown


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Posted 19 May 2020 - 02:04 PM

Sorry, but what do you mean by a Text tab? What Accordance calls a Text tab is identical to a Context tab.


Remember that you can "tie" any tabs together as long as they list by verse reference, and they will scroll in parallel. This may be what you are looking for. It works for all tabs displaying Bible text, as well as commentaries, User Notes, etc.

Helen Brown
OakTree Software

#3 JonathanHuber



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Posted 19 May 2020 - 02:40 PM

Hi Drewster,


If I understand your question correctly, you want to be able to search for words in a tab that shows no extra context, then see all the context in a tab that lets you navigate around, then go back to the original tab. (Knowing what workflow you're trying to create helps folks make suggestions.) I don't think there's an option to do exactly what you've proposed as a solution, but there are several tweaks you could try that might work for you.


The first option is to duplicate your tab (the Mac keyboard shortcut is Cmd+D, so the Windows might be Ctrl+D?) You'd have to type your search into the new tab but at least opening it would be faster and it would preserve the same text/tool pane arrangement as your current tab. 


The text tab you describe that lacks the search bar still has the GoTo box in the bottom right of the workspace, so you can use that to navigate around somewhat.


The search hit highlighting color is customizable under settings, so you could try changing it to a color that's easier for you to see. As you noticed, there's a preference to set the target verse at the top of the new tab, but you would still be able to scroll up on your own if you want to see preceding verses.


You can use the shortcuts to quickly open and close tabs if you don't want to keep them open. You already found Ctrl+5 to open the context. Open that, read the context you want, and then just close it again (keyboard shortcut Cmd+W on Mac, Ctrl+W on Windows?) if you don't want to keep it open. 


So a couple of keyboard shortcuts and changing font colors might make your workflow work better for you. Hope that helps.



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