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To engage the Bible more, you need to enter the world from which it came. From the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation, The Archaeological Study Bible is filled with study material that opens your eyes to the archaeological, historical, and cultural contexts of the stories you read and the people you meet in Scripture.

Take a journey back to the lands and origins of the Bible for an unparalleled encounter with the Word of God. Get insights into the roots of the Bible that will strengthen your faith and open new vistas of knowledge and understanding. Like no other study Bible, this one provides a sweeping, detailed look at the lands and times of Scripture, bringing to light the importance of ancient civilizations, practices, historical records and artifacts, literature, architecture, religions, laws, events, movements, geography, agriculture, wars and battles, political and monetary systems, historical figures and other factors that are critical to a deep and accurate grasp of the Bible.

  • Over 8,000 concise study notes offer insights into the text as readers engage it from the standpoint of its relationship to the times, places and circumstances in which it was written. The study notes add further explanation to passages that speak on archaeological or cultural facts included in the Scripture.
  • Over 500 articles shed light on ancient creation narratives, the possible location of Eden, cuneiform writings of Ebla, the naming of children, Greek and Roman culture, and scores of other fascinating topics. The articles include the following five categories:
    • Archaeological Sites (such as; Hazor, Ugarit, Arad, Ephesus).
    • Cultural and Historical Notes (ancient seals and scarabs, perfume and anointing, the missionary journeys of Paul).
    • Ancient Peoples and Lands (the Persian empire, the history of Egypt).
    • The Reliability of the Bible (the question of the Psalm superscripts, the reliability of Judges, the ending of Mark).
    • Ancient Texts and Artifacts (the Mesha Stone, the Prayer of Confession).
  • 500 full-color photographs interspersed within articles throughout highlight millennia-old texts and artifacts, ancient weapons of war, ancient children’s toys, archaeological sites in the region, other memorabilia of ancient near eastern cultures and civilizations, and a host of other amazing historical, cultural, and archaeological details.
  • Detailed book introductions that provide basic, at-a-glance timelines, outlines, and information.
  • Detailed charts on pertinent topics.
  • In-text color maps that assist the reader in placing the action.
  • 16 Page Satellite-Generated Color Map Section

While this module does not contain the biblical NIV text of the printed version, it is formatted to run in parallel with any Accordance Bible translation.

Archaeological Study Bible
An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture

• Executive Editor: Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
General Editor: Duane Garrett
Publisher: Zondervan (released 2/25/06)

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