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#1 T. Conrad

T. Conrad


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Posted 07 December 2012 - 09:00 AM

This could be a "magical" or "revolutionary" feature.. ;P

Ever visited a website that had breadcrumbs along the top or bottom? It shows you where you've been kind of (example: home -> espresso-101 -> picking the right grinder -> etc...).

What if Accordance kept track of your study-path in any one particular session, almost like a browser history, but per open session. It could even be tied to a particular workspace or whathaveyou.

Then, you could open up some ui element that includes hyperlinked entries as to where you've been and shows the 'path' or breadcrumbs along the way.

Real-world usefulness might be simply for those of us who can follow rabbit trails and to help us find something again that we had NO clue how we got there! Also, if you go back in the study path, rabbit-tail, breadcrumbs.. whatever you want to call it and start searching, amplifying, etc, it will preserve the other trail and branch from where you backtracked to. Then you would be able to see your research for a particular topic or session at-a-glance.

Might be a powerful feature for those writing large papers, dissertations, or delving deep into a subject.

You could even perhaps 'tag' a session so that the breadcrumbs get linked to a particular topic say "sanctification" or "Ezekiel" or multiple tags.

Possibilities!! :P Any thoughts? More suggestions? Am I off the wall here?

My thinking is that the ui-element would sit either just below the search field showing the last few entries in the breadcrumb trail ("search terms" - Module name, heading - amplified resource) followed by and elipsis or beside the book, mark, verse arrows...

Could be hard to implement with all the various types of resources in Accordance (pictures, maps, timeline, constructs).. just a crazy idea of a slightly distracted individual.

Now, back to my paper.. HAH!

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#2 JSGilliom



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Posted 08 December 2012 - 10:46 PM

Your idea sounds fantastic to me … even if it could only be implemented for a trail of scripture passages studied. Of course, I'd want the option to hide the trail when not needed. I have longed for a "history" pop-up at the bottom of a search tab near the forward and back buttons on the navigation bar.
John S Gilliom

#3 Ken Simpson

Ken Simpson


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Posted 09 December 2012 - 05:35 AM

Hi John,
there is a history in the search bar (click the magnifying glass at the left end of the search bar)

this isn't quite what Tom's after though, which sounds more like a persistent or saveable search history.

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#4 JSGilliom



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Posted 10 December 2012 - 02:28 PM

Thanks, Ken,

I love having the history in the search bar. There are times, however, I use the go to box in the navigation bar to jump to different passages in the middle of a word search when I have all the context displayed. I do think a "history" of this trail would be helpful, as well. I like the idea of breadcrumbs. I googled "breadcrumbs" and scanned an article about them. It sounds like they preserve a "multi-noded" trail of places visited. Perhaps I'm also just a "a slightly distracted individual." :)

Grace and peace,
John S Gilliom

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